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Regina Stoops - Born in The Town of Normal (Illinois) 
Raising Autism Awareness One Laugh at a Time

Just meet Regina Stoops one time and you will be at ease, impressed, and entertained.  What a wonderful person living her own kind of "normal" life.  In reality, Regina was born and raised in Normal, Illinois. She even attended Normal High School.  While it sounds like a joke or a made up story, Normal is a real place filled with real people.  If you still do not believe me, here is is a Google link to read about Normal, Illinois:

Regina Stoops now resides far away from "Normal"  in Northern California with her wife and three children, one of whom has autism. Regina is a self described "Catholic, Democratic, lesbian, stay-at home soccer mom with an Autistic son".  As noted by Regina, there is not enough room on the bumper of her car for all of the stickers, groups, and causes that she supports and that have helped define her world and life as she knows it today.  

Life is full of challenges.  Certainly, some people and families have more challenges than others.  It is important what attitude is put out there when challenges come your way.  You can either give up, seclude yourself and your family, OR put yourself out there to best support your family and others in the community.  Certainly, Regina has put herself out there as a soccer mom, community activist, and yes a comedian.  Her comedy is relatable to any parent or resident of the suburbs. While she is a wonderful volunteer, she does point out that her volunteer days may be coming to an end because she struggles with some of the Common Core Math problems at school.  Of course, she is joking for the most part. 

Jill Escher, President of Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area, praised Regina for her work. "There are two sides to life with autism- stresses, mysteries, isolation, and often profound worries, but on the other hand, immense love, zaniness, perspective and growth. Through insightful humor borne of deep affection, Regina emphasizes the latter , and leaves her audience wanting a daily dose of her."

As so aptly said by Albert Einstein, who was a brilliant physicist but also a wise humanist, "Only a life lived for others is worth living."  

Regina Stoops is raising awareness of autism and the world of special education by her comedy, fundraising, conference appearances, and activism in the community.  She is available for events and gatherings of all kinds.  She makes you laugh and think.  What a wonderful gift Regina shares with others on a daily basis.

Here is a link to the website for Regina Stoops to take a look at some her comedy and her wonderful work in the community:

The Good Deed Brigade salutes Regina Stoops for her attitude, volunteerism, and, yes her unique brand of comedy.  Follow the lead and example of Regina Stoops and do your share of good deeds in the community. 

Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good!

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Good Deed Brigade - Making a Difference
Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, 
it's all good.

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