Reflections with Fr. Mark
We have lived without our baptismal font flowing, holy water receptacles filled, and asperges for over a year now due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.  Unfortunately, it will be long into the next year until some of these sacred sacramentals come back how we fondly remember them.

We have long enjoyed dipping our finger into the dish of holy water for blessings and a remembrance of our baptismal calling. We are reminded in the multitude of scriptural references to water bringing about death, life, healing, blessing, cleansing and restoration.

In today’s scriptures we encounter a very sick man laying on a mat with no one to help him enter the waters of healing. Jesus asks him if he wants to be made well. Do you want to be made whole? Perhaps since we cannot hear the flowing waters of our font nor dip our finger into the dish at church, we might contemplate God’s healing and restorative powers with us as we bath and be reminded of our own baptism cleansing us then and now.

Spiritual Reflection: “Reflect upon the image of healing waters.”

Continuing our journey,

Fr. Mark

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