Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Today we celebrate Saint Jerome who lived during the fourth century as a highly regarded scholar.  Jerome translated the Bible from the original Greek and Hebrew into Latin.  On a human level, Jerome is rumored to have been a crabby character that sometimes complicated his life….LOL.  Well, some of our greatest saints had personality flaws and I think most of us would humbly admit that we do too!

If we are focused on external things, we get caught up in some of the artistic renditions in paintings or statuary that show haloed heads and flowing robes of our saintly class.  If we get stuck in this externality, we fail to see their struggling humanity and sometime very earthy, crusty characters and flaws.

Don’t fail to see the goodness or “saintliness” in one who is crusty and crabby!

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark