December 2016

Give the gift of music and ministry this Christmas with The Christmas Stories Tour Featuring Jason Gray, David Dunn, and Grayson Reed.

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Christmas Hope For Homeless Students

This Christmas, 97.9 The Breeze is teaming up with the Rapid City Area School District to provide $25 gift cards for homeless kids.

Here is some eye opening information about homelessness in Rapid City Schools:
  • In 2015-2016, The Rapid City School district identified 694 students without homes.  441 live temporarily with friends or family, 63 live in emergency shelter, 175 in a hotel or motel, and 15 are unsheltered.
  • Of these 694 homeless students, 437 were in Elementary School, 144 in Middle School, and 97 in High School.
  • Students have a difficult time in school when they don't have permanent housing, as their things get lost or stolen, they misplace their homework, and it's hard to focus when you don't know where you're sleeping each night.
  • Middle school and High school students are often unaccompanied, that is, without a parent or guardian caring for them.  They often go without things they need.
Christmas time, a joyous time for many, is actually one of the most difficult seasons.  Christmas break means missing the breakfast and lunch that you get at school.  It is a time to be acutely aware of the disparity in the world.  Others have Christmas gifts, family gatherings, the joys of the season.   For students without homes, they are just reminded of all that they have not.

You can help provide for these kids by purchasing one or several $25 gift cards to WalMart.  We'll distribute these cards though RCAS directly into these student's hands.

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The deadline to provide these gift cards is Sunday, December 11th, 2016.


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