Reflections with Fr. Mark
Today, we celebrate the memorial of Frances of Rome. This week we have been celebrating Catholic sisters and religious women for their dedication to the mission and contributions to the universal Church. 

Frances is an Italian saint who found a way to accomplish the work and prayer life of a nun while remaining committed to her immediate family.  She lived during the plague of the 15th Century and nursed her ailing husband and children.  She is often referred to as an “oblate,” which is the term used for anyone who wants to share the common vision and prayer of a religious community without officially entering religious life.

Our scriptures today remind us of God’s great and merciful love for His people always.  We can never imagine the great “debt” that God dismisses while extending his merciful love to us.  Let us contemplate this abundance of overflowing love and be willing to move beyond the obstacles that prevent relationships from becoming whole and holy once again.

Spiritual Reflection: “Let our sacrifice be in your presence today as we follow you unreservedly.”

Continuing our journey,

Fr. Mark

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