Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
November 2016
Here we are... November already!  It seems like just yesterday that we starting send the Sixteenth Notes newsletter directly to your inbox monthly!  We hope that you have enjoyed reading all the articles, seeing all the pictures, hearing about upcoming shows and educational events and connecting with each other in this way.
Since we only see each other a few times a year at educational events and competition we encourage more choruses to use this method of communication to share what is going on with the rest of the region during the times we don't get to catch up in person.  Submissions don't need to be long.  In fact, less than 500 words is the perfect size!
In 2017, a different member of the Regional Management Team will be featured monthly so we can share with you our Sweet Adelines journey and give you some insight into our responsibilities on the team.  If you are wondering how you can get more involved with our Region, this is a great place to start.  You can contact me directly to find out more about joining our team!
I'm looking forward to continuing to communicate with you!  If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask!
Sue Heighway
Region 16 Communications Coordinator
Getting to know Sue Gentile...
As someone who has a master's in music, I can honestly say that I have learned more about singing and vocal production from Sweet Adelines International.
I don't know why, but I knew since elementary school that I was going into music; before I even studied an instrument. Then my father surprised me on day; he bought me a piano.I took piano lessons at age thirteen, and have probably the only parents that would beg me to stop practicing. I was a piano performance major for two years in college, but in my sophomore year, when seniors were starting to student teach, I realized that teaching is something I would love to do. I switched my major to music education, and I have never regretted it. I love to teach music.

So with that in mind, I want to encourage you to learn to read music. It's no great mystery. You will also be able to read key signatures, and when your director says, blow the pipe, you will have already written down all the keys of every song on your own!

It's not a necessary ability, but why not? If you love singing, then you can pick out your own part on a keyboard at home. You can help in section rehearsals. You can help someone else who needs to fix some wrong notes. The pluses far outweigh the negatives.

A good site for music learning is http://funmusicco.com/music-theory-worksheets. This site has a section for self-teaching yourself to read music. Another site for practicing is  www.musictheory.net.This site has exercises to practice, and actually give you a score.

So think about the possibilities open to you when you open another door to music; you won't regret it!

Respectively Submitted,

Sue Gentile
Director Lake Effect Harmony
Hats Off To An Awesome Music School!
Members of Region 16 enjoyed a wonderful Fall Music School on November 11th - 15th in Buffalo NY with International Faculty, Tori Postma. Classes were amazing, energetic, and informative! We were also entertained with incredible performances by our 2016 International 10th Place,  Buffalo Gateway Chorus, 2016 International 6th Place, Spritzer Quartet, and our 2016 Regional Quartet champs, Power Chords. It was truly a memorable weekend full of educational opportunities, and sharing the joy of music , song, and friendships with with our fellow Region 16 sisters!

The Saturday evening show finished with Buffalo Gateway Chorus inviting everyone up on the risers with them to sing Can You Feel The Love.  Click here to see the video of this great moment! 

A BIG Thank you to everyone involved in making this event run smoothly!  We will let you know when all of the materials are available on our Regional website!

We are already planning for Fall Music School 2017, so mark down November 3rd - 5th, 2017 in your calendar! 
Location: Sheraton Parkway Toronto North
Faculty - Erin Howden
You won't want to miss it!
Limestone City Voices
Our LCV gals were excited to get together for the annual pot luck "Web Cast Party".   We enjoyed the fabulous International Contest, and were so proud of everyone who walked across that stage! Congratulations from LCV to our   new Chorus Champions,   Ronninge Show Chorus, and Quartet winners,   Frenzy!    
We have been working hard on our own new music and choreo!  Having a rehearsal at a dance studio, with wall to wall mirrors was a great idea, producing many laughs and much learning.  Thanks Vanessa Patterson for arranging this evening!
In other news, here's a photo of a few of our eager gals (always first on the risers!), excited to hear those chords ring in our new home.  Look at those smiles.  Obviously Kristin Stevens has just run one of her amazing warm-ups so the gals were keen to get up and show what they'd learned!  We have been happy to have visitors drop in to visit us, right in town, at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall, 588 Division St. 
Exciting times are coming!  We have coaching with Mo Field November 5, & are looking forward to our exciting chorus retreat in February.
Jasmine Sweet
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North Metro Welcomes
  • Kathy Patterson

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Bytown Beat
We're Looking For A Chorus Director!
Bytown Beat Chorus (Ottawa ON, Region 16 Sweet Adelines International) is a small chorus of enthusiastic, performance-oriented, fun-loving women who are serious about their musical goals.  We are seeking a Musical Director who has strong and positive teaching skills.  Applicants will have, preferably, an understanding of women's 4-part barbershop harmony or be willing to learn this a cappella style.
Resumes and/or enquiries to be directed to----BBDirectorSearch@gmail.com
Deadline to submit resumes--January 31 st., 2018

Scarborough Chorus
Shine On: A Special Holiday Concert
Sixty years ago Scarborough Chorus received the first Canadian chorus charter, and we are celebrating! We would love to have our sister choruses share in this very special and historic celebration with us!
Scarborough Chorus is turning 60 years old!! We are celebrating this, our diamond anniversary, on Saturday December 10th, the same week that Scarborough Chorus was launched so long ago!
Special guest performers SLAM and Post It will be sharing the stage with us for an afternoon of memories and gratitude. Sister choruses, past chorus members, family, and friends are all warmly invited to share in our special Shine On event.

For ticket information call Judi Goodwin at 416-431-7557 or email scarboroughchorusinfo@gmail.com

Events and Ads
For more information or to purchase tickets contact Marla yhctickets@gmail.com
For tickets visit www.circleofharmony.ca or call Alex 416-471-5244

Hotel rooms available that evening at the venue for only $70 per room.
For tickets visit www.buffalogatewaychorus.com
or call (716) 635-8642
For tickets email

Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator