Reflections with Fr. Mark
It has been one year since the cross of COVID shut us down and the difficulty of adjusting to lockdowns, masks, closures, limitations, etc. changed the way we lived our lives.  Some things may remain changed for a very long time even in the practice of our faith. We have all suffered whether from feelings of isolation, illness, death of loved ones or other problems as they presented themselves during this tumultuous year. It has NOT been easy.

However, just as I have encouraged you to see blessings in this desert journey so has Pope Francis, too.  He urged us to grow from these experiences. Perhaps in our Lenten reflection we might ask ourselves if I have at least changed a bit.  Am I less selfish or judgmental now than when the pandemic began? Have we allowed ourselves to be touched by others’ pain? I am sure that each of us has been affected and touched by this year of invitation to enter deeper experiences of prayer, reflection and gratitude.

May our journey continue in the unifying power of God’s presence.

Spiritual Reflection: “Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste and house will fall against house.”

Continuing our journey,

Fr. Mark
Let Us Join Together in Prayer for Our Confirmandi Who Will Continue Their Faith Journey this Weekend Through
the Sacrament of Confirmation.

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