Updates to Spring 2020 Classes at Mission
Dear Mission College Student:

It is important to recognize that this is a historically unprecedented event in U.S. history. Please know our College community is doing everything within our power to continue supporting you all during this difficult time.

Now that the college has moved a majority of our courses online, you are each experiencing a transition to the new format and with some unavoidable changes to the originally scheduled class activities.

We want to acknowledge the enormous patience and adaptability this transition is requiring of you and to express my deep gratitude to each of you for demonstrating such good will during this period.

There are a number of updates I want to provide you related to our transition to the online environment. 

Dropping Courses
We encourage each student to discuss this decision with a Mission College counselor before coming to a final decision, but also recognize the need for some to take action now. See the  Counseling webpage  for more details about how to reach a counselor, or email  askmccounselor@missioncollege.edu

For students who are still determining whether or not to continue learning as we transition to online for many classes, please rest assured that we have received information from the UC Office of the President and the CSU Chancellor’s Office that UC and CSU will honor transfer agreements that have been established.

As long as you successfully complete the course and meet the grade requirements, you will receive credit for the class.

Drop Deadlines and Refunds
The West Valley-Mission Community College District has approved a temporary policy change, at both colleges, to extend the deadline to drop a class to April 25. 

You may drop a class and will not have a “W” or any other evaluative symbol listed on your transcript if you drop by Saturday, April 25. If you drop by the new date you will qualify for receiving a full refund for tuition, material fees and enrollment fees. You can make changes to your class schedule in the My Mission Portal

Note: Short term courses will have different drop dates based on the length of the course. Students should drop courses online prior to 75% of the course. Please check with your instructor to confirm the date for your respective short-term course.

Dropping courses due to the COVID-19 concerns will not negatively impact your eligibility for categorical programs like EOPS, TRIO, and Cal-Works.

For continuing student-athletes preparing for their second season of sport, please speak with your Athletics Counselor prior to dropping any courses in order to ensure your eligibility isn’t negatively impacted. Athletes for Spring sports will have their year of eligibility restored at the CCCAA level.

Questions around material fees and parking fees are still being worked on.

UC Articulation
The college received official word from the University of California Office of the President that the UC system as a whole would accept any currently articulated classes for transfer even if the class moved from face-to-face format to online format. This is welcome and relieving news to the many students who plan to transfer to a UC and are taking lab and other courses that have moved online. We are still in discussions with the CSU system to get similar reassurances.

Food Support for Students
The college is distributing free grab and go lunches on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Lot B.

In addition, our monthly Second Harvest food bank distribution will continue. We have a drive-thru food distribution scheduled for Wednesday April 8 from 11 - 12:30 p.m.

Community Resources
We have added a number of resources in regards to mental health, health centers, free wifi, free online services at more on our resources page.

Technology & Emergency Aid Resources for Students
The college and district are working on a plan to provide financial aid/grants and technology resources (laptops) for students who are in need.

In the meantime, we have a list of wifi options on our resources page.

Coronavirus information
The following is a resource put together by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office specifically for students: Coronavirus Student Resources

Planning for end of Spring, Summer and Fall
Be on the lookout for additional information regarding updates on the end of the Spring, summer and fall.

Please take good care of yourselves and your loved ones and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Mission College