Vaccination + 2 out of 3
Regathering in-person, indoors and out, at St. John’s
June 2021 and following
Given the efficacy of vaccines and the emerging science that demonstrates that vaccinated individuals are not likely to spread the covid-19 virus, we are going to be moving forward in our building reopening efforts.
In addition to vaccination, we are going to move forward with a 2 out of 3 policy. Along with ventilation and duration, there are 3 major mitigation strategies:
  • Masking
  • Physical Distancing
  • Outdoors
Until further guidance is offered, any gathering at St. John’s needs to use 2 out of 3 of these strategies. So, outdoor AND physical distancing or outdoors and masking (while moving around the space). This provides an example of good health practices and allows gathering in ways that do not exclude or put at risk unvaccinated members of the community, such as children or medically vulnerable individuals.
Teams, Committees, and Other Groups in which everyone is 16+ (and, hence, has full access to vaccination) may begin resuming in-person meetings indoors in June. Masking and distancing are to be utilized indoors. The masking and distancing requirements will be reassessed as more of our community gets vaccinated. For now, meetings are to be held in the sanctuary or offices, with all windows and the doors open, assuming weather permits open windows and doors. A list of all participants, meeting date and time, and vaccination status of participants should be noted on the sign-in sheet (vaccination status is voluntary—the request will help us to know who needs to be notified about potential exposures and/or who might need to quarantine).
Worship is a multi-generational activity and until vaccination is available to children 6 months and older, and sufficient time has passed for the vaccine to confer immunity, masking will be required at any indoor worship service. 

  • Sundays in June, July, August
  • 9:30 am, In Person / Indoors and Zoom
Masks and distancing will continue in all indoor services until such a time that children 6 months and older have access to vaccination. The 9:30 am service will continue to offer either a Zoom or live-streaming option for at-home participation for anyone who is physically unable to attend.
Communion Some Sunday morning in-person services include communion (prepackaged). At this time, we will continue to forgo the common plate or cup. Further direction will be offered as needed.
Singing: Singing outdoors is permitted for both choir and congregation. Out of an abundance of caution, and in order to model our continued concern for those unable to be vaccinated, singing in worship outdoors will continue to require masks. At this time, indoor congregational singing is not permitted. Vaccinated musicians may sing for worship indoors with Singers’ masks or comparable masking. These guidelines align with those issued by the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.  
God’s Peace,

The Vestry of St. John’s
Cindi Brickson, Companion Priest, 612-998-5136,
Ann Clark (2023), 507-201-4438,
Jen Drganc, co-warden (2022), 507-514-2418,
Steve Druschel (2022), 978-766-5252,
Robbi Heath (2023), 712-330-2795,
Mike Kearney (2023), 507-381-1435,
Tim Secott, co-warden (2022), 507-995-7825,
 *Resources that informed this plan include:

  • The recommendations of the St John’s re-entry team, submitted for the May meeting

Parish Administrator: | 507-388-1969