March 26, 2020
Our sincere wish is that you and your families are staying well, and staying connected during this challenging time
of social distancing.
Dear NH Friendship Chorus members & friends;

We are moving forward with our plans for SOUTH AFRICA 2021. The likely tour dates are June 26, 2021 - July 9, 2021 with the optional extension from July 9 to July 12.  Please mark your calendars, and let your interested choral friends know about the new travel dates.

Below is important information of the 2020 cancellation and the 2021 tour. In addition, we are asking that you fill out a very brief survey to help the Board in our planning for 2021. 

SURVEY : The Board needs your help in determining the level of interest in a 2021 South Africa tour. In addition, this information will help us to estimate the costs for 2021. We certainly hope that everyone who was committed to this year’s tour will sign up for the postponed tour, but we know that is not always possible. We have linked a SURVEY to get a better understanding of your intentions. We will of course open the tour to new members as well and have in fact received positive interest from some friends since the revised schedule was released. Official enrollment dates will be announced later.

REFUNDS : Within the next two weeks, we will issue refunds for most of the payments already made for the 2020 tour. Rather than retain funds and make individual refund arrangements for those who cannot travel in the summer of 2021, we have decided it is in the best interests of all to refund the bulk of payments (all but $500 per person) that our members have made. We hope this reduces everyone’s concern about possible large financial loss. 

REMAINING FUNDS: As previously indicated, some deposits have already been made to vendors (e.g., Qatar Air, South African Airways, Xplore Africa for hotel deposits, etc.). Until the remaining refunds have been secured from vendors to whom we have already paid these deposits, we are retaining $500 per person to cover the worst case. While our expectation is that we will be able to return all of that amount, we will not know for certain until September at which time we will make the additional refunds or, if you wish, apply it as a deposit for the 2021 tour).

2021 TOUR COSTS : As is always the case, the cost of the 2021 tour could increase or decrease between now and final payment in 2021 depending on group size, currency fluctuations and other factors. The final cost is always set at the time of the final installment invoice. While we cannot be certain, we fully expect the cost of the 2021 tour to be the same or less than the 2020 tour cost based on current exchange rates 

Some reminders:
Travel Insurance: If you have taken out a travel insurance policy, you will likely be able to change the effective dates or cancel it. Check your insurance company’s website for details. 

Individual Travel Arrangements: Those who have made their own flight or other arrangements, check with your airline or hotel on changes to usual cancellation policies. Many are waiving the usual fees.

Frommer’s has provided a useful list of links to the official coronavirus policy web pages for dozens of airlines, cruise lines, hotels, and other travel companies. Click HERE

The Board, as always, welcomes your questions, comments, and suggestions.
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