Reflections with Fr. Mark
Fall is upon us with the change in time, a brief rain, snow in the mountains and the cold, brisk mornings and evenings beginning and ending each day’s routine. I returned this last weekend from some days away on Dauphin Island, Alabama where my sister lives.  

I had not yet been there to visit her, and it was time.  I enjoyed southern hospitality, picked up a bit of the local lingo, the respect shown to one another; and, yes, a hurricane.  That is one for the bucket list!

Hurricane Zeta hit late one evening with winds I have never experienced before.  This is the same part of the country that was hit in September with Hurricane Sally.  The winds blew but the damage was caused by the storm surge.  At my sister’s place, we encountered about four feet of surging water flowing beneath us.  The damage would not be assessable until morning light.

I was amazed at how people pulled together to help one another and lend a hand.  It was truly a group effort and one done for the benefit of the community and the one suffering loss.  We helped where we were able and encountered the friendliest of people even amid struggle.  When I planned my visit, I would never had thought about encountering the fury of Mother Nature but I’m glad I did.  In a divided world I experienced unity.  It was a good experience to have at a time when much of life is in turmoil.

May the winds of spiritual growth howl through the staleness of complacency in all our lives.

The journey continues…

Fr. Mark