Thank you to those who participated in our first Grow From The Inside zoom meeting series. To watch the July 18, Tap Out Stress and Tap In Calm presentation by Rhonda Spoelstra, Click Here. Scroll down the regional website page to view the PowerPoint presentation referenced during the call for additional resources and information. Such a helpful tool! Thank you, Rhonda!

Next up is The Mindset of a Successful Quartetter!

When: Saturday, August 15, 10:00 am– 11:30 am. To register: Click Here

Topic: This class covers effective quartet evaluation and what to work on to reach your goals. Learn how to evaluate score sheets and effectively plan rehearsals to be productive. Create goals and learn to enjoy the positive benefits of singing in a quartet!

Faculty: Kristin Stevens, Director and Vanessa Patterson, Associate Director, Limestone City Voices Chorus, Diamond Jazz Quartet, Region 16 International Quartet Representatives 2001-2005. See Bios Here

Check out the summary of all educational events: Click Here


MUSIC SCHOOL WEBINAR – Saturday, October 17
Region 16 all day FREE educational event. We will have education classes presented by talented and inspiring international faculty along with regional member recognition and awards. Click Here for more information on the faculty. Registration information will be available soon.

QUARTET DAY WEBINAR – January 16, 2021
All Regional members are invited to this all-day educational event featuring International Faculty, Caitlin Castilino, Baritone of Love Notes Quartet and Director of Diablo Vista Chorus. Additional information and registration coming soon.

Time to dust off those manuals! Some of you are so close to completing the program and some of you haven’t even started! Well now is the time to get going! Doris Waite, DCP Coordinator and Joan Borden, Regional Director Coordinator are ready to help you. Some of the modules need to be completed in front of your chorus so unfortunately that is not possible right now. But, some can be done online with the new resources and process made available to us from Sweet Adelines International. Please reach out to Doris or Joan and let them know if you’d like to find out which modules you still need to complete and when you’d like to schedule a zoom call to make that happen! Send an email with questions or updates to Doris at or Joan at

We are looking for an enthusiastic administrator (or co-administrators) with excellent insight on the importance of recruitment of young women to join our organization. Click here to review the job description. Email: if you are interested or have questions.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Susann McKinley
RMT Education Coordinator
August 2020

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There is still time to send in your favourite chorus and/or quartet photos of yore. A month ago, we sent out a post asking what our followers wanted to see online. Some wanted to see past contest videos, others wanted to see performances, and some wanted to see older costumes. We have already received some great responses and know there are even more old pictures and videos out there that capture the heart and history of our Region.
To ensure your chorus and/or quartet(s) are featured in this fun marketing project, please:

  • Send your videos and photos to by August 14, 2020 or sooner. (Deadline extended from August 7th.)
  • Please write down the chorus or quartet name and the year the photo/video was taken, and any other details you would like to share.

If you already have a video uploaded to You Tube or online, awesome. Send the link our way. If you don’t, try sending it via e-mail. If the file is too big, try using WeTransfer - (an online free transfer site). It’s super simple to use.

We need your permissions to dig through your archives. The more videos and photos we have, the more we can share with the region. Thanks for getting involved and sharing your memorable journeys.

Martha DeClerq
RMT PR & Marketing Coordinator

Meaghan DeClerq
Social Media Coordinator

Difficult times for sure, but we can say with confidence we are here for you, constantly revising budgets and forecasting for futures that are uncertain and, therefore, unpredictable.

Many of us have lost our chorus fundraising opportunities and abilities during this pause, raising common concerns and anxieties. For some, funding attempts have continued to provide a financial return, but more importantly, these activities have provided a sense of comradery in connecting with our chorus family. For choruses fortunate enough to participate in charity bingo, there appears to be some start-up in some areas of our Region, and so a bit of relief is in sight.

To help alleviate some anxieties, as a Region we have provided some financial relief to each member by waiving Regional dues for 2020/21, and we will continue to look at providing more support as the year progresses.

Should you or your chorus need any help, guidance, or just need to talk about financial planning and possible financial concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me in confidence at Sharing your ideas, your frustrations and/or your expectations will lighten the load and hopefully inspire new and creative ways in which to manage finances through this unrivaled time.

Colleen O'Dwyer
RMT Finance Coordinator
As the new Regional Communications Coordinator, I have been busy and challenged in my introduction to this role. Coming into this role at this unprecedented time in our history has crystallized the necessity of staying in touch with each other even more than ever. Early on in this pandemic, the RMT identified the need to strengthen our connections with you through increased communication. Already this year we have tripled our communication efforts to you through:

  • Sixteenth Notes
  • A variety of Regional emails on what is happening
  • Announcements of brand new virtual events
  • Summer Sizzler connection which attracted 60%+ of our members
  • A fun new marketing project regarding old chorus pictures and videos
  • A wonderful selection of free education programs designed to meet your needs. Be sure to check them out.   
Following all Chapter Installations, contact information on our chorus leaders has now been updated in our Regional communications program. The Member Directory on our Regional website has also been updated. In this, and in future publications of Sixteenth Notes, we have installed an “Ask Us” button to encourage you to conveniently connect with us and have your questions answered by the appropriate RMT member. Please see below for more information.

Region 16 with its talented and capable musical and administrative leaders is doing an admirable job in keeping our light burning through this challenging time. Our music leaders have extended themselves to ensure our music remains a high importance in our lives, and our administrators keep us linked in with important communications and educational programs developed to forge our growth and ties with each other. All this has served to unite us and to keep us focused on the benefits and gifts Sweet Adelines has always provided and promises to continue to provide to enrich our lives. During this time, our need for each other is magnified. To help minimize the loss of not being able to stand together and sing, we hope our virtual events and communications help remind us how deeply music touches our souls, how it raises us up to be the best we can be, and heals not only our sorrows but also those with whom we share our musical gifts.
Do you have a burning question? Is there someone on our RMT who can offer you guidance or answer that burning question? So simple! Just click on the Ask Us square and we will direct your question to the appropriate RMT member, and voila your question will be answered. Not magic....just simple. We want to support you so go ahead and click the box.
And in closing, just a reminder that as a result of the changes to our new Regional Website, a universal member Log-in and Password were installed. All members now use the same log-in and password. Individual log-ins and passwords are no longer required.

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This login info. is always printed at the right side of each Sixteenth Notes, not far from the top.

Jacqui Barron
RMT Communications Coordinator
Rethinking Coaching

From some of the quartetters I talk to around the Region, I am hearing a similar thread so that is the topic of my blurb this month. If this generalization does not ring true to you, just know that others might be feeling this way. There is a drifting away from each other because of the uncertainty in the timing of future performing, competing, sharing a meal, and traveling together. It is difficult to set goals, let alone work on them. After all, who cares who breathes where, getting the synch a little tighter or recognizing dynamic variation when we are on-line?

I presume you 4 are friends. Keeping in touch to look after one another is likely already happening and may include phoning, texting, emailing, Facetime, Skype etc. Make sure you include something visual so you can see each other’s eyes and preferably all 4 of you on the screen. A Facebook group video chat or Zoom (the free 40-minute sessions work too) is unfortunately only one person communicating or singing at a time, therefore difficulty arises for 4-part harmony to occur, but you can be creative about that. It strengthens that bond that means so much.

Perhaps this is a time to rethink coaching. Resist that drifting apart if you cherish the bond you created when you sang in person together, whether that included competing or not. There are people ready to be a fifth ear either in your own chorus or elsewhere in the region. Ask someone to join the four of you for an hour or so on-line. One suggestion is that a harmony part could sing with a recording of the lead part so the coach could work on that duet. A few minutes of personal vocal instruction could also be offered to each member. Brainstorm to see what might be possible. It would be appropriate to offer to pay the coach but you may find that an hour of her time may not involve any money at all.

There is still inconsistency in the recommendations about how we might be able to sing together now that our countries are opening up a bit, but let’s be fearless, healthy in our choices and optimistic about our future.

Paula Allen
Quartet Coordinator

On June 20 and 27, over 100 members of Region 16 spent their morning exploring Membership Growth and Retention, including ways to adapt and thrive in COVID times. Jen Cooke was an inspiring and knowledgeable presenter and we left each session remembering how much we love Sweet Adelines and excited for the future. Both sessions were recorded, and Jen shared her presentations. They are accessible here for those who weren’t able to attend in person or to review. Resources for planning and executing a membership program developed by the Region are also available.

One of the key messages from Jen’s presentations was that the path to all our membership programs should be through the chorus mission, vision and core values. We need to know who we are and what we are about in order to set our priorities, define what would be available to a new member and to adapt without losing who we are as a chorus. We are all part of Sweet Adelines but every chorus is unique and will only successfully attract and retain members if they are true to themselves. Members of the Regional Management Team are willing and able to help any chorus that wants to develop or update their core values. Please contact me at if you are interested. Enjoy the rest of your summer and let me know how we can help you develop your membership programs for the fall.
Keep making music, spreading joy and supporting your sisters as only Sweet Adelines can.

Christine Yorke
RMT Membership Coordinator

The Regional Managagement Team is in need of a meeting administrator. (Many thanks to Sue Dubois, York Harmony Chorus, for sharing her time and talents with us as our prior RMT Admin.) Position information appears below. For questions and/or if you think you may be interested, please contact Sue Melvin at


Duties and Responsibilities
  • Record minutes of Regional Management Team meetings (via Zoom video conference, telephone and in-person)
  • Record, update, track status for the Regional Management Team’s Action Items list
  • Work closely with the Regional Team Coordinator to edit and finalize meeting documentation

  • Ideal way to become acquainted with how things work in the regional leadership
  • Get the ‘inside track’ on regional plans
  • Self-satisfaction of helping Region 16
  • Honorarium provided

Skills and Qualifications
  • Good knowledge of spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and writing needed.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Word
  • Prior experience with taking meeting minutes
  • Comfortable with basic Excel spreadsheet functions
  • Capable of meeting agreed-upon deadlines
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
Barrie Soundwaves Chorus
Barrie Soundwaves proudly revealed its first virtual chorus project during the Summer Sizzler hosted by North Metro. Twenty-two members provided videos singing one of our favourite repertoire songs; the mix was put together by a very talented friend of our director, Jan-Ake. After sharing many funny stories abut the video process during our Zoom rehearsals we were very excited to see the final project. The result was so positive that we are looking into doing further projects

We have taken two weeks break during July, but will be back at our weekly meetings to continue our social contact, and furthering our singing skills and musical knowledge.

Our meetings often involve guests who give us an extra boost and this will continue when we return We have been looking into new arrangements to learn and we are reviewing our current list of songs. Like everyone, we are awaiting the time when we can meet to sing together in person. But for now we are celebrating our chorus by staying safe and healthy.

Please click on the image below to watch our Summer Sizzler virtual chorus recording: "Oh What a Night!".
York Harmony Chorus
Zoom, Zoom! Meaning time has zoomed by the past 4 months! And…aren’t we lucky to have a way to get together through Zoom! Special thanks go out to our Director, Martha DeClerq, and team leader Sue Dubois for coming up with such creative and entertaining ways to keep our YHC members connected. We have even had several new prospective members coming out during this time!

Speaking of entertainment, what an extravaganza the North Metro Summer Sizzler was!! We sure hope you didn’t miss out on such an inspiring, fun-filled, teary-eyed evening! A huge thank-you to the extraordinary Erin Howden and North Metro Chorus for organizing and running this amazing event! There were well over 300 of us online (thought we broke Zoom at one point!). We even got to finish the evening with a performance and sing-along featuring June Dale and her arrangement of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." We can’t wait for the day we can all be together in person to sing this wonderful song!
Following the Sizzler, YHC had yet another fantastic evening with our wonderful friend and mentor, Diane Porsch, who came by to go through the Showmanship category with us. We enjoyed watching some videos of performances from the perspective of a category judge. Very enlightening!
Finally, we wrapped up our summer Zoom rehearsals with our virtual YHC Summer Soiree: “Meet Me in St. Louis” hosted by the Right-Side Leads! We had a fun-filled night of St. Louis trivia about this city of “blues, booze and shoes”, guess the celebrities game, and kazoo/sing-alongs. We can’t wait to meet on the International stage in St. Louis – October 2021! 
We’re taking some time off in August but will be back in September ready to roll!

Until then, stay safe and keep a song or two in your heart.

Kelly Nesbitt
North Metro Chorus
Region 16 Celebrates & Connects
Erin’s idea to have a Zoom version of our Region’s Inter-chapter parties of old was greeted with much joy and excitement. A planning committee was put together and we received our instructions for the 2020 Summer Sizzler. Our prime objective was to celebrate being together as a Region. Quartets and choruses were contacted; videos were made; surprise guests were invited; and bloopers compiled. On July 8 over 300 Region 16 members met on Zoom to celebrate our Region as “We’re in this Together”. We received so many wonderful comments from you saying how much you enjoyed the event. A sincere thank you is extended to all who attended, and to those who were unable to join us – we hope that your summer break is a joyful one. We are so pleased to present you with a link to the Summer Sizzler 2020 Quartet video that Yve Hall (North Metro) made for that fabulous evening. Each quartet has given its permission to post the video, however, we humbly request that the video is NOT shared outside of Region 16. Please click here Summer Sizzler - Quartets to view this wonderful, uplifting video.

Although North Metro is taking a Zoom break until September, we are far from idle. Erin has offered Zoom PVI’s to those interested, Heather Parker is offering regular Zoom yoga sessions, Jenna Kellas is offering tutorials on music theory, and we have a new non-traditional Christmas song arranged by June Dale to keep us focused.  Because we are missing each other so much, our vacation break included an all-chorus social at the end of July, where we got together to visit, share stories, laugh and wrap our arms around each other from a distance.

Region 16 has offered two (so far) Zoom meetings for Presidents and Team Leaders where we shared information and talked about how we can keep the fun in our “rehearsals” without being side-by-side on the risers. North Metro also had representatives at two Zoom meetings to discuss Membership and Marketing topics. Our members brought back some great projects for maintaining membership during this “new normal” that we plan on implementing, and creative ideas were shared for our social media programs.

North Metro wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable summer, whether you are taking a break from chorus “rehearsal” or not. We look forward to seeing you at the virtual Region 16 Fall Music School in October.

Suzanne Askin
Limestone City Voices
Hello, Region 16 from Zoomland (notably not the same as Gangland, but we're doing what we can). 

LCV is happy to report that we are all relatively healthy and safe. Some of our members have family members who are not well and who have contracted Covid-19. It is fair to say no one is untouched by this dastardly virus. Our warm wishes, light and love are sent to you all and to your loved ones.

We have been Zooming weekly (3 weeks summer break end of June-first part of July). Almost one third of our chorus is in education (gee...wonder where they came from). One of these is our new addition to the director team, Dawn Diamond. Dawn is now an assistant director and head of music services for LCV. She is a music educator, administrator and an amazing performer/singer. She comes to us with so much to offer both personally and professionally and right now on Zoom is elevating our musicality! Near weekly theory and sight reading lessons, games and fun are on the table for our enjoyment and edification, along with lots of online learning through Kahoot, music bingo, You Tube and the like. 

We are preparing, as many of you are, now that we need to maintain this course for the next undetermined while, to present a virtual choral video with some new material. We hope to share at the end of August, and we're loving the videos coming from our sister and brother choruses across the barbershop world! 
Though we have not recorded our regular Karaoke forays from our individual members, we are using these to enhance our individual skills and keep our voices progressing. There are a couple of You Tube channels we'd like to offer as there is a LOT of information out there.

Please click on the links below to watch two that our membership has found particularly good:

Don't forget to patronize the vocal coaches who do this for a living! We have had sessions with Mo Field ( and Jordan Travis (, who have both presented some amazing material on Zoom, and just a short shout-out to the Region, especially Sue Melvin, Susann McKinley and Erin Howden for the mixers and classes - more coming up I know!

Keep your chins up (well...down appropriately when singing) and we'll see you when we see you!

Kristin Stevens
Orangeville Show Chorus
Covid-19 still haunts us
We can’t get together to sing.
We can only keep holding Zoom meetings Where there’s no way to make the chords ring.

We attended the night with North Metro,
And saw so many old friends,
And we all expressed the same feeling
That we’re waiting to see when this ends.

But we long for the days we called ‘normal’,
Where we had rehearsals on risers in halls
Where we had Shows, Retreats and
And where we sang in parks and in malls.

We've had Trivia Nights on Zoom,
And evenings where we can just chat.
We bring a glass of wine, stories to share,
And sometimes we’ll wear a hat.

SO…for this month’s submission we offer,
Some glimpses into our past.
With hopes for a musical future,
When we gather together at last!

Anne Richardson
Acapella North
This past month, Acapella North Chorus, along with the rest of the world, has been trying to figure out our new normal. Our director Donna Kleist has been working hard with the entire chorus to figure out how we can be most productive, inclusive, and enjoyable through virtual Zoom rehearsals. There have been chorus-wide surveys and board meetings to determine what our members want and need in this time, but our focus has been on letting members know that wherever they are and however they are feeling, is okay. We have continued to work on qualifying for songs, and playing learning tracks during rehearsals to sing through them on our own. We are also working on learning the new song Voice of Harmony! 

We have developed some new ideas to try to remain active and motivated in our chorus engagement. An activity chart was developed to try to encourage good singing and stamina practice, and maybe even encourage some friendly competition. Daily goals are being posted in our Facebook group by our director as well. These are easy, short activities that members may choose to do, which also serve to keep members engaged and feeling productive.

Our chorus has also taken this time to reflect on our personal and group goals and values. We have reviewed and discussed our chorus core values, and also taken time to consider what the songs we sing mean to us, and what we want them to mean to an audience. Though we are physically kept apart, this month has brought our chorus together as we try to solve the problems we face, and work together to keep improving. 

Acapella North has been able to take advantage of multiple resources offered by Sweet Adelines International as well as Region 16 in these challenging times, and would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in these efforts. We would also like to thank the North Metro chorus for putting together its Summer Sizzler virtual event, a wonderful experience!

Laura Kleist
The Heartland Singers
We are now on our summer schedule meeting on Zoom every other Tuesday. Hannah is keeping us busy with new music, and our Assistant Director, Leila Brown, is taking our requests for some sing-a-long songs.

We know how hard it must be to work out “Zoomersal” ideas, keeping us tuned in and coming back week after week. It's not the same as being there in person, but our Director and her team, have put a lot of thought into our Zoom meetings. To say thank you, we put together a Spa gift basket for Hannah, delivered by Emily Hirtle. Thanks Emily, and thank you Hannah!

Even though we don't get to meet in person at Westminster Church, we love seeing each other, and keeping up to date with our members. We even enjoy guests popping in to say hi... or to see what we are about and maybe think of joining us when we are able to get back on the risers!

Stay safe and healthy!
Diane Martin
Circle of Harmony Chorus
Joining vs Belonging

Last year I joined a women’s a cappella chorus – Circle of Harmony. As a very happy introvert, joining a large group activity was a big step for me. I work with large groups quite frequently so I am adaptable and can easily socialize and form connections. One practice once a week was certainly doable. 

Recently, I returned from a retreat with this group. We went away to work together on our upcoming competition songs. It was time to get focused, to work hard and come together as a team. Between practices we would rest a bit and eat. In the evening we would celebrate our hard work with games, music, dancing, singing and a sense of connectivity. After dinner, I fought my inner introvert – the one ready to say good night and go rest in my room. It was an exhausting day. Instead I stayed on, played games and coaxed myself onto the dance floor. I had a great time. I chatted with many folks I hadn’t had a chance to connect with on the risers over these last months. I did eventually call it a night and went to bed. 

Growing up, I didn’t participate in a lot of group activities and certainly not team sports. I took piano lessons and voice lessons (all individual activities). I was part of Brownies and Girl Guides for a period of time. I did occasionally sing in choirs and choruses but again, you learned your part, practiced together, performed and went home.
As I reflect on this retreat and the togetherness, I realized a subtle yet important distinction in my membership in this chorus. I started by saying I joined a chorus. What I mean to say is I belong to one. And it’s an important distinction. If joining is a rational action, belonging is an emotional one. It asks more and it gives more. Belonging is to invest in the group, the shared experience and the shared outcome. Belonging is accountability. It is a bigger choice and a much more meaningful one. 

Open yourself up to exploring, testing and trying. Contribute, participate and work to create the connection. You will get far more from it than you might imagine. I did. 

Lori Stephenson
Proud member of Circle of Harmony of Harmony