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December 2018  
It's now December of 2018.  My favorite time of year, when schedules shift, solitude becomes more available--at least for this solo ager. I typically give myself the time to look back---and look ahead---to reflect and refresh. 

I feel fortunate that the shifting sands that have unsettled and confused me this year, finally have names. Losses and gains are grieved and accommodated: Courage emerges to renegotiate a relationship, persistence deals with the tedium of mastering a new car with hand controls,  recommitment to health requires a new physical therapist, a celebration of the un-acknowledged artist in me transforms me, and always in times like these, there's a pressing urgency to sort and toss and "put things in order" for the New Year.

As I look back and forward in the context of the days that remain to this almost 79 year old, I find myself thinking about how and if my life matters. I'm sure that occurs to everyone now and again.  These feelings have been energized over the last several days by the non-stop heart-warming TV coverage of the immense legacy of George H. W. Bush, our 41st president.

Yes, we all matter.  Yes, we all leave a legacy. Yes, we may not always acknowledge that.  And yes, we also have the opportunity to be more conscious and creative about what we'd like to leave behind.

I encourage you to check out my LinkedIn Post on the topic of legacy and to view the 9-minute slide presentation I had fun creating as I was sorting out my own understanding of legacy. Finally....

Best wishes to all for your holiday season. Be sure to take time for yourselves to enjoy doing not much and let your mind meander.


"People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled
 is there any hope for them."           Emerson 

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