March 2024
Although redwoods in northern coastal California produce cones fairly reliably, redwoods are less cone-generous in Mendocino County, where years pass without cone production. Every so often, unproductive trees have a bumper crop, so it is important to capitalize on the collection of cones in the bumper years.
DEMONSTRATION: Reforesting Redwoods and CAL FIRE’s Reforestation Pipeline

January is tree planting season on the North Coast and this year on JDSF, approximately 30,000 one year-old redwood seedlings were planted in the Chamberlain Confluence timber sale area. As part of CAL FIRE’s reforestation pipeline, these 30,000 seedlings represent the culmination of a long process of collection, storage, and seeding of new and resilient trees.  
JDSF staff recently accompanied Dr. Berrill (Cal Poly Humboldt), Dr. York (Berkeley Forests), and Dr. Jones (UCCE) to observe the lop and scatter work that was done as part of this research project.
RESEARCH: Increasing Redwood Resiliency with the Fire Fuels Mitigation Research Project
Although redwoods are widely viewed as fire-resistant trees, increasing temperatures and extreme weather conditions heighten susceptibly to large catastrophic wildfires. Potential treatment measures to increase redwood resiliency are being researched in the Greenhouse Gas Fire Fuels Mitigation project. The project will research which fuel treatments— mechanical, manual, fire, or a combination— best mitigate wildfire hazard in the redwood region.
Fungi Forays are a popular pastime at JDSF thanks to the diversity of mushroom species that call the forest home. The forest draws amateur and academic mushroom enthusiasts from around the country.
RECREATION: Fungal Foray Builds Relationship Between JDSF and Mendocino Coast Mushroom Club
Some mushrooms get all the love. Namely, the edible ones. Two recent events at Jackson Demonstration State Forest focused on some of our region’s lesser-known fungi. In January and February, the Mendocino Coast Mushroom Club (MCMC) teamed up with CAL FIRE to host forays in the forest. At both events the diversity of mushrooms found at JDSF was on full display.  
New JDSF Horse Riding Route Maps Available

Building on the Horse Riding at JDSF article published in January’s edition of the newsletter, this month two new horse riding route maps were published at JDSF. Check out the links below to both routes. 
Celebrate California Arbor Week by Planting a Tree with Captain Cal

Every year from March 7-14, California community members, cities, and businesses collaborate to educate Californians on the benefits and value of trees. Specifically, how they can assist in building successful, healthy cities and neighborhoods. Trees bring life to California – and that is worth celebrating! 

Although Arbor Week has passed, you can still celebrate by planting a tree! With a little help from Captain Cal, CAL FIRE put together an informational video explaining the proper way to plant a tree in your yard.