Regional Convention News
Have you saved the date for our first-ever virtual convention? We have a program choc-a-block full of fun; reminiscing, education, games, tag singing, and mingling planned for you.  Take a minute now... mark your calendar:
Friday, April 30 and Saturday, May 1

Plans are well underway, and we can’t wait! We’re at the gather-and-create stage... pictures, videos, recordings, presentations, tags, trivia questions... it’s all coming together! The program is broken into three (3) sessions and will be rolled out as follows:
Quartet Extravaganza
Friday, April 30
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Education Class with Master Director 700 Erin Howden
Saturday, May 1
10:30 am-noon
(See class description in article that follows)

Chorus Extravaganza
Saturday, May 1
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

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For your convenience, we have set up one (1) registration for all three (3) sessions. Click here to register now! Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Make sure to save the email as it will contain the link you will use to join each session.

Ladies, no chorus shoes, no make-up check, no costume fitting required! It’s afterglow time!! We can hardly wait to see you and to share this first-ever virtual convention experience with you.
Virtual hugs,
JD, Cathy, and the entire Convention Team!

Convention Chair                                           Convention Registration Manager
Education Corner

Young Women in Harmony Class

Thank you to those who participated in last month’s Ignite the Passion – Young Women in Harmony zoom meeting series. To watch the March 18, session Click here. To view the PowerPoint presentation referenced during the call, click here.

Thank you, Alana Regular, for coordinating with Melody Hine, to lead a really informative and creative approach to talk about Sweet Adelines to younger women.
Wake Up With Vocal Warm-ups

Faculty: Click here to see the scheduled faculty who will lead a 20-minute warm-up.

Date: Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. No registration needed. Just join the zoom! It will be the same zoom link each week. For the Zoom link, click here.

Description: Start warming up and preparing your voice for when we can be back together singing in person.

Audience: All Members welcome

Thank you, Rhonda Spoelstra, Director of Image City Sound, for initiating this idea!

Looking Ahead....

A Million Dreams
For the World We're Gonna Make

For next month, the Convention Team is hard at work creating a fun-filled virtual event for us to participate in. Included in the event will be an education class you will not want to miss! The guest faculty is our very own, Erin Howden, Director of North Metro Chorus. The virtual class will be on Saturday, May 1 from 10:00 am–11:30 am.

This class is one of the 3 virtual convention weekend activities. You need only register once and the Zoom link you receive will give access to any/all of the 3 events. Click here to register for the virtual convention."

Faculty: Erin Howden, Master Director 700 of North Metro Chorus

Date: Saturday, May 1 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Description: These unprecedented times have sent us on an emotional roller coaster ride and the track continues to wind with unpredictability. What is next for us? Who holds the key? Where do we go from here? What does the future hold? What is going to happen to US? What is going to happen to ME? Together we will unpack the power of perspective, intention, and the human spirit. Does the world happen to and for us or do we happen to and for the world? 

Audience: Open to all members
Marketing and Powerful Communications

Faculty: Martha DeClerq, 2019-2020 Region 16 Marketing Coordinator. Click here for Martha's bio.

Date: Thurs, May 20 - 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Description:  With the hopes of getting together again soon, it’s time to ramp up your social media tools. Join Martha and her Marketing team as they share ideas on how to grab attention with graphics, social media ins and outs, and how to utilize powerful communication methods.

Audience: Marketing/PR Coordinators, Social Media Teams, and all interested parties.

To register, please click here.
Social Media Overview
Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Key Principles for Social Media:

  • Social media is about conversations, community, connecting with the audience, and building relationships. It is not just a broadcast channel or a sales and marketing tool.
  • Authenticity, honesty, and open dialogue are key.
  • Social media not only allows you to hear what people say about you but enables you to respond. Listen first, speak second.

Popular Social Media Tools and Platforms:

  • Blogs: A platform for casual dialogue and discussions on a specific topic or opinion.

  • Facebook: The world’s largest social network. Users create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including status updates. Brands create pages and Facebook users can “like” brands’ pages.

  • Twitter: A social networking/micro-blogging platform that allows groups and individuals to stay connected through the exchange of short status messages (140 character limit).
  • YouTube/Video: Video hosting and watching websites.

  • Instagram: A free photo and video sharing app that allows users to apply digital filters, frames, and special effects to their photos and then share them on a variety of social networking sites.

  • LinkedIn: A place where groups of professionals with similar areas of interest can share information and participate in a conversation.

There are many sites you can Google to assist you with your social media endeavors. This info was taken from

Martha DeClerq, RMT Marketing Coordinator
International Board of Directors Update

If you haven’t read the International update from the recent Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors (IBOD), click here to read about International Convention and more.
Zoom Tips
Zoom section rehearsals are now easier! Zoom now allows individual meeting participants to choose their own breakout room.

First, make sure you have the most current Zoom update to take advantage of this and other new features. Click here for a 1-minute video on how to check for updates. Watch this brief How-To Video about the self-select breakout option:

Zoom has implemented many other helpful features over the past several months. Click here for a video that describes several of these. There are timestamps in the description if you want to skip directly to certain features on the video.

Have Zoom questions or need general technical assistance for your chorus? Contact our Tech Team: Sue Melvin or Christine Yorke.

We have ‘celebrated’ a whole year of this Covid situation that we are gradually getting a handle on. Last April I furtively avoided all people by 10 feet but we are managing our lives differently now with masks and common sense. We can choose to manage our fear by looking outward. Here are a few positive things I have learned (you can add your own).

  • We can look above the mask and look right into a person’s eyes to connect. What we see might reflect what we are feeling ourselves. They might need our connection.

  • Slowing down allows us to appreciate the big and small things in our lives.

  • When gyms and pools closed we resorted to walking around our neighbourhood or nearby trails, only to find we saw details that had gone unnoticed.

  • Travel restrictions have sparked our imagination to explore new places when we can.

  • Locked restaurant doors have saved us a whole lot of money and perhaps spurred creative cooking ideas.

  • And last, I am reminded that we all have inner resources to dig deep to be there for our riser buddies and our quartet mates. We can be gentle with ourselves. At home, we can still bubble and dance and sing right out loud!!

Let’s remember that “tomorrow’s another day”. I look forward to ‘seeing’ you at our virtual convention!

Regional Quartet Coordinator
Visit the Region 16 Website

Did you know that all the amazing upcoming events being presented by the Region 16 RMT are posted on the R16 website?

On the front page, you’ll find an UPCOMING EVENTS column listing the next three or four events that the Region is offering. For a full list, click on the MORE EVENTS box at the bottom of that column. It’ll take you to a page listing all the events we know about, all the way to 2025! Put them on your calendars!  

Don’t miss any of the fantastic events the RMT is bringing to you virtually. The offerings have never been better!
For questions about the R16 website or ways you feel it can be better, email Leila Brown, Webmaster.

One of the things we do for youth outreach is to put on a workshop event, and this year is no exception! I am so excited to introduce our upcoming Young Women in Harmony Virtual A Cappella Camp which will take place on Friday, July 9 from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, and on Saturday, July 10 from 10:00 am-noon. 

We are so fortunate to have The Ladies quartet joining us as special guest faculty on Saturday. 

Registration is open now for anyone who loves to sing (ages 8-25). Please click here to register.

Please share this information with your family and friends.  All current YWIH members are welcome to join in this fun opportunity as well!
This FREE event was made possible in part by generous donations to the Region 16 youth program. We welcome donations of any amount from individuals or choruses to help fund events such as this. Please contact Colleen O’Dwyer, RMT Finance Coordinator at if you would like to donate to our program.

Region 16 YWIH Coordinator
In Loving Memory of those Who are Forever in our Hearts

Apologies are extended to Northumberland Chorus members for the misprint in Maria Godfrey's name in the memorial announcement of the March issue of this publication.

Do you have a burning question? Is there someone on our RMT who can offer you guidance or answer that burning question? So simple! Just click on the Ask Us square and we will direct your question to the appropriate RMT member, and voila your question will be answered. Not magic....just simple. We want to support you so go ahead and click the box.
Bytown Beat Chorus
March usually comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb. This is not the case for Bytown Beat Chorus. We were more in like a Lion and out like a Lion.

We finished up our Back 2 Basics program trying our hand at recording a tag. This one had a different feeling from the Christmas fun one. It was the accumulation of all the weeks of the vocal camp we have just finished. Something to show, mostly ourselves, that yes we can still sing and we can also hear the difference a refresher course has on us. It wasn't our peak, as before Covid, but are we very proud of it? YES, WE ARE! Are we going to stop learning? NO WAY! Our Director Team is now focusing on Stage 2 and getting it all set up. Once the Chorus has had a couple of weeks to let this course settle, it will begin.

At our Zoom rehearsal, on March 23, we completed the visual part of our tag recording. It took us a couple of takes, but we all finally found our groove, just as if we were on the risers again. That overpowering feeling is brought on by a simple couple of lines of a tag, and it just resonates through you and makes you shine bright. Love that feeling. It was amazing! Also at our March 23 Zoom rehearsal, Jacqui Barron from the Regional Management Team dropped in for a Wellness Visit and to say hello from the Region. What a fun person to have come visit. Each person, from the seasoned chorus singer to the potential member, learned something new. By the end of the visit, I think Jacqui knew a bit more about us and what it's like at our (serious, but always fun) rehearsals.

Last month we mentioned that we had started a Facebook campaign to thank the sponsors from our 2019 Feelin’ Groovy show. We received some community feedback for our efforts. They were so grateful and thankful that we had thought of them. We hadn't mentioned to them in advance that we were going to do this, so it came as a big surprise to them. Since most were smaller companies who are struggling just to get back ino the swing of things after lockdown, we actually heard from the owners themselves, which made it so heartfelt.
This picture is from our International Women’s Day on social media. We thought it was fitting as our chorus is made up of those women who inspire.

Vanessa Echlin

Editor's comment: Thank you, Vanessa, it really was such a pleasure to meet your chorus members and especially to hear from them. Jacqui
North Metro Chorus
Celebrations galore in March, starting with June Dale's 60 years as a Sweet Adeline. June, how did THAT happen? But it did and we are so happy and filled with love and gratitude as we got to share and benefit from so many of these most wonderful and life-changing years with you. Congratulations, June, on reaching your Diamond Milestone Anniversary with Sweet Adelines. We celebrate you and all that you have given and accomplished during these years as a Master Director 700, four International Chorus Championships, Coach, Certified Arranger Extraordinaire, 4th place International Quartet medalist, International Faculty member, mentor, friend, and always, always, comedic entertainer with your refreshingly honest and humble view of the world. We love you Once Upon a Time, and FOREVER!

As part of North Metro's celebration and tribute to June, Erin Howden produced a beautiful video, blended with a video produced by Suzanne Askin's son some 15 years ago, spanning June's Sweet Adeline 'career', spotlighting many highlights and memorable moments of this true icon in Sweet Adelines. Please Click here to view and enjoy the memories and inspirations JUNE DALE gifted to all of us in North Metro, our Region, and our global organization. Please note for copyright reasons, this video is for our region only and cannot be shared/posted on social media.
St. Patrick also got the heads up in a chorus celebration when we replayed our Hawaii 2008 video. It included some fast and precise Irish step dancing and tossing of the shillelagh. Here is a picture of our final song in our Irish package. Our beautiful and talented soloist, Catarina Maisonville singing All Rise. What a memory!

What, more celebrations? Is it really one year of virtual rehearsals? How the time flies receiving and benefiting from the many gifts offered by Zoom virtual rehearsals. We not only survived but we THRIVED!

We have so much to celebrate and to be thankful for and in recognition, a celebration just seemed the right thing to do! And we did!
The gazillion Purdys chocolates arrived en masse at Sandy MacDonald's garage, vis-a-vis Ajax Distribution Centre. Thanks to her and her family for all their back-breaking efforts with organizing and delivery arrangements across the GTA, and as far away as Midland and Muskoka. Who needs FedEx eh?
Michael Gellert, a gifted musician, and arranger who arranged Help Is On the Way, visited us to share his insights into expressing authenticity in our emotions through our music. He provided thrilling examples of visual performances of a number of non-barbershop artists and classical instrumentalists. Erin expanded on his concept with a deeply impactful demonstration illustrated by two of our chorus members, comparing a mechanical approach of expressing emotions to one of genuine authenticity in connecting with our emotions and feelings. And the earth moved!

Jacqui Barron
Barrie Soundwaves Chorus
March 2020 began our crazy year of virtual rehearsals, the most intense form of social distancing punishment for chorus members. Just as we were gearing up for our first competition with our new director, Jan-Ake Westin, we got the news that due to the pandemic, we were beginning a lockdown and all Sweet Adeline functions were cancelled for the foreseeable future. In order to keep up the high spirits and energy we had accumulated, we decided to try the new technology of Zoom, in order to keep in contact and not lose the momentum we had gathered. Like all the other groups, we went through the learning curve of making the app work and learning all the tricks of the trade.

One year later, we look back on all the crazy and wonderful experiences we went through to keep our dream alive! We went through games, talent sharing, creative thinking activities, learning experiences and coaching, holiday celebrations, a crashed meeting by and for North Metro, regular singing of our repertoire, and the debut of a new ballad arranged by our director and assistant director. We had the advantage of a wonderful videographer/audio technician who worked wonders with four virtual chorus video presentations that we shared on YouTube (one done in collaboration with Sugartones from Harmony Inc.). And we sent a video to long-term care homes to provide some cheer to the isolated seniors. We’ve had PVIs and workshops, experimented with a drive-in rehearsal, and recently hosted a Zoom membership program. Looking back, it’s been a busy and memorable year.

Looking ahead, we are so eager to return to our regular in-person rehearsals. With the promise of the vaccines pointing to an end to our isolation; we can’t wait to hug each other and make those chords ring. So many wonderful creative ideas have been flowing through the many talented members of our chorus. Look out Region 16, the Barrie Soundwaves are ready to rock and roll!

Gayle Haley
Orangeville Show Chorus
By the time you are reading this, many of you will have received your vaccine. Some “Light at the end of the tunnel” and hope that one day we will again gather for rehearsals, performances, and contest.

But as much as we miss those events; that is not what we really miss. We miss the human contact, the hugs, the friendship you can only really feel in person, and seeing each other face-to-face and not just on a Zoom call. The pandemic has reinforced the importance in our lives of those things. The importance of interacting and socializing with others. We are not meant to be sole survivors on the planet, trudging along on our own. We are meant to be team players on the field of life…taking our turn at bat, running the bases, and catching the fly balls. You can’t do all that in front of a computer!
It has been one year since we started connecting on Zoom and began learning new technology. One year since we thought it fun to attend chorus in our pajamas, and were later grateful that snowstorms didn’t cancel rehearsal. But things are wearing a little thin. We are ready to put on some make-up and a favourite chorus shirt and show up at our rehearsal hall. So please get your vaccine if you are eligible. Wait your turn if your group has not yet been called up. We can and will defeat this virus. We must defeat this virus. It is vital to our very existence.
And so while we wait, OSC continues to have Zoom rehearsals, encourage our new members, learn new music, record tags for fun, AND recently we had an awesome coaching session on ‘speak sing’ with Sandy Marron. And although all this can’t take the place of in-person contact, for now, it is our lifeline.

Thanks to the Region for keeping us informed and educated, and for providing online events to keep us busy and connected.
We wish all of our sisters in song a hopeful, happy spring full of harmony and good health.

Anne Richardson.
Eastside Harmony Chorus
Spring has sprung and Eastside Harmony is looking forward to the nicer weather, as we’re sure everyone is doing. It will be nice to get outside in warmer weather again.

We have kept very busy over the winter; we’ve been going strong since the new year started. Our Virtual Open House in January was so much fun and we had a number of visitors. We have welcomed four new wonderful women to sing with us! Welcome to Solvieg, Ronda, Carol, and Lynne, we are so happy to have you!! We’ve also welcomed back some “old friends”. It’s nice to have Val and Ramola singing with us again.
With our new and returning friends and some help from a few of our great friends from Kawartha Music Company, we have been working hard on two new projects. In February we released our virtual choir for the song “I Might Just Hold You a Little Too Long”. The song was written and arranged just for the pandemic and is very appropriate. We hope many of our friends from Sweet Adelines and Region 16 will view our video. Please click here to view.
Soon our next project, A Million Dreams, will be ready. These projects are so much fun and while it isn’t the same as performing in front of a live audience (which all Sweet Adelines like to do, don’t we?), these projects are keeping us busy and motivated, as well as helping us keep our singing skills current.

We continue to get together virtually every week to learn and practice our skills, practice our repertoire and Regional songs and see each other’s smiling faces! The fellowship and sisterhood continue and are more important than ever these days.

We hope to see everyone in person soon. In the meantime, we send out our love to all our wonderful Sisters in Harmony in Region 16!

Susan Boissonnault
Northumberland Chorus
We had a visit from Jacqui Barron, Communications Coordinator on our Regional Management Team. We appreciated the time she took to get to know us and really enjoyed talking with her. She shared information about the RMT. We know that the Team will continue to help us in any way
Thanks to the Bay of Quinte Chorus and members from The Heartland Singers for joining us to hear Marcia Pinvidic speak to us about communicating to the audience when we are singing. Marcia is an Expression Judge and gave us some valuable information on what the judges look for in a competition. She said we should sing with expression every time we perform and not just during competition. I really enjoyed her presentation and made notes of some pertinent information to keep in mind.

Laura Heighway
Canadian Showtime Chorus
We are so very excited to introduce you to our 8 – yes 8!!! brand new members who went through our 6-week new member program and are now part of our CSC family. And we can’t forget to mention Natalie, our very first virtual member – who joined us last year!! Welcome to you all!! We are so excited that you’re taking your musical journey with us!!

Special shout-out to CSC member Carol Douglas, along with a cast of thousands, who contributed to the success of the new member program – it certainly does take a village!
New members at our March 30 celebration night: Top l to r: Courtney Merriam (Lead), Jane Boissonneault (Lead), Kimberley Hoy (Bass) Centre l to r: Lisa Deveau (Baritone), Lucia Guidi-Mazzola (Tenor), Mélanie Villeneuve (Baritone), Bottom l to r: Natalie Cox (Lead), Tracey Larder (Tenor), Melissa Wright (Tenor)
We had the pleasure of coaching with the incomparable Tim Waurick in March. Not only did the chorus get coaching, but each and every CSC member was offered the opportunity to spend 30 minutes of one-on-one coaching with Tim - a tremendous benefit to members as we strive to keep our vocal skills honed during this pandemic. We are also thankful to our great Region 16 team who have started the Saturday morning vocal warmup sessions!! Every little bit helps!
Have you ever heard the song Fergielicious by the Black Eyed Peas? Well for CSC, March was Meat-a-licious!! Our money-making team once again ran a successful meat drive with our partners at North Country Meats! Thanks to CSC money-making team Christine Dunn and Liz Gibbs, ably assisted by Belinda Boekhoven on meat delivery day.

Christine and Belinda loading up the car trunks for safe contactless pickups!

Speaking of success, our CSC Grants Team (Liz Gibbs, Kathleen Hickey, and Nicole Wieczorek) successfully secured a grant from Sing Canada Harmony to support our upcoming chorus coaching, personal performance, and vocal instruction sessions (PPVIs) in April with another outstanding coach, Erin Howden. We are so looking forward to what she will bring to us!
Wishing our Region 16 sisters many blessings!

In harmony,
Nicole Wieczorek
Greater Kingston Chorus
During the second week of March, the world marked the one-year anniversary of this global pandemic and the myriad changes it has brought to our lives. We are so fortunate to now have several vaccines approved and in use, and are at varying stages of getting ‘shots in arms’; Kingston was lucky to be part of 3 pilot project targeted areas, so several members of GKC have been vaccinated, but overall we are now on the path to resuming what will likely be our new normal! We can envision being able to see our families, friends, and chorus mates safely again in person, and yes, SING !! together…something I know that we’ve all desperately missed and can hardly wait to do again!!!

To that end, GKC like everyone else continues our weekly zoom rehearsals, and we are also taking advantage of some awesome coaching/educational opportunities available to us through our organization’s international and regional leaders. In addition to a check-in visit by North Metro’s Susann McKinley, in mid-March, we had our dear friend and awesome coach Erin Howden give us some more helpful and practical tips on this art of ‘zooming’ to enhance not only our weekly sessions but also how to put together a zoom video performance. This was very timely for us as we are in the process of creating our own video performance in the coming weeks. 

As you read this we will also have had our virtual coaching session with Donna Metzger entitled ‘Rhythm in My Bones’, which I’m sure promises to be both educational as well as slightly amusing for some of us with the rhythmic equivalent of ‘two left feet’…we’ll wait and see! At least we will be muted, and with some internet lag... who will ever know if we’re not quite ‘with it’?! We look forward to Donya’s session!

In addition to Donya’s class, we can’t wait for an upcoming two-hour Master class with 2014 Queens of Harmony champion quartet Love Notes, which will also include 4 breakout rooms for part-specific coaching!!

In closing, GKC would like to offer best wishes for happiness, health, and safety to all who are celebrating religious holidays of Passover, Easter, Ramadan, and other observances. 
See you all at our Regional Virtual Convention! 

Marilyn O'Connor
The Heartland Singers

Well, it has officially been a year of Zoomhersals for us all, and while we are disappointed that Regional and International competitions have been cancelled yet again, we are so proud of our Team. They have gone above and beyond to keep us engaged, learning, and laughing this past year. Thank you, ladies, and may you continue to come up with fresh ideas for us!

We had two rehearsals this month, and we are learning another new song. It may be spring, but the grass isn't growing under us! Speaking of spring, there is talk of getting a small group outdoors when it's safe. Warmer weather is coming, and while we may not be able to hug each other, it'll be exciting to see each other in person again! Just the idea of it is exciting!

On March 30, we had another Social Night, sponsored by the Trivia winning team, Bright Lights. We played Harmony Bingo, with some pretty amazing prizes donated by our Assistant Director, Bingo Caller, and photographer extraordinaire, Leila Brown. We had 1 line, 2 line, and full card games, as well as prizes for those who had the least number of squares covered. It was great fun, and we can't wait to do it again.

We continue to raise funds with FundScrip so that we can help our Community. This month, we donated to a family in need. Even though our Bingo Halls have been closed, we deeply appreciate Delta Gaming's support so that we can continue to give.

Our next rehearsals are April 13 and 27, at 7:15 pm. We would love to have you come to visit, so contact Membership Chair, Carol Sullivan at

Diane Martin
York Harmony Chorus
March has marched on! And York Harmony Chorus is marching along too. We have had another wonderful month of zoom rehearsals and updates.

As a result of our online open house in February, we are very excited to introduce two of our newest members, Tracy Milner and Theresa Culos-Beaumont. They successfully have passed their auditions. We are so happy to have them join our incredible chorus. As well, we have another potential individual who is considering YHC. Whoot! Whoot! It just goes to show, with effort and commitment the ZOOM platform has allowed us to reach out and connect with each other and engage new talent. We can’t wait for the day to all meet together on the risers, enjoying our passion for singing in person.  
With March 17 being St. Patrick’s Day members dressed up in the spirit of the day wearing green. It was fun! You could feel the luck of the Irish coming through. Martha shared a great video from Kim Newcomb who highlighted vocal exercises for intervals and descending notes. A great resource for sure.

Proudly during the Young Women in Harmony workshop, our Assistant Director and Tenor section leader, Linda Morrison, and Choreographer, Meaghan DeClerq, were showcased highlighting their start in Sweet Adelines as Young Women in Harmony.  

In keeping with our mandate, it’s time to update our Mission Statement. With the guidance and coaching support from the ever
so talented, encouraging, and collaborative, Christine Yorke, we spent a full rehearsal working towards our goal to rework and amend our Mission. Having all the members involved was very effective and it really allowed for all of us to feel involved with creating such an important message. “Who is York Harmony Chorus?, and “Why do we love our Chorus?". Thank you, Christine, for your patience and for working with us through this exercise. We are certain we will achieve a very fitting statement that represents us and our future.
With the continued enthusiasm from our fabulous Director, Martha DeClerq, very supportive Chorus Leader, Sue Dubois, our superb Assistant Director, Linda Morrison, and very talented and dedicated music team, each week’s rehearsal keeps us on track, engaged, and connected even dancing with our closeout Karaoke improv. It’s lots of fun. For this, we are so grateful and appreciative for all these incredible individuals whom we call members of YHC.

Spring is here, let’s embrace all the special new beginnings it will bring for us and all our Region 16 members.

Stay safe, Keep Singing and Take care!

Kelly Nesbitt