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Dear Friends,
Spirit has had me concentrate on transmitting information and energy designed to take us beyond healing, which is balance, to regeneration, which is evolutionary upgrade and regenesis.

My lecture, "The Spiritual Secrets of Physical Regeneration" from the New Life Expo did not record. Since I have no recording to offer you, I have decided to hold an introductory webinar on this topic towards the end of July. You will all be invited to participate.    
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Free - "Why we get sick and how we can heal", plus "Clearing of the morphogenetic fields and the 12 chakras",  from last weekend's workshop in New York City. Download Audio 

Free - "Passage to Extraordinary"
This is my lecture about the changes that are happening now in 2016 and are projected to occur in the years ahead. I emailed this recording to you a month ago, but want to make sure that you have this information as it gives a concise overview of current ascension changes.  Download Audio

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Beyond Healing: Regenesis - Phase Two  
This is the next step in physical regeneration. 

Until Friday, July 1 
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Love and blessings, 
Beyond Healing: Regenesis - Phase Two  
BEYOND HEALING: REGENESIS PHASE TWO is the next step in our physical regeneration.  This program offers a new vitality and an shining beauty...RADIANCE. 

Regenesis Phase Two was recorded live in Florida and includes nine audio tracks. It has two energy language only supplementary tracks for ease of entrainment and repetition.  $US33.00
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20% off all other wellness programs
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Tuning the Physical Instrument
Benefits:  This is the perfect all round healing 30 minute meditation, with frequencies that tune all the organs and systems of the body into balance.  It is very relaxing and helps you sleep if listened to in the evening. A perfect gift for someone who is unwell. ...  more info  

Mp3 download  (List $30)   Now ONLY $24 

                           CD (List $40)  Now ONLY $32   
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Feel Better Fast 

Feel Better Fast
Benefits: Strengthens the skeleton and the bones, primes the cells for change, helps to cleanse and purify the blood. Complete regenerative tonic for the body.  An excellent pick me up.   more info 
Mp3 download
(List $20)  
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                            CD (with Cutting the Cords) 
                                               (List $35)  Now ONLY $28                    
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What People Say...

"I am doing your Tuning the Physical Instrument every day. It helps me feel so much better, both physically and emotionally." ~Lisa
"The huge news in my life is all attributed to your marvelous work. As far back as I remember I had to get up several times in the night to go to the bathroom. I began listening to Age Retardation in July 2012 and later added the physical tonic for the body. When Feel Better Fast came out I switched to this. In April this year I began to sleep through the night. I know that it is because of this healing work I am feeling so good. I am 65 years old and have never felt better. Thank you." - Bonnie
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