Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

How do you feel about those who receive the same blessings you have received (or more)? How about some of the results of Jesus’ parables: gold coins, greater responsibility, paid the same for working only one hour, etc.  You know the stories and you know how you feel when you hear them.  Now sit with that for a bit.  Okay, let’s move on.

Christ is teaching us a radical generosity.  A charity that goes beyond just a giving; but, a sacrifice.  Sometimes we may begrudge those who receive when have worked less.  Sometimes we harbor envy or judge those who “seem to get everything so easy” when I have worked so long and hard.  How dare they!  Jesus delights in His gifts and freely bestows them upon all his children no matter when they come to join the flock.  Are we getting the picture?

Today, we celebrate the Memorial of John Eudes, Priest. He left the Oratorians to find an order for the renewal of the diocesan priesthood, the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.  They founded seminaries and educated diocesan clergy and seminarians.  St. John during difficult times would set to work at whatever task that was before him with a profound charity.

Be assured of your priests’ prayers for you during this difficult time for all of us.  Pray for those priests that are struggling and those that have chosen are contemplating leaving ministry. Be appreciative always for the gifts God has placed in your midst lest they be taken away and given to others.


Fr. Mark