MARCH 17, 2023, 7:30 pm
Temple Member, Jack Lowe and Student Cantor Margo Wagner accompanied by Emily Meyer will lead the 25th almost-annual look back at Reform Jewish History. The Union Prayer Book (1940-1975) will be used at the Sabbath Evening Service.
This is a service that is markedly different from Reform services of the past twenty years. It will fascinate you to see where we started and understand how we’ve changed.
If you are over 60, here is a chance to revisit the Classical Reform service you grew up with. Please bring you own prayer book if you still have it.

For all under 60, or who didn’t grow up in Reform, come see how this prayer book defined a style of service differently from what we had with the Gates of Prayer (1975-2007) and vastly different from what we now have with Mishkan T’filah.

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