Reflections with Fr. Mark
Today, we celebrate a simple man, Fabian, who would become Pope and Martyr.  Fabian left his farm to travel to Rome in the third century to witness the election of a new Pope.  As a bystander to the proceedings, a dove landed on him and the papal electors, by acclamation, saw it as a prompting of the Holy Spirit and elected Fabian, the Pope.  

What a surprise that must have been for him….and, others.  There are those times when we need to respond to the invitation of the Holy Spirit to do or go somewhere new. I am choosing to do this in my own life and ministerial journey now.

Most of you know from my announcement in the bulletin at the New Year that I have decided to listen to the Holy Spirit in my journey and to leave St. Luke in June 2021.  Having served here for 11.5 years it is a good time to move on into another chapter of priesthood and new opportunities.  I had been thinking of this for some time after caring for my mom the last four years and some increasing health problems in my own journey. Last month, after a few phone calls encouraging me to consider another assignment I took the possibility to prayer and assented.  I am at peace with my decision and know that I will leave St. Luke having accomplished not all, but enough.

Fabian was surprised by his election. I was surprised by the request I received but I was open to it.  In reflecting with Fr. Tommy, I realized that in thirty years of priesthood I only “applied” for one position and that was my first pastorate.  All my other assignments have been given to me or me being open to moving into a new ministry.  I have found that this is always the best way in the life of the Spirit…follow the promptings, invitations and prayerful results.  As we continue our journey this year of struggle may the Holy Spirit guide each one of our choices and actions.

Spiritual Reflection: “Come, Holy Spirit.”

Blessings of love,

Fr. Mark
Mass Schedule Updates
In-person Masses to Resume (in the church):

  • Weekday Masses: 9:00 am Daily Mass beginning Monday, Feb. 1.

  • Sunday Masses: 8:30 am and 10:30 am Mass beginning Sunday, Feb. 7.

  • Communion Reception Line will move to Noon-1:00 pm on Sunday, Feb. 7.
  • Sunday Virtual Mass will continue to be available online.
Confessions will not be offered Saturday, Jan. 23, due to the expected inclement weather.