Reflections with Fr. Mark
Today, we celebrate a wonderful saint who made it rain through her persistence.  St. Scholastica had entered the convent and was near the monastery where her brother, St. Benedict of Nursia, resided. One of the great stories of these religious siblings is when St. Scholastica was enjoying a visit from her brother.  

Knowing that she was nearing death she begged him to stay the night; however, Benedict did not want to break the rule of his own order. Scholastica, knowing the predicament, prayed for a downpour of rain – thus settling the matter in her favor. Benedict would stay the night.

God gives us free will to make decisions.  Hopefully, we make decisions for the good.  Perhaps we pray, as Scholastica did, for a good to come about even though it may “break a rule.”  Jesus showed us to look beyond the “black and white” of things through to the spirit. Do you ever find yourself imprisoned in a cell of your own making?  Break free into the Spirit of God’s love.

Spiritual Reflection: “God’s assistance rains down upon us.” ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Blessings of love,

Fr. Mark

Ash Wednesday Schedule
February 17, 2021

Distribution of Ashes: 9:00 am Mass
Drive-thru Ash Distribution: 10:00-11:00 am
(Same procedure as Sunday Communion Drive-thru.)
Ash Distribution: 6:00 pm
(In the Church, No Service.)

Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast and Abstinence, not a Holy Day of Obligation.
(Fast one full meal; two smaller meals. Abstinence: No meat.) 

Parish Weekly Mass Schedule
(Subject to change at any time)

Weekday Masses (In the church):
9:00 am

Sunday Masses (In the church):
8:30 am and 10:30 am

Sunday Drive-thru Communion Reception Line:
12:00-12:45 pm
Sunday Virtual Mass:
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