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September 12, 2016                                                       Issue No. 26
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To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends! 
We want to express our gratitude to all those who have cared about the people that LifeNets helps in challenging and developing countries.  You may know that our activities around the world are quite varied and range from granting scholarships to drilling boreholes to matching wheelchair donors to needy recipients.  We are in our 18th ye ar of operation. 

In this eNews I'd like to tell you about some of our other projects. They have been successfully implemented because we have reliable people we know on the ground who make certain that your donations go where you intend them to go.  

We've helped war refugees in Ukraine.  Tensions in Ukraine are high and sniper  fire is killing people every day. There are thousands of refugees that have been resettled throughout Ukraine.  We have helped some of the most vulnerable every month for almost two years. 
Bev Kubik
Bev Kubik
Also, we've helped in Malawi and Zambia with food security. My husband and I traveled to Malawi in April and learned first-hand of a looming crisis of mass starvation.  Drought-stricken Malawi with a poor infrastructure for providing food for vulnerable populations could quickly escalate to disaster. We are doing our best to forestall this by storing food for a crisis. Starting in late August, we have been distributing maize to people with whom we have become acquainted.

Please read our other stories.  I'd like to hear from you about your thoughts. 

We thank you all for helping provide financial support. All donations are tax-deductible in the United States. Visit the home page of to make a donation by check, credit card or PayPal.  

Our expenses are minimal.  We spend very little on fundraising. Most of our workers are volunteers.   

Your interest in what we do is greatly appreciated.  We are thankful to God, to you and to the people on the ground in all the places we work who properly distribute the aid that has been generously entrusted to us by you.  

Again, my husband and I as well as the entire LifeNets Board of Directors thank you with all our hearts for your trust in us. 

Thank you for making LifeNets the charity of your choice.  

Our love and best wishes to all of you!     
Beverly Kubik  
Helping War Refugees In and F rom Eastern Ukraine 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
For nearly two years since the Russian-induced conflict in Eastern Ukraine, LifeNets has been helping refugee victims that are being resettled in other parts of the country.  

We have been working with Yuri Andreev who has distributed aid to those he found to be the most vulnerable: the elderly and mothers with small children.  He has been sending regular reports to us of his selfless service to provide aid these people.

You can read about the Yuri's work which we deeply appreciate as we know that these people are being helped.   His last report is here at

Distributing Maize in Drought-stricken Malawi  
During the last week of August 2016 LifeNets representatives have been distributing maize that we have stored and are making available to families. There have been a few years of drought and we fear low yields bringing acute shortages and high prices. So, in June we purchased stocks of maize for distribution now.

LifeNets thanks the Cincinnati East United Church of God for their generosity in sponsoring this specific project. You can see the former stories about LifeNets food security:

We are thankful that we can deliver to people intended the aid that has been promised.  LifeNets is history has been to work with reliable people on the scene of our needs.These photos show the the distribution.  You can read more details and see more photos on our Website

Beauty Salon Startup in Cameroon   
While LifeNets is very circumspect with livelihood ventures (providing only partial financing), we do a few each year for those we feel have the most likelihood of success. This is one of them. It is in Cameroon and has been awarded to Rita Mabout. The shop will help her provide a livelihood.

We approved this award in February. The family helped build the shop and we helped provide equipment.

The Mabout family thanked LifeNets donors in and sent the photos that you see here of the shop opening which was on July 10, 2016.

From Moïse Mabout:

We finished the work for hairdressers and cosmetic shop for my daughter Rita. I  Thank you for your help.   Today was a great day for my daughter, the opening of of the business.
Volunteer Colin works as volunteer at "Revival Centre in Chernihev 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is truly a heart-warming and remarkable story about 21 year old Colin Kubik who has worked for nearly a year in Ukraine at the Revival Center for disabled children about 30 miles due east of the ill-fated Chernobyl nuclear reactor. LifeNets was formed out of a relationship that first started with our learning about the people who created this center in October 1995, almost a year before it was founded. It's now 20 years later and what a work for helping children has been done! This story is translated from the Revival's website. Read it here,

We visited the "Revival" Centre in June and were there for the 20th anniversary of our working together to build a great place for children to be rehabilitated. 
Mosquito Nets Distributed to Christian Community in Northern Brazil
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mosquito nets were donated by LifeNets to a small Christian group in the tribal village of Maloca de Moscou in Northern Brazil neighboring Guyana and Venezuela. The small community were encouraged to now pass the gift to close friends and new members by pulling their resources together and helping others with similar needs. 

The community expressed their sincere gratitude for LifeNets' concern for their health and well being.

More about this story and LifeNets work in Brazil

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