Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
February 2017
Regional Governance Pilot Program!  We need YOU!
On January 29th, we issued a regional communication from June Donovan, our Regional Management Team Coordinator.  This email was in relation to the Regional Governance Pilot Program that Region 16 will be participating in.  To read that communication again, please click on the link below.
At this time, we want to reach out to you and ask you to think about applying for a position on our team as a member of the resource staff.   If this is something you've been thinking about, then this is a great opportunity for you.

There are many resource staff positions available and all of the job descriptions can be found in the Sweet Adelines International Regional Governance Pilot document:  Click Here for direct access.
  • Page numbers 13-21:  Administrative Resource Staff Job descriptions
  • Page numbers 25-29:  Education Resource Staff job descriptions
  • Page numbers 33-38:  Membership Resource Staff job descriptions


Please email all Regional Resource Staff applications directly to RMT Team Coordinator June Donovan, at jdonovanreg16@roadrunner.com by April 1, 2017.


If you have any questions regarding any of the resource staff positions, please contact June directly.

March Deadline!
Submission Deadline for March Issue : March 7, 2017
Here are a few guidelines to follow when submitting your articles:
  • Keep your submissions to approximately 500 words. We all have a lot of great news to share and I encourage you to submit monthly so articles could be kept to a reasonable length.
  • Send your articles either in a Word document, or in the body of an email. Please do not send via PDF
  • Send your articles to sheighwayreg16@live.ca
Regional Reminders
Advertising space in the 2017 Convention Program!
Do you have a business or service you would like to advertise in the 2017 Convention program for all of Region 16 to see?  If so, please contact Sue Heighway by March 15th! sheighwayreg16@live.ca 
Chorus Program Ads are due on March 15th! Click here for access to the Events page of the Region 16 website, where you can find all of the forms!
Limestone City Voices
Limestone City Voices welcomed in the New Year with two new members, Heidi Warrington and Joy Lee.   Welcome to the fun, ladies! 
We consolidated our new contest pieces in January and revved it up a notch in February with an amazing Retreat Weekend at the Nav Centre in Cornwall.  Coaches Sue Waters and Beth Riegle made the long trek from Buffalo to share their special talents with the chorus!  Their dedication, love, and personal connection was very much appreciated.  We all worked hard and of course, played hard too!
We're now looking forward to a stretch of good weather for our long distance drivers, a return to health for all who fought flu and colds, and safe return to the risers to those with broken bones from accidents on the winter ice!
Jasmine Sweet
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Past Publications
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New Members!  Wahoo!
Limestone City Voices Welcomes:
  • Heidi Warrington
  • Joy Lee
Northumberland Welcomes:
  • Irene Christensen
  • Lydia Smith
Let us know who your new members are and they can see their name
here too!

Image City Sound
Image City Sound chorus has been hard at work. That is...if you call singing in a Sweet Adeline chorus work.  Good friends, smiling audiences, great music, enthusiastic new members and wonderful events put on by our amazing Region 16 leaders. It's not work when you LOVE what you're doing. 
In October, we hosted our annual show, entitled "So Happy Together", at The Strong Museum in Rochester. It was well attended and lots of fun. Our emcee and videographer were gentlemen from our local men's barbershop chorus (Chorus of the Genesee), and it's so nice to work with them as well. The hard work and energy it takes to put on such an event reinforces for us that we truly are "So Happy Together"!!
We had four women join us for our Holiday chorus this year. We did five very fun performances for local events, from the Park Avenue Holiday Open House to singing for the veterans at the Batavia Veterans Home and several senior facilities in between. All four of our guest singers have decided to stay with us and we are extremely excited. It's amazing that there are so many recruiting opportunities and we're happy this one seems to work for us.
The International Convention in Las Vegas was attended by seven of our members, plus our dual member, Sally Warriner, who competed with Buffalo Gateway Chorus (BGC). We are very proud of our sisters in BGC, who placed 10th in the competition. We took advantage of every learning opportunity at the convention, and had a fabulous time. Ellen Rightmyer sang with the World Harmony Chorus and considers it one of her best chorus experiences yet.
We also had a lot our membership who attended Fall Music School in Buffalo in November. Our Region does such a great job with the educational tools provided at these events. Not only do they make it fun, but we came back to the chorus with lots of enthusiasm and great ideas. Always look forward to attending this event.
We are sad to announce that our Director, Kathy Wakeman, has decided to retire from her post as director. She has recently moved in to a new phase in her life as Music Educator for one of our local school districts, and needs to make that her priority. We have begun our intensive search for a new director, so if you have any leads, please write us:  imagecitysound@gmail.com

Four competitions and two Most Improved chorus awards - Kathy brought out the best in all of us! Thank-you, Kathy, for those wonderful years!
Respectfully submitted, 
Carol Maynard
ICS Team Leader 

Northumberland Chorus
Hello everyone! Yes, the Northumberland Chorus is alive and well!
After a very successful open house last September, a sold out jingling Christmas Show in November and a December that kept us hopping with performances, these Chorus ladies took a well deserved couple of weeks to shop, relax & enjoy the Holidays with friends and family.
Christmas Chorus and Northumberland Chorus
Wicked Pitches
Pat, Nancy, Cheryl and Laura
Our Christmas Chorus program attracted some talented singers and we are very happy to welcome two new members: Lydia Smith, a snowbird who will be back with us soon to join the basses, and Irene Christensen, a quick learner with a beautiful voice for the lead section.  The annual Christmas dinner was extra special as we celebrated a new quartet, "Wicked Pitches" (with a 'P' as in Peter please...).  Good luck Cheryl, Pat, Nancy and Laura!  We applaud you!
2017 is now in full swing and we have jumped right in by first reviewing and setting our new goals for a busy year ahead.   Besides attending committee meetings we are planning a Singing Valentine fundraiser, an A Cappella workshop for young women in March, learning new songs and preparing for vocal & visual coaching sessions. 
Winsome Times
Michele, Sylvie, Maria & Phoebe
One of our quartets, Winsome Times, was invited to entertain the folks at a local retirement home to celebrate Valentines Day.  The quartet, together with Northumberland Chorus, will help Rosewood Estates fundraise for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.  Winsome Times is also pleased to help raise funds by offering a "Singing Valentine" after a successful campaign two years ago.  This program is very well advertised with posters, on our website & facebook and with regular radio announcements on a local station run by volunteers.  Winsome Times also got a chance to participate on the men's Barbershop radio show (A Cappella Fellas) by singing a couple of songs on the air.  What a great opportunity to showcase our Chorus, the Sweet Adelines and the wonderful craft of A Cappella music.

Happy New Year Ladies!  We are anxious to see you all at Convention in May.

York Harmony

It's hard to believe we are already talking spring...it's not too far away. Over the past few weeks YHC has had been on a "healing and prayer mission" sending supportive messages to our wonderful, extraordinaire, "fabulous-O" Director - Martha DeClerq. As many of you are aware, she has had a bit of an unexpected journey back to wellness since having an operation early in January. We are missing her very much. Reports have highlighted that she has been a very "good patient", receiving top notch care...and is planning for a "steady and speedy" recovery. It's hard to slow someone down who makes being busy look so flawless. We look forward seeing her up at it and back to doing her passion. We love you Martha!
Our Assistant Director Heather, holds a special greeting card from YHC members sending messages of support, love and encouragement to Martha. Her days have been brightened with flowers, well wishes, meals and overwhelming support from her wonderful family and SAI sisters.
During this time, w e have been very fortunate to have "YHC force", our spectacular Heather Deslauriers-McCuaig and the amazing Linda Morrison, have both jumped in keeping YHC's spirits high and focused. They have been diligent in keeping us on track fine tuning our newer songs and learning quality momentum. Where there is a will, there is a way! Along with our talented music team and Martha's marvelous daughter, Meaghan, we are continuing to sharpen our choreo and performance goals by going through thoughtful self awareness exercises. Theses have been effective helping each us enhance our personal efforts to "tell the stories" in our songs, convey true genuine emotion in harmony.
During our February 14th rehearsal, in celebration of Valentine's members brought out their Radiant RED wears, then afterwards we enjoyed some sweet treats and coffee thanks to Pat Crawford, Kathleen Kelly, Maria Able and Patty Downey-Harrison (they are always so thoughtful).
In the coming weeks, we will be having our retreat in Alliston. We are all excited and looking forward to being coached by Erin Howden who will definitely help us enhance our sound and performance energy. We are energized and ready to bring it.  Our newbies are in for a real treat to participate at this "Force Be With You" retreat.
It's official, our newbies received their Congratulations notices acknowledging their Sweet Adeline's membership. We are so happy to have all of you as part of our York Harmony chorus.
Our special event committee's are busy planning, organizing, brain-storming for our two confirmed events set to take place. Our fundraising event, "Death By Chocolate" being held on Saturday March 25 th  at 2 pm at the Newmarket Community Centre, 200 Doug Duncan Drive. We had 30 VIP tickets that sold out within the first 48 hours of the tickets being released. YAHOO! There are still our $20.00 general admission tickets available. You can get them by emailing, yhctickets@gmail.com  (Anne Gauvreau) or you may call Cheryl Yaciuk at 905-895-5595. More details can be found on our Facebook page on our flyer. Keep the date of Saturday June 24 th open as we will be hosting a Yuk Yuk's Comedy night...for an evening of friendship and fun. Details will be posted by mid April.

Director Searches

Bytown Beat Chorus, Ottawa ON, Region 16 Sweet Adelines Intl. ,is a small chorus of enthusiastic, performance oriented, fun loving women who are serious about their musical goals.  We are seeking a musical director with experience in directing and who has strong and positive teaching skills.  Applicants will have, preferably, a knowledge of women,s 4 part barbershop harmony or a willingness to learn this a cappella style.

Enquiries should go to  
Deadline is June 30,2017

We are a Belleville, Ontario chorus of about 15-20 motivated, skilled women who love to sing. Our director of 5 years is retiring in April 2017 and we are looking for a new director. We are hoping to expand our musical repertoire and enhance our performance level.
Seeking an enthusiastic positive leader, experienced in working with vocal music groups, to direct a dynamic, motivated women's chorus

Inviting applicants with developed musical skills and prior training in directing. 

Beneficial but not required:  experience with a cappella or barbershop singing; dramatic training

Please forward resume, and a short cover letter, to chrissandraplattner@hotmail.com
Deadline for applications: March 1, 2017

We are a small chorus (about 28) of hard working, positive, fun-loving women, who are serious about reaching our musical goals. We participate in Region 16's annual convention and competition, sing out at various engagements throughout the area and create musical shows and reviews.
Rehearsals are every Monday night, 7:00 to 9:30 pm.

We are looking for a creative, dynamic individual with excellent leadership skills, a strong musical background and a passion for 4-part harmony (preferably the barbershop style). If you feel this describes you and you're looking for a new pursuit, we're the chorus for you!!

To apply, send a cover letter and resume to:

Upcoming Events
Save September 16, 2017 for North Metro!

Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator