Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

I have personally loved this Gospel passage today from the gospels.  After a long night of fishing, Jesus instructs the fishermen who have just returned to shore without a catch to set out once again.  

Jesus says, “Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch” to a bunch of tired, crusty old fishermen.  Yet, despite their inner dispute, they bend their lives around his presence and His request.

Jesus’ call of the disciples is also our call.  We are called to bend our lives around the Divine, the Divine will, and the influence of the Divine presence on the whole of creation.  

This past Sunday, I spoke of being an “obstacle to God.”  Peter became an obstacle to God (Jesus) in attempting to prevent the impending of suffering ahead of Christ in his embrace of the Cross. At times, we, too, may become an obstacle to God in our journey of faith when we refuse to put into the unknowing of deep waters or fail to drop our nets into the sea of faith to pull up the treasures God has in store for us.

In a spirit of humility, allow the fisherman king to take the helm of your boat: to calm the storms of your journey. To mend your broken spiritual nets. To repair the broken mast of your sail. To lead you from comfortable and safe harbors into the depth of true relationship where one meets God.  To invite you to “follow him” wherever that may lead…even through the Cross.

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark