Reflections with Fr. Mark
I love the season of Advent albeit this year is quite different due to the pandemic.  However, the Advent characters and themes remain the same whether under normal circumstance or on the journey we are experiencing this year.  

Advent introduces us to many of the prophets from Isaiah to John the Baptist. Prophets are often disturbing. We are told by Isaiah to fear not, yet then tells us we will grind mountains to dust. Jesus warns of the Kingdom of Heaven suffering violence, yet the least in the Kingdom will be greater than John the Baptist.  And, well, there is John the Baptist and we all know his story.

Today, be disturbed by the prophetic voices of history and of today!

Happy Advent!

The journey continues…where are you going and to whom do you listen?


Fr. Mark


The Archdiocese of Los Angeles invites everyone to join in virtually in expressing our love and devotion to ‘Nuestra Virgencita de Guadalupe’ on Friday, Dec. 11, beginning at 8:00 pm. 

This year’s celebration from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels will have a Mariachi tribute, prayer of the Rosary and Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop José H. Gomez. 

Artists such as Andrea Andrea, Anna Betancourt, Adrian Cruz, Angelito Garcia and Jacky Ibarra, alongside the Mariachi Charros de Oro de Adrian Cruz, will also be there to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe. CLICK HERE to see the livestream and find more information.