Impacting our Culture
Project Truth finished a great tour of colleges.  Matt had to carry John Ficker off of the Truckee Meadows College campus because he left it all on the battlefield. 

We engaged thousands of students from twelve colleges and about thirty high schools in eleven weeks handing out over 18 thousand of our awesome TRUTH brochure.

The volunteers and support team made all of this possible.  I have a great team who put their lives on line to proclaim the truth of the Gospel and seek to bring back morals to our landscape.
This is the University of Nevada Reno.  We set up right in the center of this classy campus built by a gambling empire in their state.  

The students were tough and very secular.  However, they were confronted with the hard truth for two days of intense conversations by our warriors.

We were encouraged by the  Spirit Filled Church of Sparks, Nevada, who had me speak at their church on Tuesday night during our stay in Reno.  They pumped us up and were a breath of fresh air in that difficult city of Reno.

 Catching the Reno students in between classes.

Hannah, above, takes on college students at Truckee Meadows College in Reno. 

Below is a short 3-minute video of a longer exchange that Hannah had with a student who expresses her thoughts into a chilling conclusion.  

Watch this sad reminder of the challenges we face on these campuses.
Hannah tells the truth
"It's okay to murder babies."
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While on the  Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus,  we set up our display and boxed in the popular table of "Animal Rights."

That's right.  Animals are equal in value to all humans...except small children in the womb. 

Cal Poly is a popular college and has an interesting campus culture. 

A few local abolitionists joined us to talk to the students and we appreciated their passion for the young people.

"Disease long seated yields but slowly to healing remedies."
                    Charles Coffin, Journalist 

Cuesta College, above, is always a good field  ripe unto harvest .  Allen and Linda Schluter haved moved to Morro Bay from Modesto and joined us in the fields there.  The Schluters go way back in our friendship to thirty years ago and were part of the Operation Rescue movement in the '90's.  That is Allen and Linda in blue on the left in the above photo.

I am also indebted to the warriors who joined our team from Fresno and The Well Church of Fresno.  Two of the pastors from that church stood with us and shared the Gospel on the Central Coast colleges for three days.  I am always humbled by those warriors who live in the Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo area and treat us like royalty, hosting us as we labor in their fields.  You have great rewards in Heaven because of the love you show to us.  I have met some mighty believers in my missionary adventures and love and appreciate how you have ministered to me and our team these ten years and counting.

Three protesters tried to block our display but only drew more people to see the truth.

Their hand-written signs said something silly and they got to listen to us engage their friends.
Matt and Beth reaching high school students leaving Shasta High. See the students reading our literature? We save babies and change lives outside high schools.

We love going to high schools either in the morning before school starts or as school lets out.  We arrive and spread out at the exits of the campuses. 

But some of the administrators at the high schools aren't very wise and start barking out misguided orders for us to leave and then they call the police. 

Such was the case at Mission Prep Catholic High School in San Luis Obispo as the students were arriving.  Some of the students flipped us off as we handed out our materials, while others watched their parents lose control by jumping out of their cars and cursing us for trying to persuade their children against child sacrifice. 

All of this outside their college-prep religious school. 

You may be asking me if I ever call high schools ahead of time to see if they will allow me to speak to a class.  Yes I have...and no is always the answer.  Some say they will consider it, but eventually say no. 

No...these two, not so nice parents are NOT troubled by an abortion center three blocks from their school.  Rather, they are upset that we are trying to change their children's attitude about abortion. 

The woman slapped me in the face. 

The police arrived and told the parents and faculty that we have every right to be on the sidewalk talking to the students.  The police in that town are really sharp and professional. The police encouraged me to file charges against the woman but I let it go.

At Enterprise High School these students wanted to challenge our team before class.  The teacher on the right tried to tell them not to talk to us, but the students told him that they have every right to talk to us.  So we had a great dialogue on the truth of the matter of abortion.
Each week I am in front of abortion centers trying to rescue babies.  I place some professionally made signs that are very effective in pricking the consciences of those "being led to death." Some couples have testified that our signs changed their minds, but there are also those who are so convicted by our signs that they lash out at us in hateful anger.
Recently a woman, pictured above, pulled up into the parking lot of the Walnut Creek abortion center to express her irritation at our message.  All of this while couples are going into the busy place to sacrifice their babies.

Here's how the conversation went and her shocking admission:

Lady: "I drive by here every day and don't want my 4-year-old son to see your signs."

Don: "I don't think your son sees our signs Ma'am because he'd be too small."

Lady: "Yes he does see the signs."

Don: "What did your son say when he saw the signs?"

Lady:  "He asked me what you guys are doing outside that building."

Don:  "What did you tell him?"

Lady:  "I told him that you are trying to stop couples from going into the building because that is where they are having a procedure called an abortion, where a woman decides she doesn't want to have the baby and has the baby removed from her womb."

Don:  "You told your 4-year-old son that?"

Lady: "Yes I did.  He is very smart and I have a Ph.D."

Don: "What did he say?"

Lady:  "He said, 'Mom, why do people 
murder their babies in there?'"

Don:  "Your son is smart beyond his years.  I love your son.  What did you say to that?"

Lady: "I told him that I didn't agree with you people."

Don:  "Ma'am, your son is so much wiser than you.  You told him what an abortion is and he knew in his simple truthful way what abortions do.  Out of a mouth of a child comes the truth."

Lady:  "You people are disgusting!"  

Don:  "Ma'am, I pray your son changes your dark heart by his understanding of what abortion is today."
Please pray for this woman that her son will point out the "murder" place every time she drives by that location..
There is a young Ukrainian man from Sacramento named Joseph who loves to testify of the saving grace of the Gospel.  He asked if he could join us from time to time on campuses and play his trumpet.  We were a little surprised, but told him we would let him do it and see how it goes.

On several occasions where there was an unhealthy tension at a college, Joseph would pull out his trumpet and play a hymn or two in the middle of the quad.  A calm would sweep over the area and the evil presence seemed to lose its grip.

So our team welcomed Joseph to continue to blow the trumpet which, by the way, is mentioned 64 times in Scripture.

In between classes Joseph will play and it seems to draw students to the quad to see what is going on after their class is done. The hymns sometimes tug at the consciences of those students who have left the faith while in college. 

When Joseph plays outside a high school students will gather and Joseph then shares the Gospel with them.

Below is a clip of Joseph blowing the trumpet inbetween classes at Truckee Meadows College in Reno.  Enjoy.

"Riches I heed not, nor man's empty praise,
 Thou mine inheritance, now and always;

Thou and Thou only, first in my heart,
High King of Heaven, my treasure Thou art." 
The Call of the Trumpet
The Call of the Trumpet
So there you have it...a sampling of our many adventures to finish out the 2017 season. 

For me, every day is Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I am blessed to be part of a team of warriors who step onto the battleground and try to rescue the perishing.

I am blessed to have prayer warriors who go before us into their War Rooms and help prepare the way. 

I'm blessed to have the tools and support to effectively take on the darkness and look ahead for more fields of harvest.

In a few weeks it will be 2018 and the Lord will lead us onto more college campuses, high schools and abortion centers.  

The Gospel will be presented to tens of thousands of people each month and babies will be saved.  

       We are few but He is mighty!
          Project Truth College Schedule 2017

Spring Schedule  2017

Feb.6-7  Los Medanos College 
Feb. 27-Mar. 2  Fresno State and Fresno City College
March 6-7  Consumnes College
March 27-30   (So Cal) Victor Valley College and Mt. San Antonio College 
April 3-4  Los Positos College
April 10-11  Chico State
April 18-19  De Anza College
April 24-25  Santa Rosa College
June 26-30   So Cal Outreach
July 13-16    Lake Tahoe outreach
July 21-24    San Francisco outreach               

Fall Schedule 2017                                           

August 28-29 Mon-Tues  -  Delta College
Sept. 5-6 Tues-Wed  -  Cabrillo College 
Sept 11-12  Mon-Tues  -  Sac City College
Sept. 18-21  Mon-Thurs  -  Hancock College and Cuesta College 
Oct. 2-5  Utah -  University of Utah and Salt Lake City College
Oct. 16-17  -  Shasta College

Successfully Completed 2017
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                                        Thank you for standing with me.



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