Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

When was the last “sermon” you heard?  Sermon was the word used in the pre-Vatican II Church to describe the talk given by the priest after the proclamation of the Gospel.  Many times, it was on a certain topic rather than necessarily reflecting upon the day’s scriptures.  

For some from older generations the recollection of “fire and brimstone” sermons may come to mind.  However, for today’s preacher, preaching about the Kingdom serves God and draws attention to his goodness. Those who preach in the name of Jesus ought not try to scare or intimidate believers with their preaching.  Perhaps a reason why we now call this time of reflection a “homily” rather than a sermon.

In following the beauty of God’s love for people, King Louis of France whom we celebrate today would use his long reign to build hospitals, care for the sick and poor, the leper and beggar alike.  He brought the Kingdom to the people through his charitable works.  May our journey of encountering Christ allow others to see Christ within us!

The Lord bless and keep you.


Fr. Mark