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Meet Me Wednesdays News:
May 11, 2020

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To our Meet Me friends and families:
Both Meet Me events are on a temporary hiatus. We will constantly monitor the situation, making any changes to this decision as needed. Watch your emails and the website for any updates.

Does this mean that we have to stop "Getting Out"? NO! 
During this down-time we will be hosting virtual Meet Me events so that you can continue to Get Out and Get Moving!
It's simple:
  • Every Wednesday, check-in as you would online HERE. You will get credit for each virtual walk/run/roll/hop/skip/jump you do, every Wednesday!
  • Get Out and get moving. Do your usual, or try something different during this time, but just Get Out!
  • Take a picture of yourself Getting Out and send it HERE, post it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TheGreatGetOut2020
After each virtual event, we'll collect all the hashtag pictures and feature them online so we can celebrate our unique ability to GET OUT. When we reconvene in the coming weeks, we'll celebrate with the loudest GET OUT cheer of all-time!
Thank you for your support and belief in making Tucson a healthy place.

Your Meet Me Crew 
If you have questions about COVID-19, see the TMC COVID-19 page:
You can also see daily updates at the Pima County Health Page:

The TMC Now app gives you 24/7 access to physicians that are licensed to practice in Arizona through the convenience of phone, video, or mobile app visits.  It's an affordable option for quality medical care. Have a virtual visit with a licensed doctor anytime, anywhere on your phone or computer. Visits are only $20 using the code  SPRING20 - download the  FREE APP today!
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Reforma has some of their classic dishes back on the menu... we know you've missed Mexican Street Corn! They're reopening our dining room on Monday, May 11th!


While we'd love to run from the realities of COVID-19 and get back to normal, the world is in the midst of coming to terms with a new normal so we're going to make this a virtual event.  Our plan is to create a fun-filled and exciting month-long experience while keeping the running population safe during this public health crisis. Find out more  HERE!

As we move to Virtual, every individual registration is $35 with a $5 discount to teams of 5 or more.   (OUR TEAM NAME IS "MEET ME ATHLETES!" Join by clicking here!) 

Everyone receives
  • Race Shirt
  • Souvenir Medal
  • Raffle challenges
  • Invitation to Zoom coaching meetings
Check their websites, and call ahead!
Reforma                 Union Public House
Zinburger               Fini's Landing
El Cisne                     Blanco Tacos + Tequila      

SEND US YOUR PHOTO in your shirt/cap when you travel!

Phylis and Jean make Social Distance seem fun!
Nan and Phil keep Reforma going strong!
Sometimes, MMW athletes spy unusual creatures while getting out!
Petra shares this rare Gila monster - but not as rare as a moose in a tree!
Kevin gets a very special delivery - but don't worry, he still had to earn that cap!
Pretty sure these two just earned their 200! Way to go, and we can't wait to get back together to give you your new shirts! Standing O!

Your friends want to see you! Send us your photos of your next 
Get Out!