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Saturday, July 18 10:00 – 11:30
Tap Out Stress and Tap In Calm
Rhonda Spoelstra
Director of Image City Sound Chorus
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Learn the art of a self-stress reducing technique in the form of EFT or finger tapping. Help eliminate stress response in our bodies and emotions. Engage in meditation with music and history of science behind this effective technique.

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Region 16 Leadership Team

The Regional Management Team is fortunate for a wonderful Resource Team who helps us provide services to Region 16 members. 

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Improving Your Zoom Connection

There are many things each of us can do to try and improve the performance of Zoom video and audio. We’ve complied a 1-page Help Guide of suggestions and fixes and posted to the regional website.    Click here for direct access to the guide.
International Board of Directors
Region 16 is so proud to have TWO of our own serving on the International Board of Directors: J.D. Crowe, Canadian Showtime Chorus (pictured at right end of front row), and Therese Antonini , North Metro Chorus, (seated next to J.D.) In case you haven't heard, Therese is Sweet Adelines' President-elect! CONGRATULATIONS!
Click here to read the highlights of the June 2020 International Board of Directors meeting.

It seems the world has been on hold because of the pandemic. For some, time stood still. Quartets may have pushed the pause button but now we are realizing that the anxiety of isolation needs attention and that we need each other. We are in quartets for both the harmony AND the friendship. It would be wonderful to share with other Region 16 quartets how you are coping. Are you meeting at all on line? Facebook group chats are easy and help us keep in touch. Of course all audio goes only one way at a time so only one person can sing or talk at a time. 

Perhaps you suffer by now from “Zoom Fatigue” but there is an advantage of quartets meeting in Zoom because of the Mute feature. Of course we can be unmuted to wait our turn when talking but there is an advantage to using this platform for singing too. Be creative about singing at the same time, remotely of course. Here is a fun technique for your next Zoom quartet rehearsal:

  • Pick one of your favourite songs, each of you claim one section of the song… e.g. intro, verse 1, verse 2, chorus, bridge, chorus, tag. (or whatever the form of the song is).
  • Start and end with the lead (or whoever has the tag hanger) singing UNMUTED, while the other 3 are temporarily muted.
  • When it is your turn, you unmute, continue singing while the others sing muted in their own kitchen.

It is like duetting because you hear one part while you are singing your own part but what you hear changes all the way through the song. You can make it fun while you connect with each other. To be reminded of the melody, you could alternate the LEAD in between each harmony part’s turn. If you make it through the whole song without either laughing or losing your way, sing it again using a different rotation of who sings what section unmuted. All it takes is to determine who is going to unmute in which part of the song. Give it a try.

The Region 16 Quartet Facebook group is a great way to post what you have done when you have met with your foursome. We all missed seeing each other at competition, so let’s meet on Facebook. If anybody tries this suggestion at rehearsal, please let us all know about it.

Paula Allen
Quartet Coordinator - Region 16
Directors' Coordinator - Joan Borden

As I write this article, today is day number 115 of what most of us thought would be just a few weeks of lockdown due to COVID19. When our Regional convention was cancelled, we had no idea that it was just the beginning of the loss of so many events that mean so much to us. This virus has forced us to step out of the box and re-invent our chorus lives. Many of us who had never even heard of Zoom in early March have become Zoom experts navigating through chorus rehearsals like tech-experts...well, almost! None of us became Sweet Adelines to sing solos and yet here we are making solo audio and video recordings to be pieced together to create virtual chorus recordings. Our rehearsals have taken on a new look as we explore new and interesting ways to keep our chorus members engaged...guest nights, theory lessons, choruses partnering together, games and much more. Directors, with the support of their Assistant Directors and their Management teams, are, as they say, “making lemonade”!

Region 16 Directors and Assistant Directors have taken the opportunity to share and learn from each other via a fabulous Zoom meeting with almost every chorus represented. We were delighted to have Erin Howden with us to wrap up that session with wonderfully encouraging words for all of us in her typically awesomely supportive, motivational style. We have had a second Zoom meeting with Jan Carley, the Inner Coach of Barbershop, who guided us through some activities that left us all feeling very hopeful about the future…whatever that turns out to be. Jan encouraged us to look at each difficult situation and “Flip it!” 
And so, as we move on to a summer that is unlike any our choruses have experienced before, I want to say a giant thank you to our Directors and Assistant Directors who are working harder than ever to provide creative ways for all of us to stay connected and engaged in our chorus lives. When you read all the articles from our choruses in this edition of the 16th Notes you will be amazed at what exciting things are happening. 
Region 16 …you are awesome!!!

Stay safe…Joan
Exciting news! We officially have both an Instagram account & a Twitter account. If you're on either platform, don't forget to give us a follow. We will be sharing a multitude of posts. Don't forget to tag us @SAIRegion16 or use the hashtag #SAIRegion16

Be more recognizable! Every time you post something on social media, use some hashtags:  #sairegion16, #SweetAdelines, #lifeonahighnote, #(yourchorusname) .

A reminder for chorus members to share your chorus Facebook posts and our Regional Facebook posts. Let’s keep the momentum going. We need to make sure the community is aware that we are still up and running.

Team Leaders and Quartets stay tuned for an exciting email that will come out shortly from the PR/Marketing/Social Media Team. We would like to showcase the talents of Region 16 …. More to come.

Martha DeClerq
Marketing Coordinator
Northumberland Chorus
We were so happy to welcome Susann McKinley to our chorus Zoom meeting on the 15th. She led us in some vocal warm-ups and then played a video for us of a quartet called Newfangled Four.  It was a really funny comedy routine.

Each person was asked to hold up two pictures and talk about each one. They could be about anything, family, hobbies, pets. It was interesting to learn more about each member of our chorus.

We were also asked on the spot to tell everybody one thing for which we are grateful. There were numerous and varied things. It seemed that nobody had any problem thinking of an answer to this question. 

We have decided to hold our Zoom rehearsals every other week throughout the summer.  

Our Music Committee is working on our Christmas repertoire.

Some members of our chorus sat in on the Region 16 “Chorus Growth & Retention Planning” webinars with Jennifer Cooke.  There was a lot of information and I’m sure we will incorporate some of the great ideas into our Chorus.
Barrie Soundwaves Chorus
Barrie Soundwaves is weathering this crazy COVID 19 world by staying in contact with weekly rehearsals on Zoom ( where would we be without Zoom!). We started meeting the week after our rehearsal space was closed. On average, 16-21 members convene to share news, play games, work on vocal skills with our great vocal coach/director Jan-Ake Westin ,and sing along with our favourite repertoire songs. We welcomed 5 new members in the fall who were so excited to join us in competition and we are attempting to keep up the enthusiasm by working to create a virtual chorus production of a favourite piece to share around the community and remind the people - We are still Here! Like all Sweet Adelines, we are missing the chance to sing together and look forward to getting back on the risers. We were so excited to share our new competition package and we can't wait to do it next year. We are " Sweet Adelines Strong!"

Submitted by Gayle Haley
North Metro Chorus
We can hardly wait to see you all on Wednesday, 8 July (6.50pm -7 pm start) at our Summer Sizzler celebration. If it is anything like North Metro's 1 st Virtual Installation Night program where we gathered to celebrate, it promises to be an emotionally-charged evening of reuniting, remembering who we are and what we do, and giving thanks to all that our choruses do to enrich our lives in so many ways. Zoom:
Our member bios continue.....and continue. Are we half-way through yet! This has been such a successful activity getting to know more about those we stand shoulder to shoulder with each week. We have a lot in common with each other, yet we often do not get the chance to know about the lives and existences lived outside of chorus life. The bios are divulging and revealing, giving even more depth and understanding to our chorus sisters as they tell their stories filled with humor, sadness, accomplishments,and inspiration. There is a rich insighfulness unfolding, and a deeper appreciation and admiration further strengthening our bonds.

As in all non-competing International years, a summer break has been scheduled to ZOOM OUT for a few weeks of respite. This re-boot time off after 8 July will allow us time to enjoy summer activities at the cottage, boating on the lakes, golf games, and special fun times with families. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, our administrative and music leaders soldier on to keep the wheels turning for a smooth virtual start-up in September.

We hope all our Region 16 friends have a wonderful summer. Be well and be safe.

Jacqui Barron
Orangeville Show Chorus
Orangeville Show Chorus held a ‘Continuation Celebration’ at our last Zoom Rehearsal before taking a break ‘from the screens’ for July.

The Board and Chorus made the decision to carry on with last year’s Officers and Board members to avoid the complications of on-line nominations, elections and the subsequent transfer of signing authorities at banks that were not even open at the time! And besides…they were doing an awesome job and continuity is so important right now. And so we celebrated the work they have done, thanked them for their efforts and encouraged them as they go forward into an uncertain 2020- 2021 term.
Mary Jo Dick-Westerby was our M.C. and guided us through the celebration. President Joy Halbert thanked all Committees for their ongoing work. We also awarded longevity pins to several of our members. Pins were delivered to each home with instructions to not open until ‘Zoom on the 24th’.

Shelley Lockhart , Membership Chair announced this year’s deserving recipients:

Joan Borden , our Director – 40 years.
Elly Brass – 35 years.
Kathy Dionne – 30 years.
Shirley Sawchuk and Debbie Langridge – 20 years.
Gaye Villa and Joanne Davis – 15 years.

Anne Richardson wrote a poem to salute these wonderful gals, and all of our chorus as we continue on this very different journey in Sweet Adelines.
The chorus will gather again on August 5th…for a “Sunflower Soiree”; outside in a Sunflower field owned by our own Joanne Davis and her husband John. We hope the weather will be good and we hope to sing “Sing Sing”, a fabulous arrangement by Joey Minshall that we have been learning in these ‘virtual rehearsal times’!

Have a GREAT summer everyone. We miss you all. Stay safe, Be healthy and take time to smell the flowers!

Anne Richardson
Pineridge Chorus
It is with very heavy hearts that we inform our Sisters in Region 16 that Pineridge Chorus has made the decision to disband. We did not come to this decision lightly. It has been thoroughly discussed by the Management Team, and our members as well.

The last few years have been a struggle for us in terms of membership, especially in trying to have enough members to compete on stage in Regional Competitions. We have tried as a Chorus, and as individuals, to attract and keep new members, with limited success. We still love to sing to an audience, and are very disappointed that this pandemic has meant the cancellation of rehearsals, performances, and our Annual Tea. We are known in the Uxbridge area for this special Tea, and our many friends and families will miss seeing and hearing us at this event!

Over the 34 years that Pineridge Chorus has existed we have made lasting friendships with each other, and we will keep these alive, in the true spirit of Sweet Adelines. We hold Zoom meetings every Monday, to keep us all connected and to share our lives.

Our current Director, Linda Morrison, has been especially supportive of us all, teaching us not only how to sing in harmony, but also how to be a family together. We will all miss seeing Linda and other chorus members, and will definitely miss all our friends and sisters in Region 16! 

Thanks for all your friendship, help and camaraderie over the years. Keep strong and safe, and especially keep Harmonizing the World!

Directors Note:
It has been my absolute pleasure to Direct the ladies of Pineridge Chorus.  Many, many friendships have been formed as I was a member of this chorus from 1986 - 2000 and then returned as Director over the last 8 years. I would particularly like to thank each and every member who has passed through the doors of the beautiful Uxbridge Music Hall, where we call home, for the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie by creating an atmosphere of barbershop harmony to our community and fellow Region 16 members. This “hobby” teaches us many things while going through the good and bad, we can all reflect on what we’ve learned and what we can take with us on our journey of life. 

Secondly, I’d like to thank the Region for all of the support given to us. As a chorus, we loved attending music schools and our annual competition and from that we will cherish the memories and many tidbits of information that we worked on from week to week. We belong to the best Region in the world, and for that I thank you!!

As this has been a very hard decision for all of us, we realize the time has come to say our goodbyes! On that note, I’d like to leave you all with a quote that I found very fitting for everyone: “If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”. I wish all “my ladies” a new hello.

In loving harmony,
Linda Morrison
Director, Pineridge Chorus
Canadian Showtime Chorus
June’s been exciting! We’ve focused on keeping rehearsals fun and productive – with new music, and great instruction and advice from Director Joe and our musical team! And we’re dancing…because we feel better when we’re dancing!! Our rehearsals now feature choreo breakout rooms – the initial session was fun (and funny!) as everyone struggled to remember choreo that we’d not touched for a while – and after a few sessions and many chuckles – magical!!! It all came back to us, just like riding a bicycle!

Members of our visual design team had a full day session in June with the amazing Erin Howden learning newly designed choreo! Onwards we go – 3500 pages of notes (give or take a few) and a plan to teach the chorus when we get back from summer break!

Our last rehearsal before break was on June 30th and oh what a night!! As every chorus does, we’ve been inviting nominations for our Sweet Adeline of the Year Award. An impressive 32 members nominated 11 deserving individuals, and Nicole Wieczorek was named SAOTY. Nicole has readily volunteered for a number of projects and activities to strengthen and expand the chorus’ goals, and brings fun, compassion, and positive energy to everything she does!
 Photo Caption : SAOTY Nominees (top to bottom) – Pauline Coathup, Kelly Edwards, Aliza Gauzas, Shirley Webb, Wendy Hall, Nicole Wieczorek, Nancy Lambrechts, Carol Douglas, Audrey Lemieux, Nancy Mantle, Valerie Wahl
We launched our YouTube channel this month and kicked it off with a rendition of Oh Canada, filmed in June 2019 – just in time for Canada Day! Check it out and subscribe to our channel while you’re there…

We held yet another successful money making event – partnering with MacGregors Meat & Seafood Ltd to bring great bbq products to our supporters! We sold over 500 boxes! Boom!
Photo caption (for both photos) – CSC Money Maker Team Christine Dunn and Liz Gibbs are joined by Belinda Boekhoven to coordinate pickups for over 500 boxes sold.

It is ever more important in these interesting times not to let the pandemic overshadow the successes, and joyful and exciting things we did this year! So, we pulled toge ther a slide show to commemorate the year that was and are pleased to share it with our Region 16 family. Click here to watch!
And now, time to lay down our pens and papers, rehearsals, and all the heavy but joyful lifting that goes with keeping a group of any size together and thriving. While we may meet socially now and then, we are looking forward to a great summer filled with friends, family and music, always music! We wish our Region 16 sisters a great summer - See you all in September!
York Harmony Chorus
YHC IS ZOOMIN’ WITH ZOOM! Thank goodness for technology and we are all getting quite good at it. 
On June 16th, York Harmony Chorus Baritones hosted our 2020 INSTALLATION. Members dressed up, some brought their own snacks too. In keeping with our traditions, we celebrated our milestone Anniversary Members, our Newbie Pins, Best Attendance - Member, Spirit Award Recipient and our Sweet Adeline of the Year 2019-2020 award. Here is the list of accomplished members:
Lura Mansillo – Newbie   
Andrea Yustin - Newbie
Cindy Whitfield – 10 years  
Meaghan DeClerg - 10 years 
Patty Bowyer – 15 years   
Jacquie Hart -15 years
Gail Tingle – 25 years   
Kathleen Kelly – 25 years
Martha DeClerq – 35 years 
Cheryl Yacuik – Best Attendance 
Kelly Nesbitt – Spirit Award
Sweet Adeline of the Year for 2019-2020 – Martha Grant

We celebrated our fantastic CMT and Music Team. We are on a very positive track. Like all choruses we will be having a change of the guard for our Treasurer. Our thorough, well organized Jane St. Germaine will be stepping back. She has completed her term and would like to pass along the knowledge. We have been very fortunate to have had Jane on our team. Martha Grant will be stepping in to take on this role. We are certain it will be a great fit! And a big “SHOUT OUT” to our Social Media duo, Jen Febel and Meaghan DeClerq. Thank you for keeping us “trending”.
With the news of SAI International being cancelled, as disappointed as we are, we will persevere. These are interesting times. Under the dynamic leadership of our Master Director, Martha DeClerq, amazing Assistant Director, Heather Deslauriers-McCuaig and our supreme Team Leader, Sue Dubois, we are embracing new opportunities for learning by opening up the vast amount of resources available creating new ways to keep love for barbershop singing burning.

Wishing SAI Region 16 Choruses a Happy Canada Day / Independence Day 2020

Stay Safe! Take Care!
The Heartland Singers
Circle of Harmony Chorus
This month, Circle of Harmony says bon voyage to one of our long-time and busiest members, Susan Mander. Susan is moving from Oakville to Kingston to be closer to family, having fallen in love with the area, lifestyle and musical possibilities. A talented piano player and teacher who will continue teaching her students online, Susan is hoping to play in chamber music concerts with cellists and violinists.

Susan joined Circle of Harmony 14 years ago and since then has done a LOT for the chorus. Regular readers of Sixteenth Notes may know that Susan has written the COH articles for many years. In addition to that lovely service, Susan has done many other things:
  • Member of the bass section
  • Bass note checker
  • Front row dancer extraordinaire
  • Fundscrip organizer
  • Retreat coordinator
  • Member of the board of directors
  • Driver of the riser truck – Wheels Mander!
  • Hauler of risers – Muscles Mander!
  • Christmas party piano player
  • Friendly face and fabulous friend to all!
Everyone at Circle of Harmony will miss Susan’s talent and dedication to our chorus, and we wish her all the best in her next adventure!