Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dare to be different.  Dare to scramble up the branches of a tree. Dare to be transformed.  Today, we encounter just that: a short, little man who sought to “see” Jesus and to be “seen.”  

While Zacchaeus was not blind like the man in yesterday’s reading, he was blind in that he sought to SEE Jesus.  Because of this persistence and apparent agility in climbing trees, his life was transformed.  Zacchaeus was seen and he responded to being seen in a complete and total life changing manner.

We, too, need to see Jesus and to be seen by Jesus.  Have you ever just given up and stopped climbing the tree of life to be seen?  Is Jesus not worth the effort?  Jesus pursues all of us; we are called to listen to his call and answer him with all our hearts.

The journey continues…even up trees!


Fr. Mark