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Nevada State Chair
In this issue of the newsletter we want to remind you that the Membership Outreach Committee is still looking for a Nevada State Chair, a Treasurer, and a Communication Chair. These are all very important volunteer positions that help our region be strong and connected. If you are interested in learning more about these positions contact the Region 11 Representative Alicia Roe.
PATH Intl. Member Center Marketing
The Membership Outreach Committee has been working together to create ways to help Centers make marketing a little easier. In response to member requests, PATH Intl. has provided three resources for centers so that they can easily include PATH Intl. affiliation in all of their press releases (see below). The resources provide an assortment of options so that centers can choose the verbiage that best matches their situations and news article/center communication goals. The 'Fact Sheet' provides information about specific information that they may want to communicate.

The benefits to centers for including the information in their news articles, center newsletters, or press releases are:
* It provides an additional value statement for their centers & staff.
* It sets them apart by educating the public about the difference between the centers and professionals that can demonstrate commitment to education, training, and industry standards and those who can't.
* It is part of a grass roots effort to make PATH Intl. Centers and certified professionals a more recognized "brand" which benefits all centers and certified professionals.

If every PATH Intl. member center and Premier Accredited Center included the information in their communications about their center and certified professionals, PATH Intl. centers and certified professionals would become a more recognized distinction among the general public.

Stay connected to your peers, state, region, and beyond
ALL Members: Please review your PATH Intl. membership information to insure that it is correct and current. If it is not, then you will be missing out on some of your membership benefits. Such as:
* Receiving important updates, news, and resources from your State/Area Chairs, your Region Rep, and PATH Intl. If you do not want to learn about what is going on and what resources are available, simply choose the "Email Opt Out" option.
* Being a part of the membership directory, where your PATH Intl. EAAT peers often search for other professionals for a variety of reasons including: They lost your contact information and are trying to reconnect. You may choose not to be listed in the directory but please understand that by choosing not to be listed in our membership directory, your PATH Intl. EAAT peers will not be able to use this search to help them contact you.

Instructions on how to update your membership information including opting out options.
* On the home page of PATH Intl. sign in at the top right of the screen, with your e-mail and password.
* Click on "My Account" at the upper right corner.
* You will see all the membership information that you provided. Only you can provide and edit this information. There is an email opt out option at the bottom if you do not wish to receive info from your state/area chair, region rep or PATH Intl. * Please consider the disadvantages of this option.*
* Choose "edit/view info".
* Update any information that is no longer current.
* You decide what, if any, contact information you want to share in our membership directory. At the bottom of the screen you will see:
"Specify the information shared in the PATH International member directory. To list only your name, check all of the boxes. If you do not want to be listed in the directory, check the "Do Not Publish Info On-line" box located in the Personal Information section."
* Again, please consider the disadvantages of this option.*
PATH Intl. Regional Conference Region 11
July 28-30, 2017, at Center for Adaptive Riding in Reno, NV

July 28, 2017 Preconference - Experienced Instructor Track - As Offered at the PATH Intl. Conference in 2016 (PATH Intl. Certified Instructors with three years experience and up) - The Fit of Body Types to Horse Conformation and the Effects on Tone and Movement

July 28, 2017 Preconference - Starting a PATH Intl. Center

July 29, 2017 + 1/2 July 30, 2017 Conference

Hotel Information
345 N Arlington Ave.
Reno, NV 89501
This weekend is very busy, so book early. 50 rooms have been reserved at a reduced rate.
Region 11 Events 
Hawaii (Please note: these events are not official PATH Intl. events and are listed for member information only. The listing here does not imply PATH Intl. endorsement and may or may not be used as continuing education. Please see the CEU guidelines page for information.)

Building Competency in Serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Youth (O'ahu)
Date: Friday, April 28,2017
Location: Ala Moana Hotel
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm
Register: email ocsjosie@hotmail.com
Cost: Free

Ok Corral: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Workshop (Hawai'i Island)
Date: May 19-May 21, 24 CEUs
Time: 8am-4pm daily
Location: Heart Ranch, Hilo, HI
Register: okcorralseries.com/event-calendar
Cost: Early Bird $875, Regular rate $1075, Returning rate $650, $247 Refresher rate

Online (Please note: these events are not official PATH Intl. events and are listed for member information only. The listing here does not imply PATH Intl. endorsement and may or may not be used as continuing education. Please see the CEU guidelines page for information.)
Equine Equilibrium
Fundamentals of Equine Sociology and Physiology
Fundamentals of Breeds and Disciplines
Principles in Selecting a Horse
Equine Management and Pasture Management
Equine Nutrition
Register: http://ee.myonlinecampus.org/visitor_class_catalog/category/136332
Cost: Free

California - PATH Intl. Events
San Martin, Driving Demo Workshop ONLY
Saturday, June 03, 2017, 08:00am To Sunday, June 04, 2017
DreamPower Horsemanship
12425 Foothill Ave # 8
San Martin, CA 95046-9602
Contact Martha McNiel

Oceanside, Registered Instructor OSWC
Friday, July 21, 2017, 08:00am To Monday, July 24, 2017
Ivey Ranch Park
110 Rancho Del Oro Dr
Oceanside, CA 92057
Contact Tonya Danielly

Oceanside, Registered Instructor OSWC
Wednesday, October 04, 2017, 08:00am To Saturday, October 07, 2017
Ivey Ranch Park
110 Rancho Del Oro Dr
Oceanside, CA 92057
Contact Tonya Danielly

Chatsworth, Registered Instructor OSWC
Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 08:00am To Friday, October 13, 2017
Ride On LA
10860 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Contact Brie Doherty

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