Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
August 2018
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Music School
November 9-11, 2018
Kingston, ON
Music School
June 7-9, 2019
Quartet Workshop
October 26, 2019

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Nothin' but Treble has returned from a whirlwind trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we placed 11th at the 2018 Rising Star competition.  We were a little nervous to hit the stage (okay, make that VERY nervous), but reading all of your messages of encouragement on Facebook throughout the week truly made us feel loved and supported in our journey and we were so excited and proud to represent Region 16!

On our travels, we made some new friends from across north America and had the opportunity to hear some incredible talent on the stage, including the new Rising Star champions, Hot Pursuit, as well as Lustre Quartet.  The experience opened our eyes to the incredible sound that can be created with just four voices, and has inspired us to step up our own efforts over the coming year (we want to sound like that one day). You'll be sure to see and hear more from us over the next year, including at the upcoming YWIH workshop at fall music school (more details to come).  

See you soon! 
As part of this year's fall music school offerings, Region 16 will be holding a day-long YWIH workshop for girls aged 8 - 18.  The workshop , which will take place on November 10, will allow participants to sink their teeth into some exciting four-part harmony.  More details to come! 

If you are a music educator or know a music educator who would be interested in sharing information about this workshop with their students, please contact Julie Sykes (Julie.a.sykes@gmail.com) . The more girls who participate, the more successful the event will be!

This event is being funded through the generosity of Sweet Adelines International
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Past Publications
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Canadian Showtime Chorus
Canadian Showtime Chorus - our new journey!
What a start to our new chorus year!  After qualifying for International Contest in New Orleans 2019 at the Regional Contest in April, we bid a fond farewell to Sandie as she retired. Due to prior commitments, our new director, Joe Connelly, was unable to join us onsite until August.  Needless to say, it's also been a time of transition as we launch this next phase of our chorus journey.
Prior to our summer break, a transition team comprised of music, visual and administrative leaders was formed.  The musical team which includes Nora McEwen, Julie Sykes, and Aileen Carney have worked tirelessly at guiding us through the new music assigned to us by our Director-extraordinaire, Joe Connelly.  Joe will continue to travel for coaching but on Tuesdays he's ours.  As of August 14th, after a 6-week summer break, the chorus is eager to get back to rehearsals and begin this new journey together.
We have recently welcomed new experienced barbershop singers to our chorus - namely:  Linda Moorcroft, originally from Orangeville,  and Colette Ouellet who is also a member of Bytown Beat, former members Marilyn MacGregor and Pauline Coathup  have returned.
We were extremely saddened at the loss of life of a long standing member and wonderful performer, Beverly Cogan-Gluzman.  She will be dearly missed.
We are also going full speed ahead on two major fundraisers. The first fundraiser is scheduled to take place Friday, October 26th at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Center, on Greenview Avenue, Ottawa. This event will be a full blown Oktoberfest, and will include a German feast, an oom-pah pah band, and much more at the low cost of $40.00.
The second fundraiser is the CSC Holiday Gala which will take place Sunday, December 2nd and will feature swing dancers and music by the well known Jazz singer Peter Liu and the Pollcats, a Casino event, a live auction, as well as a performance by our glorious Chorus under the skilled leadership of Joe Connelly.  We will be offering many other opportunities to win wonderful prizes as well as light refreshments during the evening.  This extraordinary evening is sure to be a whole lot of fun, and at $60.00 a ticket and special pricing for students can be enjoyed by all.
Make sure you save the date as your holiday calendar fills up. We would love for other choruses in the Region to come meet and hear your Regional sisters.
Check canadianshowtimechorus.com for more details and ticket information.
Danielle Shanefield
Canadian Showtime Chorus
Durham Shores Chorus 
Sweet Adeline of the Year...it's something we all strive for, at least I know I do. She is that member who works hard for her chorus, is kind and caring toward fellow members and visitors, shows respect to her riser mates and director, and generally goes the extra mile. It never fails to amaze me each year, when we choose this special person from within our ranks. There is no ballot, no discussion, no campaigning - yet we all seem to come to the same conclusion about who this person should be. This shows you how very special this person truly is, when she shines through so brightly that we all decide that she is the one who should be honoured.
Durham Shores' Sweet Adeline of the Year this year went beyond above and beyond. We were thrilled to name Ryan Phillips our SAOY this year! She knows her music inside out and backward. She is section lead and inspires her fellow baritones to be the best they can be. Ryan is outgoing, friendly, funny, and always has a positive attitude. She worked incredibly hard this year to plan a wonderfully successful Christmas show. Her organizational skills ensured that the whole thing went off without a hitch.
We were a little disappointed when we learned that Ryan wasn't going to be joining us at contest in April, but when we found out why, we were beyond thrilled. She was expecting a little bundle of joy right around the time we were headed to Syracuse! So, while she was planning the Christmas show, acting as section lead and generally being awesome, she was also growing a person! On top of all that, Ryan continued to attend rehearsals, supporting us by recording our contest songs, offering critique and suggestions for improvement, and being our biggest cheerleader. It turns out her timing was impeccable. Little Aria was born on contest day. So, not only did we gain a bronze medal for our performance, we gained a new Adeline. 
Ryan continues to earn her SAOY status by attending rehearsals, bringing little Aria along. We are so fortunate to have both of them as members of our Durham Shores family.
Laurel Merriam
Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator