Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Today we celebrate the feast of the exultation of the Holy Cross. For those in our world who do not share our Christian faith, it may seem odd that we use the instrument of crucifixion to wear as the symbol of our faith around our neck and to adorn our walls and churches. 

The entrance antiphon for the Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross is: “we should glory in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, for he is our Salvation, our life and our resurrection: through him we are saved and made free.” 

Perhaps today is a day to reflect on the cross of pandemic you have carried these months and how it has led you to a new freedom. 

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark

May God continue to protect the firefighters and all first responders
who are on the front lines battling fires throughout California.