Reflections with Fr. Mark
Today we celebrate one of my favorite recent martyrs, Archbishop Oscar Romero.  He was the bookworm Archbishop of San Salvador who was murdered on this day while he celebrated the Eucharist in the chapel of a church run hospital in 1980. I was in high school when I learned of his life and death and was often struck with his quiet demeanor but unrelenting challenge to the country’s elite and military junta.  

During this time in El Salvador many priests, nuns and lay people were martyred for putting on the garment of justice.  How do we stand for justice in our own time?  Perhaps we might begin to dress the part and questioning the “way we ALWAYS do things!”  Sound familiar?

Romero was a quiet man who lived a simple life and was hated by many.  Yet, after his death, he has risen to the ranks of sainthood.  There are movers and shakers in our world.  But there are those who quietly go about transforming the world in an unsuspecting manner.

Spiritual Reflection: “Be transformed by justice.”

Continuing our journey,

Fr. Mark
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