June 2021
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Happy Memorial Day

Whether you celebrate by hosting a backyard BBQ get-together or having a simple and intimate moment of silence with your loved ones, Memorial Day is a special time to honor America’s history and commemorate the bravery, courage and honor of our troops.

May 2021 HOA Board Meeting Highlights
For the convenience of our residents who are unable to attend monthly board meetings, Around The Place will highlight relevant discussions and actions taken at the board meeting so you are informed about what is happening within the community. The following are highlights from the May 17, 2021 HOA Board Meeting.
HOA Board Cancels June and August Board Meetings

Board members unanimously approved to cancel June and August 2021 board meetings. Board members indicated emergency meetings may be scheduled, if needed, during these months to address any immediate HOA related issues.

The next HOA Board Meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2021.

Erratic Mail Delivery Complaints

Board members mentioned that several residents have complained about erratic USPS mail delivery within the community.

If you are experiencing issues with your USPS mail delivery, please contact the USPS Davenport office at 863-422-4451.
Homeowner Expresses Frustration Over Continued Property Violations & HOA Board Inaction

A homeowner in attendance during the May HOA Board Meeting expressed frustration and concerns over ongoing property maintenance violations within the Regency Place community, and the Board's failure to enforce HOA rules.

The homeowner provided specific examples of ongoing violations in surrounding area near her home and questioned board members on what steps they are taking to enforce the rules.

Several other residents in attendance also echoed her concerns of ongoing violations and provided additional examples such as overgrown lawns, falling fences, deteriorating house paint, and others seen around the community.

Board members explained that some of the violations take time to remedy and require action from the HOA attorney. Several board members claimed there were not aware of any ongoing violations in the community. One board member indicated that the board lacked enough members to adequately monitor all ongoing violations.

Several residents volunteered to work with the board in assisting them in monitoring and reporting violations for appropriate action. One resident also suggested the board consider conducting a yearly violation audit, notify homeowners of violations and provide them with adequate time to fix the issues before fines are assessed.

Board members took no formal action nor offer any resolution to address the complaints.
HOA Board Considers Speed Bump Stencils on the Streets

The HOA Board approved a measure to stencil Speed Bump signs on Regency Place streets. The decision was made after the board discovered two homeowners removed the existing staked Speed Bump signs placed on the homeowners' front lawns near the existing speed bumps.

Board President Burt Johnson said the homeowners' action to remove the staked signs could set an example for other homeowners to take similar action which could pose liability issues for the HOA.

After seeking the advise from the insurance company regarding HOA liability, the board is considering the alternate measure.

Johnson said the Speed Bump stencils will be painted following removal of the existing staked signs around the community.

The board did not specify an exact date when this action will take place.

Question of the Month
Residents' Question of the Month
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The Question of the Month section is focused on helping community members get clear and concise answers to relevant questions related to HOA rules, covenants, guidelines and the community. The answers are shared in this newsletter to provide consistent information to all homeowners and residents. Residents are encouraged to submit their questions. Around the Place eNews Team will review all submitted questions for relevancy, pose the question to the HOA board for clarification, and will strive to provide accurate information.
Resident Submitted Question of the Month
Homes in the neighborhood that are in violation of policy, do they get notifications? For instance, we take walks around the neighborhood and notice some yards that are overgrown for sometime. Just wondering if they are notified. 
The HOA Board offered the following response during the May 17 board meeting to the above question.

Homeowners in violation of HOA rules will:

  1. Receive a Reminder Letter: The reminder letter addresses the violation and provides an opportunity for the homeowner to fix the issue within 7-10 days.
  2. Assessment of Fines: If a homeowner fails to address the issue within the specified time period, a second letter with an assessment of a $25 fine is sent to the homeowner.
  3. Legal Action: If a homeowner continues to fail to comply, the matter is then referred to the HOA attorney for legal ramification.

Board members also indicated that some level of discretion is applied for minor violations that occur intermittently such Garbage Can violations or Yard violations. For example, if a homeowner commits a Yard Violation and immediately resolves the issue after receiving a Reminder letter and a second violation for the same issue occurs after 3 months, the homeowner will receive another Reminder Letter and the HOA Board will not immediately assess fines.
Homeowners are encouraged to review the Covenant & ByLaws and the Article VII Guidelines at www.regencyplacehomeowners.com for additional information.

No written documentation detailing the above-mentioned process is currently available on the Regency Place HOA website for review.

Guest Corner - Share your ideas, tips and interests!

Have an interest? Are you a Master Gardener? Perhaps interior decorating, home remodeling, arts & craft, cooking or carpentry is more to your liking. Share your tips and ideas with your fellow residents. Guest Corner is dedicated for residents who want to share their interest and likes with fellow residents. Email [email protected] and let us know what you'd like to share.
Guest Corner:
Memorial Day Trivia

There is much more to Memorial Day than barbecues and American flags. Let's test your knowledge with these Memorial Day Trivia. 

Q. What city is known as the birthplace of Memorial Day?
A: Waterloo, New York

Q: Memorial Day was originally known as what?
A: Decoration Day

Q: The National Moment of Remembrance takes place at what time each Memorial Day?
A: 3p.m. Local Time

Q; How should American flag mark Memorial Day?
A: At half-staff until noon; then at full-staff until sundown.

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