Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

I have a hat with the slogan: “Too Blessed to be Stressed.”  It reminds me to try not let the small stuff stress me out.  There is enough in life and ministry to make any one of us question what we do and why we do it, especially when there is no reward in doing so.  A hat does not relieve the stress and on some days nothing does.  What is one to do?  Well, all of us can relate to the stress of this pandemic, the forced lock up and limitations in our lifestyle, especially in practicing our faith by coming to our place of worship.

Our scriptures speak of wisdom, honesty, integrity, justice, and humility for members of the family of God.  While we all grasp for meaning in this pandemic-imposed retreat, we can focus on the humility we are called into, particularly, when we cannot control most of what is happening around us. What is one to do, then?  I believe this is our call, spiritually speaking, to surrender ourselves into the humble loving embrace of our God.

The journey continues.


Fr. Mark

I had some requests for "Hey God," which I read
at the end of my homily last weekend. Enjoy!