Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

There are some in the faith world whose school of thought equates human happiness and prosperity with God’s blessings and the lack of happiness or prosperity as a punishment from God.  We see this “prosperity gospel” preached on our television broadcasts by the likes of televangelist Joel Olsteen among others. Jesus, of course, would turn this thought upside down when he spoke the Beatitudes and “woes.”

We may become desperate in our thought and prayer during these difficult months, wondering where the blessing of God has gone.  Indeed, we are still amid the blessing of God and God’s grace is carrying us to a new understanding and deepening of our faith.  So many for a lifetime focus on the externals of faith.  Yes, when the externals are gone so is their faith.  Holiness is equated with the externals of worship and wear; yet, Jesus had none of that.  Was He NOT holy?  

I believe those who have faith will continue the journey because the externals do not matter but only the truth.  The truth is not a garment worn, but an internal reality that is acted upon.  May our time of retreat lead us to a true faith that has been internalized to survive all things.

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark

May God continue to protect the firefighters and all first responders
who are on the front lines battling fires throughout California.