LCN is a network of churches with a passion to make 1,000,000 disciples by 2025.
August 2017
REFUEL is our free LCN church leadership conference. Join us October 9, 10 and 11 at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. The main conference is October 10 and 11, but come early on October 9 for Pre-Fuel sessions tailored for LCN members. Come engage with other leaders from across the country as we share and encourage one another in our mission to reach our communities with the Gospel. The conference is only a few months away, and registration is now open. There is no cost to attend this conference but we ask that you register. We hope to see you there! 
Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Toby Ward, one of the leaders of the Local Center in Woodbridge, Virginia and the North-East Regional Director for LCN, encourages fellow LCN members to invest in a Local Center. A Local Center is a great tool in promoting a culture of disciple-making in your community. Through LCN, there is a network of resources and speakers available to further our goal of building the Kingdom of Christ. 

David Nelms, founder and president of The Timothy Initiative, discusses TTI’s partnership with LCN in planting churches on a global and local scale. The key is to make disciples who will make more disciples. TTI would love to work with you to make this happen. 

Please join us for the LEAD Leadership Summit on August 19 in Lynchburg, Virginia. This free seminar is from 9:00am to 1:00pm at Thomas Road Baptist Church. Renowned pastor and author of The Tangible Kingdom, Hugh Halter challenges church leaders to grow in new areas of leadership. This seminar is open to LCN pastors and their church leaders. Take advantage of this opportunity to encourage and nurture the fellow servants in your church. 
Local Center Leader Training Coming Up!

LCN offers Local Center Leader Training to all those interested in leading a Local Center. This is a chance to receive personal training, ask questions and move forward in the process of starting a Local Center. There are two training sessions coming up: August 7-8 in Conway, Arkansas and September 5-6 in Woodbridge/Leesburg, Virginia. If you are interested in starting a Local Center in your area, please join us! 

For more information about the meeting in Conway, contact Joe Snyder and for the meeting in Woodbridge/Leesburg, contact Toby Ward
Member Church Feature - Princeton Church of God - Princeton, NC

Every month, we will feature a member church of LCN, highlighting the ways it makes disciples in its community. This month, we learn more about Princeton Church of God of Princeton, North Carolina led by Pastor Matthew Cornett.

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Francis Chan Shares His Visions to Build the Family of Christ

When Francis Chan stepped down from Cornerstone Church in 2010, many were surprised. Recently, Chan shared his heart in a talk to Facebook employees. He talked about his struggles during those challenging times as well as how God is working through a house church movement he currently leads. 

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Local Center Meetings in August
For a detailed list of all upcoming events at Local Centers, visit our website. Local Centers are hubs where LCN members can be coached, networked, and resourced on how to become better disciple-making churches.
It is also the place where LCN members network to plant local churches and invite other churches to be a part of the LCN family. 
Interested in joining the network?
Interested in leading a local center?