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February 2020

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  • Chorus and quartet long-range planning
  • Membership growth and retention ideas
  • Improving your new member experience
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Faculty: Jennifer Cooke
  • SAI Region 4 Faculty
  • Former International Board member
  • SAI Regional Leadership Committee Membership Liaison
  • Master Director of Scenic City Chorus
  • Lead of current Region 14 Champions, Presto Quartet 
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Who:  Music, Administration, Membership leaders and any/all Region 16 members
Date:  Saturday, June 20, 2020
Time:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Where:  2302 Bridge Rd, Oakville ON
Please mark your calendars! Additional information will be available on the regional website soon. Any questions, email Susann McKinley or Cathy Stovold.
Team Coordinator
This was the title of an email I sent to chapter Presidents/ Team Leaders and Directors last July as your Regional Team Coordinator. At our June 2019 Regional Management Team (RMT) meeting, we set ourselves a goal to visit each and every chorus in our region for what we call 'check-in' visits. 

Why did we do this? We are also members and chapter leaders so we understand that sometimes the thought of the RMT coming to visit may not be overly appealing. We wanted to change that. Some feedback we received on the Annual Regional Evaluations submitted by our chapters was that some of our members aren’t really sure who we are, what we do, and some didn’t feel that we are approachable. Therefore it was important to us to create this opportunity to let everyone to know who we are, how we got on the team, what our roles are and ensure that every member knows that we are here to help and provide support in many different areas. 

This is a large task with eight team members, and 19 choruses with a 450 km distance between the extreme east and west locations, but we divided and conquered and are happy to say that we’ve just about completed our task. Sure, we could have done this over email, but there is something special and much more personal about coming into your rehearsal 'homes' to make ourselves available to answer any questions about our region.

On behalf of the RMT, I’d really like to thank all of you for opening up your doors to us so that we could open our ears, hearts and minds to you. It’s been our pleasure to get to know you better!

And, for those choruses who have not had a visit yet, we’re looking forward to seeing you! 

Team Coordinator
Events Coordinator
It’s never too soon to plan for the future!

Succession planning is very important on the Regional Management Team. Actually, planning in general is very important, and one of the many roles on our team where planning is key and most often done years in advance of an event, is the Events Coordinator (EVC) role. Our current EVC, Cathy Stovold will 'term out' of the RMT in April 2021. We are actively searching for someone to join our team as an associate member with the intention of shadowing Cathy through her final year in this role. The ultimate goal is for this individual to apply for the EVC role in 2021, for a two-year term beginning May 2021. 

Don’t quite know what is involved in the Events Coordinator role? Read the full job description on the Region 16 website , or reach out to Cathy Stovold , our current Events Coordinator, to find out more.   
Membership Minute
It’s been great seeing pictures on Facebook of choruses welcoming new members over the last few months. Welcome to all of the new members of Region 16! You have joined an amazing musical family.

There is so much for our new members to learn about the chorus, our style of music and about the broader organization. Here are some links to educational resources that may help to demystify the barbershop art form and the vocal skills our directors are asking us to focus on. (Note: You will need to log in to the Member only section of the website to access some of these resources.)

Have you thought that those members might be the key to the success of your next membership drive? They are, because they can provide invaluable insight into how to attract more women like them. While it is still fresh, survey them. Ask them why they chose the chorus, what attracted them, and how they learned about you. This information helps you understand where your target audience can be found and what aspects of the chorus you can highlight in future membership programs. Build on your success!

Watch for details of the June 20 Regional education event that will be focused on membership growth and retention. Jennifer Cooke and Region 16 RMT members will help you develop your membership plan.

Membership Coordinator
Director Deliberations
Discover Creative Possibilities

From the comfort of your own home, you can explore the mystery of Vocal Production, the expectations of the Judging Categories, the joy of Analytical Listening, the techniques of Directing and much more!!

The Director Certification Program (DCP) will give you the opportunity to stretch your understanding of the many facets of Sweet Adelines and enhance your barbershop experience, whether you aspire to be a director or simply want to learn more about this wonderful 'hobby' that brings us such joy.

I would recommend the DCP program for anyone who is interested in gaining more knowledge of the barbershop craft. Even if becoming a director isn’t your goal, this program will help you understand so many aspects of this organization and the techniques behind the barbershop style of singing. You can progress at your own pace, and even have the option of testing closer to home with an approved proctor. … Laurie

More information can be found on the Sweet Adelines International website in the Education section or by contacting Doris Waite , DCP Coordinator.
Quartet Corner

 Chord Analysis – Who is on the 5 th ?

WAIT!!!!! Don’t scroll down yet! Okay, music theory may not be your thing but this might just be the poke to get you digging a little deeper into the spots on the music.

Every one of us has access to a keyboard. It could even be a free app on your phone with each note labelled with its name. Someone in your chorus or quartet (or Google) can help to locate the note on the keyboard to connect it with the line or space on the music, whether you sing lead/tenor (in the treble clef) or bari /bass (in the bass clef).

Hopefully everyone has a handle on marking every DOH (scale step 1 in the key of the song) in your part. Of course it must be sung with freedom and total accuracy every time. This is about something different than the key of the song.

THIS exercise is about examining a chord (4 notes vertically) to identify how you can be smarter about how you sing your note, especially if it is held or is on an important lyric. If this is totally new to you, start with just one chord. An easy one is typically the very last chord of the song. Play each note. Then rearrange the ORDER of those notes (play one of them up or down an octave) so that you can hear Doh, Mi, Soh (1,3,5) from the bottom up. Those same 4 notes are still the same chord. Usually our chords are made up of Doh, Mi, Soh (1,3,5) plus a 4 th note. Maybe one note is doubled. On that last chord of the song for example, it will probably be Doh that will be octavated between two parts. Elsewhere in the song that 4 th note can be something different, to give flavor to the harmony. If you can identify a few times that you are on Soh (the 5 th of the chord you choose), duet with whoever is singing Doh. The two of you will be singing on 1 and 5. If you sing them well, it will ring (you can hear another note higher or lower that is not being sung). The other two parts can then be added in. That ring is what we are after. It makes the ensemble sound fuller than four parts, but without volume or pressure.

Some chords (e.g. minor chords, diminished, etc.) cannot be stacked into that familiar 1,3,5 sound, so if you are new to this and you are having a problem rearranging the notes, pick another chord. Locking that 1 and 5 (Doh and Soh) will make a huge difference in your satisfaction in being able to produce that ring. Start with one chord. When you hear it ring, you will want more. Goose bumps, here we come!

Next month we can look at major seconds… oh boy!

Region 16 Quartet Coordinator
Be a singer. Be a friend. Be onstage. Be a Rising Star!
Entry for Sweet Adelines International 2020 Rising Star Quartet Contest is now open!

To find out more about prize money, coaching opportunities, and how to enter, visit the Rising Star Quartet Contest website .

Gently-used costumes for sale from Greater Kingston Chorus:
  • Blue velour dresses $10 each
  • Blue flyaway jackets and pants $15/set
  • Purple velour pull on pants $5/each

For further details, please go to Greater Kingston Chorus, FOR SALE tab.
North Metro Chorus
Fired up and propelled from an amazing and rewarding coaching session with the much admired and respected Debbie Cleveland, North Metro sprang into January focused on a busy 2020 schedule. We are setting our sights on and preparing for our 3rd annual A Cappella Challenge at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday, February 8. The popularity of this opportunity for youth a cappella singers to perform and be judged by professional musicians continues to grow, and we are very excited about the nine community and university groups that have qualified for this year's event.
At our first rehearsal in the new year we were thrilled to welcome three new members: Taylor Tondino, Kayla Kerr and Grace Reid . Two of these three youth members had participated in A Cappella Challenge in previous years, and it was wonderful to see them all not miss a beat and step on to the risers with some songs already learned. Their enthusiasm adds such energy and excitement as we recognize their potential and welcome them into our North Metro family.

St. Catharines is also high on our radar as we prepare for our performance at our new Regional competition facilities. We join all Region 16 members eager to perform on a new stage and explore the venue and all that St. Catharines has to offer.

As we start preparing our package for International in Louisville, KY, we will no doubt benefit from the artistry of the legendary Dale Syverson who will be coaching us in February. Dale is a much loved and respected coach to North Metro, and we cannot wait to see what new doors she opens for us with her creative teaching methods. Learning new skills is always key to our growth, and we are truly grateful for not only our external coaches, but also for the education we regularly receive from Erin and June at our weekly rehearsals.

Yes, lots of hard work but fun too as North Metro participates in a new community bingo in Scarborough, under the OLG. A team of North Metro members will volunteer their time in this fundraising opportunity. Clickety click and legs eleven, 2020 here we go!

Jacqui Barron
Communications Coordinator
Northumberland Chorus
We had so much fun sharing our singing at several places in December then enjoyed time together with current and former members and guests at our Christmas party.

After taking a break for Christmas, Northumberland Chorus is busy once again. We are diligently working on two new competition songs, which we love.

We were received warmly at Roseglen Village for Seniors in Port Hope on January 20, where we sang our repertoire as well as having them join in on a tag with us.
On January 29, the chorus is helping to greet customers and assist servers at a Celebrity Servers’ Night at Boston Pizza in Cobourg. This is a fundraiser for us where we will receive a percentage of the income for that night. It will be something entirely different from what we have done in the past and we are looking forward to it.

On February 29 we are excited about an all-day coaching session with Susann McKinley to work on our competition songs.
Orangeville Show Chorus
Orangeville Show Chorus was saddened in January with the passing of Kathleen Heron, tenor and long-time member of our chorus. She lost her battle with a form of dementia that stole from us her sparkling personality, her determination, and beautiful smile.

Kathleen joined in 1993 and over the years held many positions: President, Treasurer, Costume Chair and Board member for many terms. She was always available to help with most any project. Kathleen sewed our ‘contest purses’ (back before the ziplock bags), with our names embroidered on each one. Her homemade bread and date squares were famous at our potluck events.

As well as annual contest, Kathleen travelled to several International events - Orlando, Indianapolis, New Orleans and ,of course, Denver when the chorus sang in the Harmony Classic. She was a dedicated and proud member of the organization. Kathleen owned and operated a toy store in Orangeville and always closed early on Wednesdays so she could get to rehearsal on time.

When she was no longer able to sing with the chorus, Kathleen became a loyal Associate Member and continued to cheer us on at rehearsals, taking part now and then with a song she recalled. She was able to sing with us at the Santa Claus Parade in December. We will miss Kathleen's smile and her laugh as she now takes her place in the Tenor Section of the Angel Choir. She loved Winnie the Pooh and so I close with a quote: “If ever there comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” We get it Kath… You are in our hearts forever!         

Anne Richardson
Pineridge Chorus
Actually, we’re catching our breath from a busy holiday season. In December, Pineridge Chorus sang at retirement homes, a church, and local stores, and even got our photo on the front page of our local newspaper. Some of the members pictured were “celebrities”, with many people mentioning that they saw the photo of us in our Christmas colours. We topped off our singing with a marvelous Christmas dinner – catered so that we could sit back and enjoy.
January has been a bit of a problem, weather wise. We are in the true North, strong and snowy. But we’re carrying on, learning a brand new song with lots of pep and zing!

Future performances include a local church (they want us back!), the Foster Memorial (our own version of the Taj Mahal) and our ever popular Spring Tea. So, we’re brushing up our repertoire and ringing those chords every chance we get. If you know of any potential singers close to the Uxbridge area, we’re always happy to welcome prospects.
Bay of Quinte Chorus
With 2020 well underway, we are busy getting ready for some upcoming performances and competition in April.

The first event of the new year was our Boston Pizza Celebrity Server fundraiser on January 27. What a huge success the fundraiser was! And what fun too! We are grateful to Boston Pizza for hosting us, to the customers who cheered us on and to our own members who brought guests. We send a very special shout out to the ladies from Greater Kingston Chorus who came out as well. We are ever grateful to you for your undaunted support, and we really enjoyed singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” with you. We certainly did feel the love, thank you!
Our chorus thrives on great teamwork and the team came together for the Boston Pizza event. But a special extra nod of thanks must be given to our Fundraising Chairperson, Jenny Omdal. She hit the ball right out of the park on this event! Thank you, Jenny.
We are excited to be a part of a lovely Valentine’s dinner and evening of song with the fine gentlemen of A Cappella Quinte on February 14. This has been a longstanding 'date' with our two choruses and we are once again looking forward to the festivities. To learn more about the men’s chorus, visit their website .
As we move just past the half-way point of winter, we are reminded of how important it is to eat healthy, exercise, laugh and play, and to seek out activities to lift us over any winter blues that may set in. Listening to music and singing are two of those activities that are scientifically proven to help beat the blues. When we sing, we release endorphins that can help ease stress and even give one a sense of euphoria. So sing loud, sing proud, smile and remember… Spring is on its way!
Eastside Harmony Chorus
A new year and Eastside Harmony is raring to go! We’ve got big plans for the year, including a number of performances, extra coaching leading up to contest, our Friends and Family Dress Rehearsal/Sendoff and our joint venture with our amazing sisters in harmony at Kawartha Music Company.
We have car-pooled up highway 115 to hold one joint rehearsal in Peterborough so far this year and are very happy to be singing with these wonderful ladies. We have a number of additional joint rehearsals planned in Peterborough and in Ajax and we know we will have a great time at each one. Travelling up the 115 leading up to contest we are now real “Road Warriors”.

We are also very much looking forward to our joint coaching weekend in February in Peterborough with our fantastic coach, Sue Melvin. We always have so much fun and learn so much from Sue. The weekend is shaping up to be a great time for all!
A new project for us this year is the creation of our Valentine’s Day videograms. We have recorded some love songs and plan to have them available for any of our friends and family (or anyone interested) who want to send a very special Valentine’s Day message to a loved one. This project was so much fun to do that we can see it potentially happening for many years to come.

This will be an excellent new year, and Eastside Harmony wishes all our Region 16 sisters in harmony a happy and healthy 2020!
Durham Shores Chorus
Welcome 2020! A new year, a new decade, a new convention setting. We at Durham Shores are welcoming these new beginnings with open arms and happy hearts.
2019 was a year of celebrations for us. We marked our 25th anniversary with Sweet Adelines with a musical celebration from the past 25 years. We welcomed new members (and a baby).  

We are busy, as are all Sweet Adelines around the world, getting our costumes ready, our glitter sparkling and our makeup freshened for the ‘really big show’ in April.
Erin Howden spent a weekend with us, tweaking and poking our contest songs. She is such a bundle of energy and information. Thank you for all you do for us.
Circle of Harmony Chorus
It doesn’t get better than this! Circle of Harmony started off the New Year right with not just one but two coaching sessions with the amazing Erin Howden.

First Erin gave us inspiration for our ballad. Then what a blast we had as she created some really fun choreo for our new uptune!