Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
July 2018
Region 16 Leadership Organizational Chart
Region 16 has many women who are dedicated to effectively leading our region.  We are happy to share with you our Regional Leadership Organizational Chart.  Please click on the link below for direct access to our most current document, which includes pictures and email addresses for the entire Regional Executive Committee and their Resource Staff.    
We are all here for you, so please reach out to any of us if you need anything! 

If you have any questions regarding this chart, or are interested in joining our leadership team please contact Cathy Stovold, Sue Melvin or June Donovan
Upcoming Events
Music School
November 9-11, 2018
Kingston, ON
Music School
June 7-9, 2019
Quartet Workshop
October 26, 2019
Buffalo Gateway Chorus

Singing! Fundraising! More singing! More fundraising! Life as a BGC member is packed as we continue to prepare for our trip to St. Louis. 

We've tried some new ideas this year to increase our monies, which have been pretty successful.
  • We held a Meat Raffle in April, which turned out to be not only profitable, but a fun way to spend time for a good cause. The majority of our membership were involved in some way: planning, procuring a venue, selling tickets, and enjoying the folks who showed up to take a chance and win their favorite cut of beef, chicken, ribs, etc. It was so successful, we are squeezing another one in September. 
  • Another new strategy that is going on at present is a clothing drive. Members have combed their closets for those items that are taking up space, but not being used, then bagged them, and brought them to a storage space at our rehearsal hall. In another week, they will be delivered to the organization we are working with, who will pay us per pound for the lot! 
  • This week we are holding our second Chicken Barbecue, to try to replicate the previous one, which was another successful effort. 

In between all this activity, of course, is the singing. We welcomed back our coaches from the award-winning Melodeers Chorus, Jim Arns and Renee Porzel. As always, the two evenings spent with them brought us further along in our singing education to bring the best product we can to the St. Louis stage. What is most remarkable in the midst of all this activity, is the smooth way our newest members (a total of 10 in the past year) have joined in with all aspects of BGC life. No shrinking violets here: learning music at record-breaking speed, signing up for all opportunities to volunteer and help, and joining us for each and every coaching opportunity. 


We feel so fortunate to welcome these enthusiastic new members. 


Looking forward to "meeting everyone in St. Louis"!

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Region 16 Welcomes! 
Buffalo Gateway Welcomes:
  • Sue Koch 
  • Judy Biber 
  • Cheryl Hurley
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Past Publications
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Northumberland Chorus 
Northumberland Chorus has had a very busy Spring!
We held an A-Cappella Boot Camp from April 9 to May 29 and had 5 attendees. As part of the Boot Camp program, we performed at Extendicare in Cobourg with our Boot Camp participants and a Seniors Club in Roseneath.
During the month of May we were the guest performers at 3M Dance Works Annual Dance Recital and at the Colborne Apple Blossom Festival.

In June, Northumberland Chorus excitedly participated with 3 quartets/VLQs at the Komedy Kwartet Night. We felt very proud about that, considering we are such a small chorus.  We all had a lot of fun putting these numbers together.
Four Easy Peaces performed Feelin Groovy.

Desperate Housewives of Northumberland performed their version of Take Us Out to the Ball Game.

Space Cadets performed Martian Hop.
We would like to thank Sue Heighway for facilitating our Core Values Workshop.  She did an amazing job and it was a very enjoyable and informative evening.
We will be having our summer celebration at one of our Chorus member's homes.  It will be a barbecue with lots of salads and yummy desserts.  We will be inviting some former members of the chorus and it will be fun to catch up with them.  Of course, there will be a lot of impromptu singing.
After taking a few weeks vacation, we will be running a mini workshop for 3 weeks in August, hoping to find some new recruits.

On September 28 we will be taking part in a live radio performance, "Big Beat Live", which will be held at the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope.  This is in support of our local radio station 89.7 FM and local talent.  There will be various types of music.  If anyone would like tickets, please call the Capitol Theatre or go to their website.
Orangeville Show Chorus 

"Life is a Highway" and Orangeville Show Chorus has been riding full tilt since the spring when we jumped on our bikes and took to the stage this year in the Open Division at Contest as 'Biker Chicks'! What an experience we had and we gained so much in how we perform and put the message across the footlights. This has been a goal for a couple of years and we are so glad we pulled it off and had so much fun doing it.

On our route after contest, we finished learning a new song... "Come On Get Happy"... in record time in May so that we could perform it under the direction of Leila Brown at Orangeville's Blues & Jazz Festival on June 3rd. Leila (Assistant Director) has chosen a new highway to ride and this was her final performance with the Chorus. She has been a most valued member, Bass Section Teacher, Assistant Director, quartet member (competing Internationally), mentor, leader etc. for many years and we will miss her a whole bunch! She is still a 'Sweet Adeline'...will still be serving on the Regional Team, and will continue to coach when the opportunity presents itself. We wish her All The Very Best!!!

Our Blues & Jazz performance was to a 'packed TD Tent' and we sang many favourites along with Leila's new song. Quartets took part as well, and a new addition this year was our 'Acappellooza Kids'. A YWIH Workshop was offered by OSC the day before and 20 young people...girls and boys... took part. They learned 3 songs in one day with the help of 9 of our chorus members and successfully sang these the next day at our performance. We plan to make this workshop an annual event and pair it with the Blues & Jazz Festival to give these emerging barbershop kids a chance to 'strut their stuff'!
Along our highway this spring we have said 'farewell' to some other members...Jeanne moving to England to be nearer family, Carolyn moving to B.C. (we know there are choruses she will visit there!), Holly to the Niagara area where she has become part of Buffalo Gateway's front row, Chris to a well deserved retirement after many many years as a Sweet Adeline with North Metro and Orangeville, Karen H. to join her new quartet in Region 2,  as well as Karen S. Anne K. Fay and Sharon J. moving on to new adventures in their respective lives. They will all be missed for the wonderful contributions they made to the chorus, individually and collectively. We sent them off with cards and hugs and a few tears!
Joining us on the risers we welcomed Barb G, Elizabeth, Mena and Nichola, and just recently Mary, as new members of our chorus.
New music abounds, new folks on our Board, new goals being developed and new outlook for what comes next on our travels along this wonderful highway we travel to seek new chorus adventures!  Orangeville Show Chorus wishes you all a great summer! Keep a song in your heart!
...Anne Richardson, Orangeville Show Chorus.
Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator