Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Our scriptures today remind us that, “Love does not brood over injury.” We all know of circumstances where we would like to seek retribution or “payback,” yet we also know that Jesus reminds us that all things, even admonishment of another, must be done out of love.  If without love, then we are just a clanging cymbal.  In these days of online open hostility, mass media biases, and strong personal opinions, it is good for us to keep this Christian tenet of love being the center of our lives.

The memorial of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian whom we celebrate today reminds us of this in their own disagreements.  Cyprian favored re-baptism of Christians who had been apostatized under persecution whereas Cyprian favored only a period of penance. 

Today, we remember two great saints who out of love for the faith accepted the death of martyrdom rather than renounce the faith.  Love is the center of the Gospel and thus the Christian life.  It is NOT a feeling or an idea; but an action that people must choose every moment of every day.

Who are you going to choose to love today?

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark

May God continue to protect the firefighters and all first responders
who are on the front lines battling fires throughout California.