Reflections with Fr. Mark
“Stand up and go – your faith has saved you” is heard in our scriptures today.  When is the last time you considered your faith?  When has your “faith” saved you?  As an American, have you considered all that has been fought for by our veterans of war so that we may enjoy our cherished freedoms?

Today, as we honor and celebrate our many thousands of veterans who have served faithfully to defend our nation, our freedoms and our people let us ask for the intercession of St. Martin of Tours, a bishop who was himself a Roman soldier who went through his own conversion.  Just as Martin was kind and eventually took on the role of being a “conscientious objector” we are called to show grace to all, even those who may not do the same with us.

God bless our veterans on this day and may they feel the blessing of our love.

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark