Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
April 2017
Regional Governance Pilot Program!  We STILL need YOU!
We are looking for a few more wonderful Region 16-ers for the Resource Staff  positions listed below.  We thank you for any consideration you can give to helping our Region!

General Education Specialist - Assist the Regional Education Director with planning tasks associated with Regional education event curriculum, and creating post-event attendee surveys. This position requires basic computer skills - nothing complex (such as MS-Word and the ability to be trained on use of Google Forms.)
YWIH Program Team  - Helps to champion youth outreach efforts within Region 16.  We already have some Region 16-ers who are willing to assist, and we'd like more!   Click here for job description 

Sue Melvin is happy to answer any/all questions about these positions.  Please contact her at (585) 259-3094, or susiesings4u@yahoo.com, to chat about it.
Submission Deadline for May Issue :
May 15, 2017
Here are a few guidelines to follow when submitting your articles:
  • Keep your submissions to approximately 500 words. We all have a lot of great news to share and I encourage you to submit monthly so articles could be kept to a reasonable length.
  • Send your articles either in a Word document, or in the body of an email. Please do not send as a PDF
  • Send your articles to sheighwayreg16@live.ca

Your Input Is Valuable!!
As a member of Sweet Adelines International, you should have received an email asking you to complete a short survey to ask for our input regarding how we envision the future of Sweet Adelines.
This should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete.  Please take the time, our input does matter!
Click on the link below to start the survey.

Regional Reminders
Watch for the next Convention e-Blast coming soon! 
You don't want to miss all the great information that the Convention Team will be putting together to keep you informed about everything you need to know about this years Convention!

Faculty:           Mo Field*
Date:                 Friday May 5th, 2017
Time:               10:30-11:30 AM
Place:               Carrier Theater at the Syracuse Civic Center
Description:     You've got talent and skill...Now what?  Get ideas for thinking about what's inside the music and the craft.  Improve your ability to connect with an audience via an honest, vulnerable 'conversation' to bring humanity and authenticity into your music.
*Bio:                 Click here for information about Mo Field

Great news from International - The Harmony 500 Award
This year International has establish the new - HARMONY 500 AWARD.  Read below for all the rules.  This is a great opportunity for goal setting among choruses who are striving to improve their  scores.  
The eligibility for the Harmony 500 advancement starts with scores received beginning with the 2017 regional competitions.  No prior scores are considered. The other criteria are: 
1.    Participant must have achieved the level of Certified.
2.    Participant must direct a chorus in competition that achieves a minimum of 500 points in a regional chorus competition, and must have been that chorus' front line director for at least a year.

Do directors need to be DCP-certified to receive the Director 500 title? 

Yes, the director must have already received the advancement of Certified. 

How and by whom will qualifying directors be officially notified of their new 'status'? (E.g. congratulatory email from International or is this up to the Regions?) 

A letter of congratulations will be sent to the recipient from International, and the regional Education, Director and DCP Coordinators, as well as the chorus' director, will be copied in on the letter. 

Will the Director 500 people receive an award certificate, pin or something else from International? Or will this be up to each Region?

The recipient will receive a hard copy of the letter and a Harmony 500 pin from International.

Will the RMT (or Regional Directors in the case of pilot Regions) likewise be notified? 

The regional personnel listed above are the only ones directly notified. We assume that the regional Coordinators would pass on word.

What is the timing of awards and/or notification?  I.e. how soon after competition? 

Once the results are received from the official panel on Monday, the results are processed to determine if there are any advancements

In This Issue
Regional Website Login Information
Just a reminder that our Region 16 website does not have a member specific login.  In order to get to the Regional Songs, enter the userID and Password below in the "Members Only" area.

UserID:      member16
Password: singalong
Past Publications
Click on the link below to see past issues of the Sixteenth Notes

New Members!  Wahoo!
Buffalo Gateway Welcomes:
  • Aubri Matroniano
Greater Kingston Welcomes:
  • Julia Armstron
North Metro Welcomes
  • Magdie Buder
  • Nicky Ditching
Let us know who your new members are and they can see their name
here too! 
Did You Know?
There is LOTS of great resource tools on the Region 16 Website! 
Take a look around! 
You never know what you might find!
Looking for a Quartet?  Check out our "Spare Parts" area in the Quartet section of the website

At our June Administrative Leadership event, Harriette Walters provided our Region 16 leaders with helpful information about identifying what is truly important to our chorus. Subsequently, at Fall Music School a round table topic refresher on Core
Values was provided. Why should we, as a group, determine our chorus Core Values?
  • They determine what makes us different from others
  • They dictate personal involvement and alignment
  • They communicate what is important 
  • They influence overall behavior
  • They inspire people to action
  • They contribute to the overall success of the organization
  • They shape the organizational culture
We are all so busy carrying out all the operations of our choruses, that we often forget to step back and devote some time to talking about what our values and goals really are.  Consider going through this valuable exercise as a path to your chorus' success.
We are happy to report that nearly half of our Region 16 choruses have already held a Core Values session with their members.  And the feedback has been very positive! 
Contact Sue Melvin, Region 16 Education Coordinator, for information on getting a faculty member to visit your chorus for a Core Values session. Susiesings4u@yahoo.com or (585) 259-3094.
Quartet Corner
You are probably as ready as you are going to be to get on that stage in just a few short weeks. A different gear takes over now...restless dreams of forgotten costumes, song lyrics and even quartet mates slip into our nights, while mirrored rehearsals,   and performances for anybody who will watch yet again get scheduled into our days.   Remind yourself that not many choose to do this and we do it because we love it. All of it!
Just breathe! You've got this. The judges and the audience are anticipating YOU! At least three times a week now, visualize every step of contest day from applying make-up to dressing, getting to the photo room, being guided onto your personal bus to the backstage ARTISTS entrance (that artist is YOU), into the Bevard Room then onto stage, blowing the pitch, getting that solid launch into the first song, enjoying that ringing tag, drinking in the audience's applause, letting the pitch of the second song flow into your body, singing that second song with your whole being, right to the end of the tag, then receiving the applause again, knowing that you have given that audience a unique gift representing months of preparation. When you walk off that stage, you deserve every good feeling that comes with having prepared well, trusted in your coaches, quartet mates and yourself.
Just breathe. You've got this!
Paula Allen
Region 16 Quartet Coordinator
A Trip to Tulsa...
Ohhhhhhhhklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain...
If you ever get the chance to visit Sweet Adelines International "headquarters" in Tulsa, OK   DO IT!  It has long been on my bucket list.  My husband and I drove to Phoenix, AZ after Christmas and spent the month of January in Mesa, AZ.     On the way home we spent one night in Tulsa and visited headquarters the next morning.   We were greeted warmly by the receptionist and given an hour long tour.   We were introduced to about 20 SAI employees, including our new CEO Kay Todd.  Each and every one of them stopped their work, stood up and shook our hands - some even gave us a hug!    They were duly impressed that we had travelled all the way from Ontario and that I am entering my 40th year as a Sweet Adeline.   The building is impressive.  New.  Modern.  Two stories filled with offices.   The board room is very impressive and has an ultra-modern sound system for judge training.   When a quartet or chorus wins lst place at International contest it is their responsibility to dress a "Barbie" doll in their representative costume.  These dolls are displayed in glass cases in the entrance foyer.    Almost every square inch of wall space - on both floors - has Sweet Adeline memorabilia on it.  I was proud to witness that SAI is maintaining our history in this manner.    Another highlight was the outdoor "brick garden" which was a fundraiser for SAI to pay off the mortgage very quickly.  There are many Region 16 names on bricks in the garden.    This visit to headquarters was, indeed, another Sweet Adeline highlight for me. I suggest you add it to YOUR bucket list!  
  -Nancy Watson, Greater Kingston Chorus, retired Master Director

Circle of Harmony


The Circle of Harmony kicked off March Break week with a performance at the Hamilton Bulldogs hockey game. We sang a great rendition of O Canada just before the game was about to begin.  What a thrill it was to sing in such a large venue and to such a huge audience!   Our performance was probably the shortest one we have ever given, but one of the most powerful, that's for sure.   They loved us so much we had a return engagement later in the month!
We had a wonderful coaching session with Diane Porsch just before the first day of Spring and she worked her magic with us on our contest songs. We love her sense of humour and how she gets her points across to us. Her experience is invaluable, being a Showmanship Judge herself!  
The Circle of Harmony is filled with talented women, and we have nominated nine of these lovely ladies to be Sweet Adeline of the Year 2017 - 2018. As each nomination and name was read out by our Vice President, Gail Falkner, the nominee came forward and received a hug and a "heart" to wear by Susan Mander, current SAOY 2016 - 2017. We are very lucky to have these amazing women in our chorus, and it is a great opportunity to recognize their gifts to the Circle of Harmony.
Good Luck to all! The votes are cast, and the SAOY 2017 - 2018 will be announced at this weekend's retreat!
We said goodbye to March with a great performance at our rehearsal space, the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre. We performed works with a Canadian theme and ended with O Canada! The Oakville Museum's display is extraordinary and the Circle of Harmony was very proud to celebrate this amazing year in our history!
March sure went out like a lion but as I write this, April seems to be coming in like a lion as well!
To all our Sisters in Harmony, stay warm and look forward to Spring!
Susan Mander
Circle of Harmony
Durham Shores Chorus
Looking Forward at DSC

Excited!!! Yes we are! As I'm sure you all are, while getting ready for convention 2017! Whether you'll be singing in a quartet, chorus, or supporting and watching from the audience or home, it's always an exciting time of year. And for us at Durham Shores, it's seems like a very short prep season since the Director Search was completed in December, and we were finally able to start a new calendar year with new leadership and quickly get into contest mode. 
Looking back over the past several months while in director search mode, we were still able to enjoy some local performances, host a successful Grease sing-along fundraiser, and learn some new music along the way.  

Since then, we've enjoyed the always awesome coaching of Pam Calveric, and although we're bringing back some familiar contest tunes, we are re-energized and refreshed and bringing Rob Snoulten into the mix just makes it that much more Awesome!

We at Durham Shores wish all contestants and attendees the best of luck and a totally awesome experience at this years Convention!
Greater Kingston Chorus
Winter felt the need to make its presence known to all - again - on Tuesday March   14!    We've never had to cancel so many rehearsals due to bad weather!    Even with the official arrival of spring we continue to get snow a couple of times a week!   Enough already!     GKC had a great time at our retreat over St. Patricks Day weekend at Isaiah Tubbs Resort near Picton, ON.    (Sandbanks area)   The world renown Erin Howden coached our first row on Fri Mar 17 evening   and worked with the whole chorus all day Saturday.   After a delicious dinner we watched the movie "Inside Out" to help us to further understand characterization and emotions.    Fun and frivolity continued (for some of us) until midnight!    On Sunday morning Andrew continued the coaching and we played several team building exercises.   So much fun!    
GKC welcomes Julia Armstrong to our chorus.   All choruses and quartets will be busy polishing their contest songs during the month of April.  Remember to enjoy the journey....every single moment of rehearsal should be JOYOUS.   GKC wishes every competitor the BEST performance ever!   GKC is competing in the Harmony Classic in Las Vegas!   
We'll be selling our latest cookbook at our table at the boutique in Syracuse on contest weekend.   230 recipes submitted by members, family and friends.   $15 CAD or $12 USD.     Thank you for your support!    See you in Syracuse!  

Image City Sound
  Image City Sound spent the first couple of months of 2017 in an uncertainty mode, reeling from the resignation of our director, and scrambling on a search to replace her. We were so fortunate to have a few good candidates apply for the position and feel truly blessed to have Rhonda Spoelstra  be one of them. When the right candidate walks in the door, it's not difficult to make the right decision and, within weeks, we had our new director in place, in front of a very excited chorus, looking forward to our bright future.  Amazing !!!

Rhonda is a 14-year member of Sweet Adelines, a Certified SAI Director, baritone in SoundByte Quartet in Region 15, and former Assistant Director of Spirit of Syracuse.  She has spent her lifetime making music as a vocalist, guitarist, and director of several and varied groups/bands of all ages.  As an Assistant Director of Spirit of Syracuse, working with small groups and individuals was her specialty. We hear she has an uncanny ability to empower singers to believe in themselves, improve their skills and perform better than ever.  We are excited to have her apply those skills to our chorus and help us to always improve, even more !!

On March 27th, we had a great rehearsal with international coach, Joe Connelly. The first word that comes to mind is "WOW". He was helpful in so many ways that would be impossible to articulate for this piece, but suffice it to say his talent is highly recognized and he knows how to share it in his coaching sessions. We're very excited to incorporate his changes into our package, and try to internalize all his fabulous advice. We are planning to be 110% ready for competition on May 6th in Syracuse. See you there !!!

York Harmony

Well, we did it! YHC slayed a full house with our show, and with much chocolate at our highly successful   "Death By Chocolate" event, held on March 25 th at the Newmarket Community Centre. Kudos to the entire DBC team, lead by the fabulous Linda Morrison! And special thanks go out to our amazing Heather Deslauriers-McCuaig who fearlessly took on the task of directing us. The entire chorus had a final surprise as our Director, Martha - who was attending as one of our VIP guests - came up to direct us in our final song. Martha is still recuperating, but is now back directing YHC full-time!!
Tears of joy were abounding!
For our very next rehearsal evening, March 28 th,  we were visited by the extraordinary, Diane Porsch for an incredible coaching session! Thanks Diane for a soul-searching, finessing, fun but exhausting night!   "Death by Diane".
SAVE THE DATE for our Yuk Yuks Comedy night,
Saturday, June 24th.  Join us for an evening of comedy,
DJ, dancing, food, extensive silent auction and more!
Claim your spot at this show by emailing us at yhctickets@gmail.com
In Newmarket, tickets can be purchased at
 "Good Vibes", 254 Main Street South.  Tickets are $35 each.
Groups of 10, will have a reserved table. Tickets must be
purchased at the same time. Cash sales only please.
It's crunch time. There are only 14 more sleeps until our Regional 16 Convention/Competition. We are very excited and looking forward to a weekend filled with friendship, fun and song.
To All Our SAI Region 16 Choruses/Friends, In harmony, we would like to extend our best wishes to you all in the coming weeks to achieve greater heights in the polishing of your performance.
  That's our goal too.   Let the singing begin! See you in Syracuse!
Director Searches
Bytown Beat Chorus, Ottawa ON, Region 16 Sweet Adelines Intl. ,is a small chorus of enthusiastic, performance oriented, fun loving women who are serious about their musical goals.  We are seeking a musical director with experience in directing and who has strong and positive teaching skills.  Applicants will have, preferably, a knowledge of women,s 4 part barbershop harmony or a willingness to learn this a cappella style.

Enquiries should go to
BBDirectorSearch@ gmail.com
Deadline is June 30,2017

Upcoming Events
The BUZZ! on Toronto Northern Lights show!
As you may have heard, Sweet Adelines' beloved the BUZZ! quartet is soon retiring.  BUT, you have a chance to see our dazzling BUZZ queens one more time on April 29th at the Toronto Northern Lights show.   This will be their last performance within a radius of about 500 miles of our area.  The Toronto Northern Lights chorus are past Barbershop Harmony Society International Champs and this show is a celebration of women in popular music entitled, "Girl Power."  Click here for matinee and/or evening tickets info.
Save the Dates for these two awesome North Metro Events!

On the evening of Friday, February 16th, 2018, North Metro Chorus will host its first A Cappella Challenge for Youth under 30. It will be open to coed. youth choral groups, not soloists or groups who are already fully members of Sweet Adelines. We are inviting you to save the date to join us. The A Cappella Challenge will take place at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.

This initiative is part of our outreach to inspire youth in the craft of a cappella music and expose the local music education
community to our chorus and our amazing organization. For those of you who watch The Sing Off, the Voice, America's Got Talent, or more local events such as Show Choir Canada, it is clear that our youth possess phenomenal talent. This is another avenue for them to share that talent and develop a relationship with our organization.

SAVE THE DATE  for York Harmony's Yuk Yuks Comedy night
Saturday, June 24th

Join us for an evening of comedy,  DJ, dancing, food, extensive silent auction and more!
Claim your spot at this show by emailing us at yhctickets@gmail.com
In Newmarket, tickets can be purchased at  "Good Vibes", 254 Main Street South.  Tickets are $35 each.
Groups of 10, will have a reserved table. Tickets must be
purchased at the same time. Cash

Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator