Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

People are coming up with all kinds of references for the year of 2020, such as “I have 2020,” when everything is going badly on some days.  Perhaps some of you have found it difficult to spend time in prayer during these past months.  Some have struggled with their faith or even wondered whether God is listening to our outcry for this to all end.  Just when it seems we are rounding the corner, the maze of problems, challenges and disappointments seems insurmountable.  Well, then I guess our scriptures today are fitting!

We are called to persist in prayer.  Again, don’t get wrapped up in the minutiae of the law; rather, we are called to live in the fulfillment of the law (God’s LOVE) within us.  We continue our conversation with God presenting what we may perceive to be our needs and allow God to answer (in God’s way) to our true needs.

The journey continues…conversing in the presence of God.


Fr. Mark