Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Have you taken your turn to keep the faith going? In today’s Gospel Jesus notes that the crowd hears him but doesn’t understand.  Often the disciples would query Jesus, “Why do you speak in parables?” The limited human mind (or plain old stubbornness and closedmindedness) often misunderstands the message of Jesus.  This has been a problem from the very beginnings. 

We are called to have our hearts and spirits open to God, his Word and His wisdom.  When we humbly approach God, open to him, our hearts and minds are where they are meant to be.  

Is this unsettling?  Good!  Sometimes the message of God should unsettle and shake us out of our complacent or complaining lives (as it has for many millennia) into a new reality of understanding (it’s not about ME)!  This is truly humility: letting go and letting God WITHOUT drawing attention to ourselves, our ministry, or our acts of goodness.  We just simply do because it is the right thing to do motivated by “the message.”

Be assured of our prayers for you each day as we continue our journey together and apart.


Fr. Mark