Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

One of the greatest moments in the life of a priest is in the hearing of confessions.  This sacrament has fallen away in recent decades but still holds an important place in the life of the Christian.  Just as we see in today’s Gospel, Jesus offers forgiveness to the woman who ministered to him.  She expressed sorrow for her sins and looked to change things in her life.  Jesus could see the goodness in her heart and soul and offered her comfort.

When is the last time you felt the comfort of God so near to you?  In the hearing of confessions, the priest draws near to the penitent to be the presence of God’s merciful love.  The priest is not there to judge or admonish; but, to encourage one’s journey toward the embrace of this merciful love and speaking in the name of Christ: “I absolve you of all your sins.” The sincere confession is not one that is microscopically picky but simply one that acknowledges one’s sinfulness; but, more importantly, recognizes greatly God’s everlasting love and merciful grace.

The journey continues…trusting in God’s love.


Fr. Mark

St. Luke Parish Offers 'Drive-thru' Confessions
at 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

May God continue to protect the firefighters and all first responders
who are on the front lines battling fires throughout California.