Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Today, we look at the Martha’s and Mary’s of our world and in the Church.  We may all identify with the Martha and Mary of the scriptures and see ourselves in one or both.  In fact, I know I have taken on a bit of each or more of each in different periods of my life and ministry.  There were times as a young man that I was very shy and withdrawn, preferring the least public role, especially speaking.  

There were times when I was always out in front leading.  In taking on different roles in priesthood, each role has defined how I minister and as I have grown older, I prefer the background role and listening to the wisdom of others.  Each of us may be able to identify these differing stages of preference in our lifetime.

In our Gospel, Jesus says that it was right for his friend, Mary, to cease activity and to simply sit at his feet and listen. Perhaps the commandment to “keep holy the sabbath” may be in the back of Jesus’ mind in saying this in that we all need to imitate Mary in just being with God or sitting with Jesus….to LISTEN!  But, often, even in the Church we are called to activity, service and ministry…like Martha!

In celebrating the Memorial of Blessed Marie Rose Durocher, today, we see a frail and quiet woman who preferred the quiet life but was pressed into service by her brother, a priest.  Later, her bishop requested that she begin a new religious community in order to educate the young.

How is God asking you to move from your comfort zone in these long days?

The journey continues…in love.


Fr. Mark