Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Our scriptural journey continues today underlining the idea that we should not perform works to be seen.  While we are perfectly invited to share the wonderful fruits of our relationship with God, we do not make it about ourselves and what “we” have done.  It is God that has done it.

Love and loving are the hallmark of the gospels.  We are told that loving the “lovely” is easy.  Rather, we are encouraged and commanded to love the “unlovely.”  Ugh!  Why does God make it so difficult!  Well, we are all there at moments, but we all know how rewarding it is to truly go out of your way to be loving toward someone you don’t necessarily feel called to do so.  Yeah, it’s always easier to stay in your own circle of comfort.  Jesus takes that little circle of ours and throws it like a Frisbee to get us moving in a new direction.

How many of you are willing or have even been opened to moving in a new direction these past months?  Do you approach each day with an attitude of gratitude?  Complaining each day is easy…strike up a new direction in your life and faith!


Fr. Mark
Sunday Mass Reservations

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