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June 2017
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Fall Music School 2017
November 3-5,2017  Sheraton Parkway Toronto North
 Guest Faculty: Erin Howden   
          • Director North Metro Chorus 
          • Certified International Faculty
          • Choreographer
          • Passionate motivator
          • Sought-after musical and visual coach throughout the world
Watch for more details on registration in the coming months.
Music Leader Education Event

85 musical leaders from 21 Region 16 choruses gathered in Oshawa on Friday night 6/16 and Saturday 6/17 for this informative and inspirational event!   To help make the workshop more affordable, the event was held at a college and a $100 subsidy per chorus was provided. Karen Breidert (2-time Queen, former International President, and masterful educator) provided a huge tool box full of goodies for our musical leaders to take back to their choruses.  
 Karen commented:
"I had a delightful weekend with the Musical Leaders of the great Region 16.  What was evident to me was a desire for learning and progressing, a happiness to share information, and a great warmth between choruses.  May you always continue to keep this healthy aspect of wanting to achieve balanced with the friendship and harmony you demonstrate with each other."
For those Region 16 chorus musical leaders who were unable to attend, here's a link to the post-event communication, which includes the event materials:  Click Here
Sue Melvin
Region 16 Education Director

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Why we sing...a post-convention reflection
Once again, we've come home from a wonderful weekend in Syracuse-the costumes are put away, the medals, ribbons and trophies have found their home amongst our belongings, chorus leaders have been installed and we are moving forward with performances, education events, plans to compete at International and so many other things that happens in chorus life before we go back and do it all again because we just love it!   The competing, the performing, the improving, the friendships, love, laughter and harmony- I mean, it means so much to us and this is why we sing right??
But, have you ever stopped to consider what impact our convention has to people in Syracuse?  If you go to the Mass sing, you'll hear the elected officials proclaim "Sweet Adelines Day" every year but what does that really mean?  Let me tell you the businesses in Syracuse LOVE when we come to town as we are staying in the hotels, dining in their restaurants, visiting the hair salons, and shopping, shopping, shopping!  The shuttle bus drivers request to work our convention and the hotel staff look forward to it all year because we have a tendency to sing everywhere.  Most of the time, we don't think twice about it when the bellman, housekeeper or front desk staff take a moment out of their daily work and listen to a song or two, because we just love an audience, but a few weeks ago, a life was changed in Syracuse.
I've been told about a young man on staff at the Crowne Plaza who has been with them for a few years who has always seemed to have a cloud over him.  Ryan has been a good worker and polite but he has had some tough times in his life.  He would come to work, do his job and leave, never really engaging with his co-workers and that what he was doing on the Saturday night of our convention.  He was banquet server to the many chorus meals that were happening in the Crowne Conference center, just going about his duties as usual when one chorus actively engaged him, sang to him, brought him into their circle and put their arms around him. They finished the song, had a laugh, went on with the rest of their evening and left the city of Syracuse the next day.
About a week or so after contest, I was speaking with the General Manager of the Crowe Plaza and he wanted to express his gratitude to our Region, not only for the aforementioned benefits our convention brings but because he told me this young man's demeanor has done a complete 180 since that night. He said while they don't usually encourage the staff to actively interact with guests, it was obviously a very special moment to Ryan.  He's been happier at work, smiling more, chatting with his peers, and in the General Managers words "my perceived mission of Sweet Adeline's can be summed up as a huge success with this one small example.  Thank you for shining light and bringing such a strong positive feeling to our hotel!"
Now, if you know me at all, it will come as no surprise that hearing that made me cry!  I promised to share this young man's experience with the Region because I know it could have been any one of our choruses who had that impact, and I'm sure there are many other examples of how we have touched people's lives without even realizing it.  There is a great song by Greg Gilpin called "Why We Sing" which speaks to this very thing with lyrics like "it's amazing what is given when we share a song" and "soothe a soul, mend a heart" and I wanted to let you all know that every time you sing, whether it ends with medal, trophy or ribbon or not or whether you know it or not, you are changing lives.
I did some digging and found out that the song that had such a positive impact on Ryan was "One Fine Day" as sung to him by Kawartha Music Co. who, incidentally, had just competed again for the first time in 3 years since successfully going through Revitalization.  Congratulations ladies on 2 inspirational performances!
In Harmony,
Andrea Thorne- Percy
Convention Services and Housing Manager

Bay of Quinte 
Our wonderful director, Cheryl Street has retired. It was hard to find someone as dedicated and who loves Sweet Adelines as much as Cheryl. She has given her heart and soul to the chorus for the past five years as director and many years prior to that as Assistant Director. She was the glue that held us together and kept us going so that we could keep our charter. (which dates back to 1975). Thankfully she will be staying and rejoining us on the risers as a bass.
We are pleased to announce that Patrick Headley has taken over as director. Patrick comes to us with high qualifications. He is a professional musician and award winning bassoonist. He is a music educator, singer, conductor, chamber musician and orchestral bassoonist. He holds a Masters Degree in music performance and literature from the University of Western Ontario. He recently added conductor of the barbershop genre by accepting the directorship of the A Cappella Quinte Men's Chorus. We are looking forward to a new vision under his leadership.
Our annual Spring Sing 'n Fashions was a huge success. Fashions by Julia's Ladies Wear in Stirling were stunning and her models did a fabulous job. Our chorus under the direction of Patrick  sang two sets of lively, well received numbers. Two quartets Wii4 and Vivacious performed as well. Special thanks to the Interlink Choir for their continued support. Many lucky attendees took home door prizes and raffle gift baskets.
Special thanks to our own Sandra Campbell for all the arrangements.

Buffalo Gateway
BGC thanks you!
Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic!
These are exclamations that were used to describe our experience in Syracuse last month. From the time we got off stage after those pivotal six minutes, we could be heard uttering them. In our post-contest rehearsal, we spoke them many more times, especially when reminiscing about how amazing, incredible and fantastic our Region 16 Sisters- in- Harmony were to sing for.  If you have competed, you know the energy that is felt, and needed, recreating your best rehearsal. We were absolutely thrilled to compete with our peers and friends in the most talented region in Sweet Adelines. Though we worked hard all year and planned most of the chill-producing moments of singing and energy, and executed with our coached voices all of the dynamics and diphthongs, we NEVER foresaw the electricity that connected us with you. We attempted to put it into words after the fact and could only describe it as that. A current, a buzz, a force, if you will, that reciprocated from you to us and back again. Was that powerful! We are thrilled to be your representatives to International in a year and a half and truly aim, if at all possible, to take that electricity along to St. Louis. If we do, we can't lose.
Please accept our gratitude for the honor to be your champs. We vow to work diligently and wisely in our quest for top ten again.  We could NOT have gotten as far as we have without your tremendous support and love. Region 16, your continuous praise and gifts of love help supply our power and we are forever grateful.
Leigha M. Eichhorn

Circle of Harmony

A Board or Management Team ensures a well-run chorus, and the Circle of Harmony is no exception! We celebrated our Board at our Installation Dinner on May 17 th.   These ladies work very hard behind the scenes, with the big picture, as well as some of the minutiae of the running of a chorus in their hearts and minds!

We celebrated the terms of outgoing President, Carolann Badger, outgoing Treasurer, Judy Duffin and outgoing Events Chairperson, Susan Mander, and welcomed in our new Board!
Outgoing President Carolann Badger flanked by outgoing Treasurer Judy Duffin (left) and outgoing Events Chairperson Susan Mander.
O ur new Board will continue to be a very strong one, since we have wonderful continuity with some experienced Board members remaining and taking over new roles, as well as some ladies who are new to the Board. Former Vice President, Gail Falkner, will be our new President, and former Membership Chairperson, Sabine Findlay, will take over her new role as Vice President. Victoria Tate has become our new Treasurer, Karen West has become our new Events Chairperson, and Catherine Dunn has become our new Membership Chairperson. Remaining on the Board in their current roles will be Anna Shen, Communications Chairperson, Sheila McKenzie, PR Chairperson, and Heather Corke as Recording Secretary.
Our new board-  from left, Gail Falkner, Sabine Findlay, Victoria Tate, Anna Shen, Karen West, Sheila McKenzie, and Catherine Dunn. Absent from the photo, Heather Corke

May was a busy month for the Circle of Harmony with our very successful fundraising BBQ's held at the Terra Garden Centre's Waterdown location. We held BBQ's on three weekends in May, including the long weekend, and they were very successful! We only got rained out once! Not only do the customers get a smile with their hot dog, sometimes, if the balance is right, they might get a song!
Sometimes it's a family affair! Pat Harrison, right, with her husband, Robert, left, and Anna Shen and her fiancé, Justin Wong, centre, were all smiles at a Circle of Harmony Fundraising BBQ!
The Circle of Harmony wishes sunny days ahead to all our Sisters in Harmony!
Susan Mander
Circle of Harmony
Northumberland Chorus 
The Northumberland Chorus hosted an A-cappella Workshop in March funded in part by The Young Singers Foundation. We had 26 attendees, many of whom are students in various elementary schools in Northumberland.   There were 4 groups that rotated among different rooms, in which various aspects of a-cappella harmony were taught.   The classes included genres of music, comparison of barbershop style to other choral music, watching videos of young women in harmony and region 16 choruses and performance and choreography skills. Each class was organized and taught by various members of the chorus. We had two short breaks, in which snacks were provided, a break for a lunch that was provided to the participants and physical warmups. Everybody learned three songs and after getting together for a short rehearsal, we all performed them for family and friends. Northumberland Fare Share Food Bank was grateful for the donation of two boxes of food as the admission charge to the performance.
It was very successful.  We had 3 women come out to our rehearsal and we were so happy to have one join our chorus.

Our chorus set up an information table and performed at a "Girls' Night out" in Port Hope on April 11.   It was very well attended and we all had a great time.   Some of us even won prizes.   It was a good way to introduce Sweet Adelines to the community for those who had not heard of us.
Northumberland Chorus did not compete in the Regional Convention this year but a group of us went to support our quartet, Winsome Times, who did compete.   They came away with a trophy for the "Most Improved Quartet".   It was very exciting and needless to say, we were all very happy for them.
We performed at a Girls' Night Out in Cobourg on May 12.

We performed for a Seniors' Club in Roseneath on May 30.   We had a good time performing for them and they seemed to enjoy it.   We had an opportunity to meet some of the members of the club afterwards over tea and goodies.

Kawartha Music Company
Kawartha Music Company back on stage after going through Revitalization!

KMC was proud to be back on the competition stage after a 2 year absence.  We were struggling with membership and went through Revitalization.  With the great help and support of Sue Heighway we finally saw the "note" at the end of the tunnel.

KMC had 5 newbies on stage.  In a chorus of 18 that is a huge number.  The newbies did us proud.  From left to right are Marcia Steele, bass, Dawn McKinnon, lead, Joanne Yeandel, lead, Cynthia Carey, lead and Chris Barker lead.  KMC is so proud of them.

Thank you to our wonderful coaches, Maureen Rocchio, and Pam Calveric.  Also to our Director Liz Piotrowski ( first time directing on the contest stage) Assistant Director Cynthia Bennett Awe, our wonderful choreo team and everyone who helped us get to the contest stage once again.  We are back!!
Orangeville Chorus
Take a good look at this logo!!! Orangeville Chorus has some exciting news! We have just received approval from the Membership Department at SAI to officially change our name to "ORANGEVILLE SHOW CHORUS"!   So watch this space for a new logo. We tried out our name at our first official performance after getting approval, when we sang at Orangeville's Blues and Jazz Festival!! It rolls off the tongue quite nicely and we are hoping for not just a new name but a new 'look' in the community and beyond as we continue to do what we do best - spreading the joy of 4 part harmony!!!
We are hoping we can reach out to a broader audience and a broader membership base with a bit more emphasis on the 'performance' part of what we do!!! We are still 'Orangeville Chorus' at heart but we are now out to 'Show' the world how we feel about entertaining, 'Show' potential new members the joy of sharing our love of music, and 'Show' our audiences what a broad scope of music and showmanship we have to offer!
The chorus is just back from a visit to a Retirement Home in Penetanguishene where a former member, Mary Lou Ramage, resides. She was with the chorus for 17 years and loved every second. She keeps in touch and visits when possible. She put her name in for a 'Grant a Wish Programme' at her facility...her wish being to have the Chorus come to sing! Her wish was granted...and over half the chorus was able to travel north to put on an hour show for her; also enjoyed by some family members and residents and staff of the facility. The joy on Mary Lou's face was worth every mile travelled and every note sang! She sang along at times, laughed and cried and cheered through the songs and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. She provided lunch before we sang and gave each member a 'lollipop for the ride home'! The chorus was paid from the 'Wish Programme' but the true reward was felt by all those who attended when she joined us, along with some other former members who attended,  to sing 'Can You Feel The Love' and hugged us all in gratitude!
Here's wishing all our Sweet Adeline friends in Region 16 a Happy Summer.
Submitted by Anne Richardson.
York Harmony Chorus

What can we say; we have finally come back down from our fantastic Region 16 Sweet Adeline's International convention. It was a fantastic weekend for all. With many fun moments, from those who attended the various sessions (Moe Fields..."shoutout"), our Friday night sing along by flashlight, performance day....YAHOO a proud moment on stage for our 6 newbies! They did an awesome job. And we will not forget the incredibly, talented choruses & quartets who stopped by to perform for us on Saturday night.  
What a spirited and energizing weekend it was! We were all so happy to have our Director Martha leading us; that was our greatest award.  We were all quite happy. It's time now to realign, recharge, reinvent and reflect to continue our growth as a team, as individuals. We have been introduced to a new uptune, which we are all looking forward to the challenge. We hope to jazz this one right outta the park!  
Other stuff...

visit buffalogatewaychorus.com for tickets
Visit www.spiritofsyracuse.com for tickets
Save the Dates for these two awesome North Metro Events!

On the evening of Friday, February 16th, 2018, North Metro Chorus will host its first A Cappella Challenge for Youth under 30. It will be open to coed. youth choral groups, not soloists or groups who are already fully members of Sweet Adelines. We are inviting you to save the date to join us. The A Cappella Challenge will take place at the Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts.

This initiative is part of our outreach to inspire youth in the craft of a cappella music and expose the local music education
community to our chorus and our amazing organization. For those of you who watch The Sing Off, the Voice, America's Got Talent, or more local events such as Show Choir Canada, it is clear that our youth possess phenomenal talent. This is another avenue for them to share that talent and develop a relationship with our organization.

Costumes for Sale!
These gently used costumes would be suitable for western themed show
Bytown Beat have for sale
37 LL Bean shirts, pink and white check s izes XL to XS
- Qty 42 white Stetsons
- Some accessories available (boot covers, belts, scarfs)
Cost for shirt and hat = $22
Cost negotiable for entire collection
Shipping to be arranged
Contact Doreen 1-613-837-2462

Sweet Adelines Region 16
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