October 2021
Hello Regency Place Resident

Do you know what the most important issue
is to Regency Place residents?

In the last issue, we asked residents to participate in a Community Improvement Poll and share what they would like to see the HOA focus on, prioritize and address as part of the Regency Place community improvement and engagement.

Many of you participated in the poll (88 responses). And (drum roll please!) ... the most IMPORTANT issue to many residents within Regency Place is Stricter Enforcement of Property Violations.

Here are Community Improvement Poll results!

Stricter Enforcement of Property Violations - 46 responses
Upgrade & Improve Entrance Gate Security - 24 responses
Improved ARC Submission Process - 11 responses
More Community Activities & Events for Residents - 4 responses
Improved Speed Limit Enforcement - 3 responses

Residents continue to voice their concerns over ongoing property violations in the community and the lack of oversight over adequate enforcement.

Residents' Question of the Month?
Email us: [email protected]

Residents are often reminded to “refer to the covenant”, but the covenant appears to be more than 20 years old and much of it is very outdated. Is the Board working on updating the covenant and how will residents be involved in that process?

The Regency Place covenant was originally written in 1998. And yes, it does appear outdated and should be updated. The HOA Board has not indicated when it will begin reviewing the covenant for an update or how homeowners will be involved in the process. We'll ask the board members at the next meeting and share any updates.

You can find the current Regency Place Covenant on the Regency Place Homeowners website under Resident Resources or click here to read the document.

Note: Around the Place eNews Team will review all submitted questions for relevancy, pose the question to the HOA board for clarification, and will strive to provide accurate information. Thank you.
September 2021 HOA Board Meeting Highlights
For the convenience of our residents who are unable to attend monthly board meetings, Around The Place will highlight relevant discussions and actions taken at the board meeting so you will be informed about what is happening within the community. The following are highlights from the September 17, 2021 HOA Board Meeting.
ARC Member Questions the Board about ongoing ARC related violation

Newly elected Regency Place ARC member Robert Armstrong questioned board members about a homeowner's ongoing ARC related violations and how the HOA board members have proceeded to address the issue.

Armstrong requested clarification on how the board proceeds to take action against homeowners who fail to obtain ARC approval or ignore the ARC process before making external modifications to the property.

Board members indicated that HOA violations will result in the homeowners receiving a reminder letter to fix issue; followed by a second letter which impose a $25 fine; and finally referred to the HOA attorney for legal action.

Questions about board action against ongoing HOA violations is not new. During the May 17 board meeting, residents were visibly frustrated over the ongoing property violations and voiced concerns regarding the lack of oversight by the board.

Fall Community Yard Sale

It is that time of the year! Regency Place Fall Community Yard Sale will take place on Friday, Nov. 5 & Sat., Nov. 6 from 8am - 4 p.m..
Board Approves Upgrading Gate Access Phone from 3G to 4G

The board approved to upgrade the Regency Place Gate Access Phone to 4G technology. Due to the upgrade, the new incoming phone number has changed to 863-206-1968.

Please update it in your contacts list so you know if someone is calling you from the main gate.

Armed Robbery Home Invasion in Regency Place; No injuries reported

An armed robbery home invasion occurred in our community early August. No one was injured however it was reported by the Polk County Sheriff's office that the unknown suspects armed with handguns forcefully entered a residence and later fled the home with stolen property.

This was brought to our attention by several residents. We later confirmed that this took place in Regency Place.

We wanted to share this with our residents so you can be more informed and vigilant of your surroundings.

Be safe and stay safe neighbors!

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