Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
February 2019
Regional Executive Committee Update

Do  you possess the desire, interest, qualifications, history of experience in chapter administrative positions or comparable training in a field that would be of value to the Regional Management Team? Submit your application form and three (3) accompanying references (Confidential Appraisal Forms), by  February 20, 2019.  

Please submit applications and Appraisal Forms directly to Paula Allen, Nominating Committee Chair, at  paulaallen@cogeco.ca .  

Quartet Corner

How many Region 16 quartets can you name outside your own chorus walls? Do you know  Luxe Ruby Slippers? Sang'ria? Might they be new??? Please  take a few minutes to visit the Quartets page on the Regional website. Scroll down the ABOUT US menu to find QUARTETS, even if you are not in one. These ladies have taken the leap to get registered, whether or not they ever plan to compete.
Last month we discovered a registered quartet who didn't realize we did not know of their existence. There was a wee computer error at International so we were not notified that they were formed many months ago. That glitch has been fixed but if you are a new quartet, please share your joy on the Region 16 Facebook page, the Region 16 Quartet Facebook page or to me by email at paulaallen@cogeco.ca
If you ARE on the Region 16 website quartet page, please take a moment to review all the information in your listing. If you would like to revise anything or update your photo, please email it to me by March 15th. (Why not do it today so you don't forget?) It can be as informal as you like, as long as it is respectable for us all to see... Ha!
Quartet Coordinator

Mark the date!  Friday, April 5, 2019 - 12:00 noon. Time for Region 16's Mass Sing - o ur annual singalong event where we share the joy of singing some of our barbershop favourites with friends from all the choruses in our wonderful region. So grab your snazziest chorus-coloured shirt, dig out your chorus banner if you have one, and come prepared to join some of our region's fabulous directors and assistant directors as we sing for the folk of Syracuse. The playlist for the day includes songs from this list:
  • Kickin' it Up a Notch
  • Power of the Dream
  • Thank You Dear Lord for Music
  • Send Your Love
  • How We Sang Today
  • Dancing Queen
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  • Harmonize the World
See you there!!!

In harmony,
Joan Borden
Chorus Director Liaison

In this issue
New to Region 16
North Metro welcomes:
Guylaine Luchmun (bari) 
Diana Van Wyk (lead)
Laura Gillis (lead)
Melanie Coulter (tenor)

Orangeville Show Chorus welcomes:
Melissa Auchincloss
Laura Austin
Karen Coulombe

Canadian Showtime welcomes:
Anne Berendson 
Monica Poirier
Carolyn Thompson
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March 10, 2019

Friendly reminders about your articles: 

- Keep your submissions to approximately 500 words. We all have a lot of great news to share and I encourage you to submit monthly so that articles can be kept to a reasonable length.

- Send your articles either in a Word document, or in the body of an email. Please do not send as a PDF.

Send your articles to me at  leilajbrown@gmail.com
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June 8, 2019 - Quartet Workshop  at Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario. This will be a one-day event (Saturday), jam-packed with great education and coaching. Faculty for the quartet workshop will be the talented, Mo Field !  

(Note:   We had originally planned to hold our main regional Music School at this time but ran into venue capacity issues. Thank you for understanding.)

October 25-27, 2019  Fall Music School at the Sheraton Par kway Toronto North, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Among other popular weekend activities, plan ahead to enter the Double Quartet Contest! Guest faculty will be three-time Queen and vocal pedagogist, Kim Vaughn.  

Barrie Soundwaves Chorus

Great News! Our director search is over. Selina is staying!!
We have had a busy, busy past six months. In the fall we presented our Shadows of Broadway show and it was a great success! We performed popular songs from six Broadway shows, had six costume changes, and showed off our acting 'skills'. We want to thank everyone who came out to watch the show. We are grateful for your support. We had a fantastic time performing for you and we hope you enjoyed it!
Happy New Year!!!  After taking a break over the holidays to rest and recharge, we are back and full steam ahead preparing for Convention 2019. We had our retreat and we were lucky enough to be coached by the incomparable Diane Porsch. We learned so much and had a lot of laughs along the way! We are loving singing together, honing our skills, and looking forward to performing on stage with our Region 16 family in April. See you there!
Orangeville Show Chorus
Orangeville Show Chorus had a phenomenal Retreat the first weekend in February at Nottawasaga Inn. In keeping with our theme 
'Let The Magic Begin', our coach and 'Wizard of Harmony' Jordan Travis took the chorus to 
magical new heights.

After Friday evening, a visit from the 'Groundhog', and all day Saturday on the risers perfecting our skills and pushing our limits, it was time to relax.

Saturday evening we were entertained by James Alan, a most talented Magician! He kept the chorus mesmerized and gave us a lot of practice 'dropping our jaws' as we stared in disbelief at his outstanding performance of illusions and magical tricks.
We were psyched to return to the risers on Sunday morning to make any errors 'disappear' and to 'pluck overtones' out of our magical hats!

Three out of four of our newest members joined us - Karen (Bari), Melissa (Tenor), and Laura (Bass) and we feel so blessed to have them in our midst. Mary (Bari) is shown with them in the photo and is ready to join in. Instead of our usual fall classes, this year the chorus has enjoyed welcoming new prospective members as they discover us and are able to take part. Leslee (trying Bass!)  has very recently become part of our Wednesday night rehearsals.

The magic has begun and will continue until we hit the stage in Syracuse, and beyond! Magic is in the air!  We can feel it, we can hear it, we can see it ...we can almost taste it!

...Anne Richardson
Canadian Showtime Chorus
The New Year reminds us that constant transformation is the key to moving onward and upward. Canadian Showtime Chorus is on this transformation journey! During the last several months, we been working very hard at perfecting a new repertoire in preparation for New Orleans.  
We are looking forward to a brand new 'look' to go along with beautiful new music! Stay tuned...
We are also happy to welcome new members Anne Berendson (who is also a member of Bytown Beat), Carolyn Thompson, and Monica Poirier (former member who has returned). These ladies had originally joined us for our Holiday Gala and have decided to stay on the journey with us!
We are thankful to our outgoing members, Joan Shearon, Genevieve Gravel, Samantha Mazur, and Louise Eldred. We will miss you.
On January 29th, we celebrated our Chorus's 35th charter anniversary with three of the founding members: Sandie Nason, Louise Eldred, and Shirley Webb. Several other members received their milestone anniversary pins. Wonderful pastries baked by our own Ruby Lefebvre were enjoyed by all.
Danielle Shanefield
Canadian Showtime Chorus
Region 16 Newsletter correspondent 
Sweet Adelines Region 16
Leila Brown - Communications Coordinator